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Kill spiders. Collect gossamer. Trip balls.
Submitted by Chequered Ink (@ChequeredInk) — 13 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#454.6004.600

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Congratulations, even tho you didn't win, you are among the first 10, which for the amount of entries it's pretty good. Well done!

Submitted (1 edit)

Great little game that will keep you coming back. The sections where you fall through the floor are a very nice touch to an overall excellent experience.

HostSubmitted (1 edit)

Really awesome game. The auto aim, and the footprints go really well into making this just about having fun, and not frustrating over getting lost and aiming (without mouse). It's very completionist friendly, rewarding the player well for clearing the whole level before moving on. It's just really good. And awesome music.

Personally, I was never short of ammo, but health... I gained an extra heart at one point but couldn't fill it. Ended up dying the second I walked through a door (usually go in guns blazing, but this one already hit me before I noticed.)


it was fun to play, graphics are simple but efficient ! I like that the transitions between floors have some gameplay mechanics 👍


Good job. The game plays really well and satisfying. The transition between two floors is a neat addition too.


very cool!  it does have some similarities to my game, but still very different!  i like the mix of shooter gameplay and procedural levels.  i feel like the auto-aiming makes the game a bit less of a challenge; i think it would be more enjoyable to have to aim.  love the screenshake and the level transitions!  i was a little unsure what was good/bad at first.  i would have liked a little more visual feedback when you get hit (like a color flash on screen).  lots of fun though!

ps-- i couldn't get fullscreen to work.  pressing enter (even while holding alt) just shoots.


Great arcade feeling, love the upgrades. 

The level transition and zooming into the level has given the whole thing an extended size.

Very well done, really enjoyed it.


Very creative for a tiny screen res.

Submitted (1 edit)

Really enjoyed this one - very well thought out and felt very polished / a complete package.


REALLY fun. addictive, the mechanics are cool and the upgrades (esp enemy finder) were really cool. The footprints are awesome and the autofire makes this gameplay really easy to enjoy without necessarily making the game easy.


Nice entry. I really love player/character generation so this was great to see and is good for replay-ability. Really enjoyed the movement also, not too sensitive, and the entry to the next level is great, though at first I thought I was a gonner! Good job on the music too! 


I REALLY dig this.  The gameplay is a ton of fun and addictive.  The autoaim is nice and convenient.  The dynamic music is real cool.  I love how it evolves as you go down each floor - makes me anticipate what the next floors will sound like.  The falling sequences are fun and look very cool.  The footprints are a nice feature, very useful for making sure you've visited all rooms!  No real complaints, though I instinctively pressed ESC expecting to pause the game but instead triggered a game over :(

Overall, very fun game!


Love it!


I love this game, and there are 2 main reasons:

1: Footprints. Thank you for the footprints, every game with mazes as a primary mechanic should have you leaving footprints. I never got lost.

2: Gossamer Guns. I thought I was going to hate the auto aim, but it does a couple of cool things. It forces the player to get up close to enemies, putting themselves at risk. And it also doubles as a bit of a radar, helping you find enemies. Tying your ammo to your score was a bit of genius too, It's basically an accuracy bonus with no extra effort.

The falling bit was nice too, good break in gameplay.

I need to play this again with sound, I didn't read about the soundtrack until I was done my first playthrough.


Excellently fun game. I took a little while to grasp the exact mechanics -- for example, I didn't realise that bullets were limited for ages, because you start off with a lot, and so I didn't know what the point of picking up the Xs that dead enemies leave behind was -- but that didn't take long to work out. Good distribution of reward chests and enemies (and a good variety of reward chests too!), and the footsteps being left behind in areas you've explored is a really nice touch. A minor complaint: the low "dong" noise you get when you pass through an "empty" square in the between-levels bonus pickups screen makes it sound like you've made a mistake in some way. Beyond that (and the enemies looking a bit too basic graphically which is out of place with the rest of the game), I have no complaints at all. Top fun.


Congratz, You have one of the best entries this year. The idea is nothing that I would consider new, except for the way we go to the next dungeon, but it was very well executed. It was nice choice game to make, well done.

PS: If you have the time try out my entry nothing special or excelent like your, but I would be glad if you tried it. Well done again