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hi, could you provide a link to your ludum dare page for rating and feedback please? :) 

Just edit this page and in the editor is an option to paste in your ludum dare link and it will appear on the top of this page. 

Enjoyed this thoroughly. Frustrating yet addictive and probably exercised areas of my mind-hand coordination that have never been given any attention.

Thanks. You mean how were the tongues made? The tongue grows by a pixel in the direction of the fly until it reaches it, were the pixels are destroyed reverse order.

Thank you very much for this detailed and constructive feedback. I did consider reducing noise and using icons but didn’t because I was already behind schedule. Your advice re: colour blindness considerations is also very useful as I go ahead and make post-jam adjustments and improvements in the near future. Thanks again, Dan

I see! It's probably that then, which makes it a good game mechanic! haha I enjoyed my playthroughs, well done. 

Nice entry, it's challenging but I got better the more attempts I had which is the good kind of challenging. Would be good to have some kind of points/score system? 

Nice entry, does this slash sometimes miss (by chance)? 

Nice entry. I enjoyed the eerie feel, and definitely did the trick in disorienting me. Nice choices of sound effects and controls were not too sensitive. Maybe a mini-map with "fog-of-war" that's revealed when you cover it on foot? 

oh dear :( 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. The goal is to get them to breed and then to get the egg to hatch. You do this by keeping chameleons alive and within a sweet spot of conditions. The chameleons’ needs are conveyed through their colour. A colour guide can be found in-game (but is not obvious to find and this isn’t something I admit I need to change) for instance, red is hungry, blue is thirsty, green is happy (more likely to breed), light shades are warm temp and darker shade are cool temps etc. There is also a YouTube video of how to get to the guide on the game’s page. 

Thanks again for your feedback! 

Haha! I’ve never made a sim game and wanted to have a go, thank you for playing and your kind words. Noted about the full screen mode, I suppose I was thinking it’s easier on smart phones if it’s fullscreen to touch the icons, but it should be optional yes. 

Thank you for playing :) 

I love the premise of this, it's quirky, unique, and fun take on a platform game. The art is pleasing, and putting in/drawing out of tanks I find rather satisfying. I like the timer element. But noticed there is no HP/heath bar system? Obviously, sound effects and ambient music would have added to what already was great fun to play! Well done. 

Nice take on a tetris game, I like the progression and unlocking new abilities. Neat game, well done.

Ah, I see, I did assume as much. Personally, I think you should definitely keep working on this game post-jam and I look forward to any updates.  

Oh another thing, I get the feeling the 3 asteroids start in the same place each time? So the player can predict this and find it fairly easy, having them spawn randomly maybe on one axis only and keep them spaced out more consistently on the other?

I enjoyed this game, it's simple, neat and plenty of room to flesh out a story, levels, upgrades etc. I am also happy with my best score, you tell me did I do well?

Nice entry :) I enjoyed the sprite art and animation, the gameplay was engaging and intuitive. It got more challenging at a nice pace. I see you are going to continue working on this post-jam, which is a great idea. Maybe some form of HUD/health to keep an eye on, and treasure/upgrades etc.? Great work, well done. 

Neat puzzle game entry, well done! I enjoy these games and it lived up to expectations. Nice theme and music too. Maybe an option to see what the finished image should look like, though I don't know where I would that icon, maybe with low opacity in one of the corners?

Nice idea for a low res game! At first I thought it was just a colour by numbers game, which would have been fine, but it's so much better than that with the element of funds. It took me a while to navigate and find out what to do when, but I got there. Well done. 

I love games like this, and love the concept and context. Sound effects are nice and the highlighted tiles are a nice UI addition. The game, in its current state, is just too easy, I'm not sure if it's a bug or if the AI just needs further improvement but I played 5 times and basically just moved 2 warriors out of the way and then moved my king to the corner, the orcs didn't seem to care about killing the king?

I like this game very much. It's a good puzzle game that is challenging yet intuitive, I like that it is touch enabled as it makes a great game to play on smart phones. I'm not sure how I feel about the gothic-type music playing. The music itself is good but I'm not sure it fits the game, for me at least, perhaps just something more arcade-style? 

Nice and unique entry here, well done. Really like the concept of one go per day, make that choice factor all the more compelling! 

Nice entry. I really love player/character generation so this was great to see and is good for replay-ability. Really enjoyed the movement also, not too sensitive, and the entry to the next level is great, though at first I thought I was a gonner! Good job on the music too! 

Thanks for playing. I know, I get the feeling that I need to have some kind of tutorial option in the main menu haha. Glad you gave it a second chance though. The chameleon colour change is a shader, saved me animating time! 

I enjoyed what this game has to offer, especially since you will be working further to develop it post-jam. The controls are nice, not too sensitive. I like the sound effects very much. The ship itself doesn't look like a sprite designed for a 64x64 game, and when zoomed out didn't really look like a ship at all. So maybe, this hindered the experience slightly. Still, I enjoyed it, well done. 

I beat the game! :D

Nice entry, and has a really nostalgic feeling to it. With only 6 hours to create this game, I'm curious if you will spend more time fleshing it out post-jam?

Yes, it was a focus issue. All fine now and am enjoying the game. I really like the fact there are different mini-games within the game. Would be nice to add a name to the pirate or some kind of story at the start to set the scene of who I am, maybe? But that's time-consuming and just extra flavour I suppose. Well done, I'll continue to enjoy coming back to this game to play and any updates should you work on it post-jam. Well done.

Followed your progress on twitter, but controls don't seem to work for me in browser? I can't move the boat with the arrow keys? (Haven't rated yet until I can play)

Nice job! This game actually improved my reaction times the more I played it haha. What could be good would be to randomise each of the same picture (for re-tries) to make it even more challenging? Love the concept, takes a reaction time game and puts it in some real-life, contemporary, context. Love the sprite art also! Nice little game and I look forward to more content.

Nice game. As recommended played with headphones and the sound is very immersive. I found the game very nervy, which was excellent. The only thing I struggled with were the controls, specifically the direction control being too sensitive. I did get used to it eventually, though. Good job!

Nice platform game, challenging in a good way. Any reason for not adding ambient music?

Thank you for playing and for the feedback. I was concerned this may be an issue and will make this a priority when I update the game. 

For now: 

It’s a tap styled game, everything apart from naming to be played using mouse clicks or touch. 

The aim of the game is to care and breed for chameleons, using their colors as a guide to their needs. The chameleon and egg colour guide can be accessed in-game by touching the chameleon button icon (top left) to activate and then touching again to pause and open statistics. Touching the chameleon ? Icon will bring up the colour codes for you to learn to assess chameleon needs intuitively.