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Battle for EnteraView game page

Submitted by Roberto Romao — 15 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#314.6924.692

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Graphics and sound set the tone nicely. Strategy gameplay is fun and a little easy. The game crashed after I won the third battle. I like this game a lot though. Nice entry!


It's a nice little game as far as I can tell, but I think there's a bug during the fights. It's getting stuck. Anyway it's a nice entry, well done!

PS: If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )


Submitted (1 edit)

Couldn't win the Queselha and Lapuerto fights because of a bug (no victory after killing all enemies), but it was nice to play!

(I think it needs an in-game reminder of strength/weakness of each units, as I was constantly looking at the game description x))


That's a nice little tactics game, well done!


Well done!

Submitted (1 edit)

I actually really liked this game. Very simple mechanics, but that's not a bad thing. It's like rock, paper, scissors mixed with a turn based strategy game. The layout of the camps on the map is pretty thoughtful, so you're not going in blind. I found myself playing many of the camps on the map; and I enjoyed my experience.

The AI seemed very basic, after 2 matches I figured out how to manipulate them with almost 100% accuracy. The option on the menu that brings you to the gameplay is called "campaign" but it's a bit miss leading sense it leads you to a map where you can just endlessly fight the same camps over and over again, without even an indicator that you beat that one before. It would be nice if maybe you had some sort of "well done" for clearing all the camps, if there is please correct me. 

The music was pleasant and had a good amount of variety. 

I like what was done with the art. Everything looks like what it's supposed to. I was never confused as to what kind of character one sprite was, even with there being a few cosmetic variations on the class of warriors you play with and against. Made good use of the limited canvas.

Overall I really liked this game, one of  the better ones I've reviewed during the low rez jam.


Looks cool. What are the conditions to winning the battle? Also, if I scroll up with middle mouse button, a weird pixelated view appears.


Kill all enemies ... but I guess is another bug to fix!

Thx for your comment "


I liked your game a lot!

Everything -graphic wise- was clear and cute. I think you did a great job there. I know that there is some sort of 'rock paper scissors' dynamic between the units, but I would like to have more combat options for mages and archers. Maybe if you add the option to attack from distance I could feel more the difference between units, but maybe it makes them OP.

Overall, a really nice entry, specially from a one dev team. 


I had some ideas for the archers and mages but Iost a lot of time trying to programming the AI

Otherwise, thx for your comment!


Loved your sprites! The ambient sound really sets a medieval mood.  The gameplay is interesting but the AI is not very smart (at least the ones I faced). There's still some bugs and the game always freezes when I go to Maria. Btw where are you from? I remembered playing your submission to GBJAM5 last year :)


Yeah... the AI sucks hahaha :(  

My game for GBJAM5 is here haha, :) i'm from Brazil if that what you mean


Very nice sound and cool art (love the title screen). The gameplay is nice too but there are some bugs and the Escape key doesn't work :( Good job.


=( o boy... sorry about the bugs! I guess it was too much for one man job to do this game

Anyway thx a lot for playing it!