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Thank you!!

Well, at least in this future you can do something more tan staying at home… Thanks for playing!


Very creative in many aspects: The game mechanics, sound effects and the use of the art to create spirits (was it a car used as a face?)

I loved the mechanics, kept me playing for long time until I managed to make it. It was hard to pull it off.

Really nice game. It was complete in many ways and the level of development was incredible. Many details that kept me very entertained. I’ve enjoyed how you introduced the mechanics and the nice tutorials along the way, it was crazy!

Are they dogs or pigs?

How I hated them! Hahaha. Really nice concept but really hard for me. Took me 19 days! :(

Loved the game, great entry!

Yeah, I made them a bit slow right? Is because I though the throw mechanic was a bit hard to perform, but at the end that unbalanced the whole game. Thanks for the comments!!

Hey! That is a great idea! True that the dialog was bit useless, but I was going for a more retro look with the pack and got there with the windows.

Sound effects… Meh, not amazing but is what I found in Kenney’s

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much for your comment! Yeah, I was going for that feeling indeed.

Very interesting concept. It would be cool as part of a bigger detective game or something similar. Wise music choice also it fitted properly.

The tribute to papers please was also great idea.

Overall it is a great entry and you have my score!

Woah, great story. I mean… The part we could see… Also great easter egg just at the beginning.

The graphics part I was really happy with. I just finished the Obra Dinn and I’m used to it and found it beautiful to build up the atmosphere.

Engagement was super high and super short, but for a jam it was outstanding. Great work!

Very hard game, but at least it ramps up slowly.

I was not able to do all tasks at the same time :(

The defense… That big unknown… You can throw items to the thieves but they get thrown in the direction you are looking at. That was a bad mechanic from my side… I was only trying to add some defensive power to the player. I must rethink how that goes.

Thank you for your feedback! I do really appreciate it.

Thank you very much for the comments.

I was using Cinemachine by Unity for the camera. So I think I must adjust better the parameters there right? I will take that into account for future improvements.

I was not expecting such a good and long dungeon crawler.

You keep me engaged with the game until the end. Difficulty was really good balance and the weapon system was really nice (not everything is bullets right?) also the detail of the push back… Is it stronger depending of your weapon? That was a great detail for creating a defensive strategy.

I found myself going back just to get enough money for the sword, so that I would say is a 5 for engagement!

The game really looks polished without any major bug or glitch and with the right amount of enemies in my opinion just to keep you going forward… wondering… What could be at the end of the tunnel… And the final boss was really fun to play and made you use the dash. I was only missing a main screen and a more interesting ending scene, but that is minor detail.

Loved your game, and I think the direction of your idea very was right.

xDDD I was trying to make a little story before the game to justify some things about this crazy idea… I’m very happy you liked the humor behind.

Certainly I will make a post jam edition with some really nice ideas the community has give me just for fun.

Again, thanks for passing by, it is really appreciated.

Thank you for the review. Is really appreciated.

You are spot on… I had all these juicy assets and I was weak, greedy… Hahaha.

The defense was throwing stuff to the thieves but you throw in the direction you walk so it was a very difficult mechanic. I just didn’t want to make the user to use the mouse. And colors… I was sticking to the palette of the assets, but that wasn’t enough. I must have created some color variations…

Again, thanks for the ideas!

First time I’ve played I could not find the player xDD Until I started moving and then I saw it. Interesting idea, but the enemies were easy to avoid, perhaps if they moved.

It was a tough game, but it was good use of tiles.

The most creative use of the assets. Really cool looking game and the audio was great.

I’m using a small laptop to play all games and this one was very big for my computer. I could not hit the enemy and many times I was catapulted out of the map. The enemy was as fast as me so I could not even run away!

My first reaction was hiding behind a cactus, but that did not work since he walks through them so I he always found me.

Really massive work! Congrats!

Thank you Edalbung! Really appreciated your comment.

You are right. Animation would have been great indeed. I finally end up spending about 24 hours and missed a lot of opportunities for building a bold looking thing. Certainly I do like animating, but this time I decided not to do it and focus on the generation stuff.


Woah, thank you for all those bugs! I will make sure they get repaired after the jam. But you basically nailed all the issues. With such a good review is easy to improve!

Is true replayability is poor with this setup and as you mention some new features will help the overall game experience in that sense. I also though on a leader board may push you to try to improve your score.

Anyway your comment is really appreciated railkill!

This game was super cute. And It made total sense. Farmers were a bit of a pain but I manage to rebuild the rocket without shooting once. And I was almost finished when I discovered the planting mechanism. I was just digging grass and and flowers.

The forest was really nicely generated and It did not felt like it.

Really enjoyable game.

Yeah, they were explained in the tutorial at the beginning but it is not clear at all. I will remake that after the jam ends.

Thank you for the feedback! Is really appreciated.

Thank you! I love details…

And I certainly did missed some more FX. Death ends can happen because of some blocking objects in the way indeed. I did not created rules for separation between walls and other objects. That was another missing detail.

Thanks for the feedback.

Aesthetics were really great. Reminds me to those oldest DOS games.

I was very engaged but got stuck also with the pickaxe. I tried for a while but finally call it a review after trying many combinations.

It would have helped to have some labels on what you have in your hands.

Good game!

The story and idea behind the game is really great and the game mechanics supports them really well. I really liked how the story was told. There is no design category but the score there would be very high.

The worst part were the controls and that made me a bit anxious since I run into people many times without too much control. The collision box of some platforms was not clear (like trees or houses) and I found myself jumping without knowing if I would land on the people or on top of the houses.

Great job.

I think this game has the potential to engage. But I did not manage to fully understand all rules and mechanics.

I liked how you used the assets to create cards and the path. I loved that.

I missed a tutorial in game. I was lost the first challenge until I read the instructions, but that dragged me out of the game itself.

Anyway I think the game was made on the right direction so congrats!

I found myself creating a machine of death without realizing I was dragged by the game. Good job on engagement!

I personally love mini-games and these were very amusing, that combined with the fun details and the evolution thing.

Great job.

Great and polished game that delivers exactly what is expected and it was lot’s of fun to play. It has a tutorial, lovely background, sensible difficulty steps and the concept is clear from the beginning.

I can only say good job!

Fun game to play to. I don’t know how to sync music and game, so that I liked a lot to see.

In the other hand the easy difficulty of the main song starts very late and I wasn’t paying attention to it so I got busted first attempt.

I found the puzzles very amusing so I was engaged with it from the beginning. The tutorial was a great point that made the game-play even more engaging.

Just to be a bit constructive: The levels were a bit long to be replayed completely, perhaps shorter challenges at the beginning to learn the dynamics could have improved the engagement. Also I would have appreciated that the camera partially follows the mouse so you can visualize better the challenges on the bottom with the UI there it was hard for me to see gunners and other things there.

Anyway you have my score. Great job!


No, really. WTF.

The owner must pay for his crime of making the puppy starve… And what about the duck gangs? I really laugh with this game. Wondering why. Why?!

Good points where the many mechanics you manage to implement and the story.

Something to improve may be the wall jumping was a bit difficult to execute just as the very first jump challenge.

Cool concept but it was hard as hell to get a grip on it. Perhaps I’m not a hardcore gamer, but for me was a though experience without any initial knowledge.

Personally I would have loved to have some very easy levels at the beginning to learn the dynamics. That would have increased the engagement.

But overall I think you are on the right direction with your creativity.


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The single best game I played until now in this jam.

Where do I start?

  • Well, the concept of rotating 2 mirrored worlds is fantastic and you made it work terrific. +2 star.
  • So I was drawn by the curiosity about the mechanics immediately. +1 star.
  • The level design made it super difficulty. +1 star.
  • The continuous enforcement out of the regular thinking. +1 star.

So that is 5/5 on engagement.

  • The two color theme of the game makes it visually attractive. +2 star.
  • Visuals were simple but in line with the rest of the game. +1 star.
  • All assets were logically used and made perfect sense in the context. +1 star.
  • The merging of worlds was really well done. +1 star.

Sooooo that would be another 5 star…

  • Do you know I love games with interactive main menus? You read my idiotic mind there… +1 star.
  • Dynamics of the game were really polished. Waterfalls ending where it should. Gravity in the mirror, rotation of the mirror was blocked by the player when stopped… Millions of s––y details! +2 star.
  • You could not jump on slopes of more than 45 degrees. Pro anti-cheat that ruined all my attempts! +1 star.
  • Music and sound effects fitted perfectly since it was so f—–g hard that drives you crazy! No other music could have made me keep going… +1 more f—–g star.

Oh s—t! Now you forced me to give you 15 stars for your great work for a jam. xD

I would have paid for this game.

I loved the idea, it reminds me of Katamari were you grow and grow until you are able to overcome new challenges. That was really engaging for me. This made me repeat the journey up to 3 times just to confront the wizard! So I believe this is one of the most engaging games I’ve played on this jam.

The story telling of the environment, the wizard and the small text at the beginning was a great idea which made it even more engaging.

Then there is that aspect with massive spawn of game-objects. That was a bummer. Since the last time I was very close to the wizard on my laptop and all those units appeared and screwed my frame-rate very very bad. Perhaps deactivating resources out of the screen would have helped, or using Unity’s burst compiler would have been a great exercise for such a massive amount of units (Don’t know if it would have worked for HTML5 though…)

Anyway, the result is much more interesting than it looks by the cover image. So congratulations and great job!

Hey Shovel, thanks for the nice feedback much appreciated. You nailed it! And ordering the loot crossed my mind at some point but finally choose chronological order… For completeness I may implement these fixes after the jam.

I liked the turn based timing. Interesting concept for a puzzle game. Simple yet polished.

Fully agree. Generation is a messy all in one script a bit more time developing it would have been great. Thanks for the comment.

Thank you!

I enjoyed this game very much! You made it simple and interesting and with a good mix of challenges.

Great speed running spirit!