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Fun game, I went to the end, but most of the time I won by luck x)

Interesting concept! A bit hard to play because of the graphics, but I liked it! 👍

Thanks for the advice !

I really liked the idea of poking a dev to get more code !

But I had to unlock all the upgrades up to "clone" and getting not enough space for unlock it to understand that I could get the upgrades multiple times...
My finger have abs, now. xD

nice graphics but all I got is errors when trying to play it :/

ERROR: AnimationPlayer::_animation_update_transforms: Failed setting key at time 2 in Animation 'sunrise', Track ''. Check if property exists or the type of key is right for the property

At: scene\animation\animation_player.cpp:671

Didn't expect such a strong meaning in a clicker game :O
Good job !

I unlocked the top secret item in my first run, used it and was really surprised.
Second run, second surprise: I get another ending (win without the "top secret" unlock)

Art is nice and clean, some background music (something simple, like deep bass) could add a darker atmosphere.
It seems that buying the top secret item set my money at a negative value, is it a bug ?

Nice game :)

Like Hauntedsoul, it's too bad that the music don't loop. But it's understandable ! I really think the game will be cooler with more sounds, when the player buy something, and different sounds for each notes on the bar (and if he click at the good time, or not) ^^

Cool game, the art style is interesting. The music really add a tense atmosphere, works well with the gameplay.

On another side, I think art and music don't fully respect the constraints : music sounds more "electro" than chiptune and I don't know if smooth color transitions are accepted.
Maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway the game is cool ! My max score by now is 572pts :)

Hello everyone !

For this jam, (and the CGA Jam and CorgiJam) I'm making a game called AESTHETIC Bone Hunt

This is a side scrolling puzzle-game where a corgi is hunting bones. It can travel a mirrored world using special devices, allowing him to go further looking for bones. I already have uploaded a first playable version (for CGAJam), check it out ! ;)

To bring more fun into the game, I need a musician to make some SFX and music, in 8Bit/Chiptunes style with a vibe/feeling of Synthwave/Retrowave/Vaporwave

If you are interested to team up, please reply in this thread :)

Thanks !

As a first clicker game, and already struggling with balancing the game, that's true, I keep things simple.

As a jam game, I'm thinking about developing it a little more, indeed :)

Thank for your offer, I will think about it ^^

I have save your contact infos and edited your comment, I think it's better if that kind of informations are not openly public on the internet :)

Dwarf's Mining Team Simulator By @Le6barbare. Play > https://le6barbare.itch.io/dwarfs-mining-team-simulator


What else ? :)

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Thanks ! It was inspired by a skit by P.O.C (Pen Of Chaos, a french artist) ^^

Thanks ! :)

Love the idea and reference ! Very cool game ! ^^

I think a way to compare my performance with other player would be a great addition to the game, like a score/"survival time"/distance traveled (More representative than comparing maximum energy)

Thanks ! I'm glad to hear that ! :)

I think it's refer to that project.

JackOatley, I look forward to play you game ! :)

Okay !

I can make a Linux Build, but I can't test it myself... So please give me a feedback if it's work ! :)

(Linux Version added to the gamepage !)

That's strange, I have not this problem with Firefox 52.0.2 (32bits) on Windows. Are you sure your firefox is up to date ?

Anyway, thanks for your feedback ! you'll now find a windows build on the game page ;)

I have make the final change at the game, and it's now online !


still needs to be a little more balanced, but I hope you'll enjoy it !

Thanks ! :)

Hello !

Here is the devlog of my project for this jam ! A small clicker game where you are a Dwarf mine manager.
Earn money to hire miners and earn more money ! $__$

Spent day one making mockup and sprites in black and white. 1bit / Monochrome art is not as easy as I was hoping, but after a couple of try I'm happy with my result

Then I looked for a good palette, I wanted something gameboy-ish but modern at the same time.

The final mockup.

Day two, I've set up in Unity everything I needed to recreate the mockup. I decided to use Unity because that's the engine I'm learning and thus the one I'm the most confident with.

Day five: the core gameplay is programmed, I can earn money by clicking on the mine (with particules, yay!) and buy miners/beers/guards/etc to earn money every second. It is a bit unbalanced though...

Day 6: Added a the feature. The player must maintain a balance between objects to get bonus (or avoid malus).

Example: Miners must have enough beer, with a ratio of 2 beer to 1 dwarf.
If they don't have enough, you get a malus from -1% to -5% of production.
If they have more than needed, you get a bonus from +1% to +5% of production.

Each items is subject to a ratio, with more complexity.
Miners, Guards and Blacksmith needs beer, light and heal.
Miners needs Guards, and Miners and Guards needs Blacksmith.
Each with a different ratio. I'm afraid that's it's going to be over-complicated... :X

My current objective is to polish the game and balance the differents values (price, ratio, bonus/malus)

Glad you like them ! :)

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Here it is ! https://imgur.com/a/BbSjT
A guitar sprite for the instrument, a CD, and a CD in a square.
Have fun !

Hello !

I'm can make you some sprites ! ^^
But what size do you need ? Should I use your screenshot as base ? (Is it at the right dimensions ?)

Another thing, I don't think that the fade out is right with the rules of the gamejam ^^"
(Maybe I am wrong, you should ask @Kronbits about this)

Thanks for the precisions

Thank you for the clarification ^^

I have some more questions that fits this thread (I think) :

  • Can the player lose at a clicker game ? get a game-over / roll-back to a previous save or be slowed down ?
  • Does a clicker game can have an end ? or it is necessarily infinite ?
  • The kind of incremental game I play (Cookie Clicker/Swarm Simulator) have an "ascension" mechanic, is this a classic in the genre ?

Thank you in advance for your answers !