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Return of SerenityView game page

A LOWREZ Walking Simulator
Submitted by Amir Rajan (@amirrrajan) — 3 days, 17 hours before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#804.2314.231

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice game, The background is amazing, good job.


I hand drew everything on my iPad ^_^

Did you beat the game? If so what ending did you pick?


Interesting game! I like the concept and think a lot more could be made of this. I agree with things others have said - a little more hand holding at the start, keeping the player sprite on the screen and a more legible text would help this out as would audio. Would like to see what you do with it!


I did nothing, because I could not terminate any of them. But there is no closure? TT___TT Great game!


I left the ending open ended. You have all the pieces you need to create the “epilogue” in your head. 

That and I totally ran out of time XD

Submitted (1 edit)

Doing any kind of text-based story games in such a low resolution is always a challenge, but this one worked well, and the whole art style certainly helped provide the bleak atmosphere.

Good job!

( Browser went funny and submitted this twice.. I deleted the other one, should you have gotten multiple notifications! )


Really enjoyed this. As other's mentioned it would be nice if the player bounded to the screen, and it took me a moment to really understand what I was doing with the green areas (not a bad thing - I think it's good to make the player discover mechanics). But I became really invested in hearing the whole story. I spared the engineer and the dad (because emotionally I felt I had to let the dad see his kid :) )


Just curious why you chose Sasha and not Aanka (the nine year old genius)?


OK, so I kind of forgot she's still be 9yrs old - I would probably have picked her beacuse of paternal instincts on that point :) But I chose the engineer becausethey both had strong leadership, but engineering feels more important for rebuilding than astro-physics. 


She had a 390 IQ and addressed the world to deliver the bad news (in multiple languages no less). So not only Astrophysics smart, but the pillar of hope. 

I hope you feel horrible :-P


this gripped me a lot more than I expected, is it intended to skip to the title screen when you make the difficult decision at the end?

this reading technique seems familiar to me, was there a speed reading app that presented one word at a time in the past? I think this is a fine technique, if it's handled programmatically maybe players can even adjust the speed using +- keys.

maybe the glowing lights (from the mainframe etc) could be a different color from the green text prompts, I was a bit anxious that I was missing text content on some screens.  or maybe it would be even better to change the "exit" prompts to orange, I definitely did miss a couple by wandering around in the wrong order.

nice work, and good writing ( ̄ω ̄)/

Developer (1 edit)

You can use + and - to change the speed actually. And making the “exit scene” squares a different color is a good idea!!

Who’d you end up picking? What did you think of the nightmare sequence (lol)?

And yes, the ending just takes you to the memorial with the title. I didn’t want to give any kind of “closure” (it’s up to the player to speculate and decide how the story unfolds in their mind’s eye). 


That’s great, maybe add the +- keys in the description :D

I picked Matthew because I valued the physicist and engineer more for the task of rebuilding civilization, even though I wondered if they could accept that. You’re right that I imagined various endings to the story even before making the decision, so I think it was an effective design. I wonder if the end of gameplay could be signaled a little more clearly somehow, maybe even just “fin” on the bg image.

Yeah the dream totally got me, I didn’t want to spoil anything but I laughed.


I see a lot of potential for a 64x64 graphics adventure there...

The art was very original and the use of only grey tones is a plus :-)

Two things that could improved are keeping the player in the screen's bounding box and maybe change the way text is presented as horizontal scrolling instead of flashing words: it will make reading easier and faster.


If you end up beating the game, lemme know which ending you picked. I’m always curious about that. 


I like the black and white gritty looking design.  Gave the whole game kind of a disturbing vibe, which isn't easy to do with that small of a resolution.  Also, "new phone who dis?" cracked me up haha.  Nice job man!


I drew all the art by hand on my iPad ^_^