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A unique take on delivering packages! I like the idea a lot. I found it quite difficult to deliver the packages at first, I think I expected the package to be delivered if they hit the house? Is this the case? As the package seems to be able to go straight through the house so wasn't sure. There is definitely a lot more you could do with this, as you mentioned in the other comments, with a bit more time. Nice job.

Nice game! I enjoyed playing it numerous times to beat my score. I like the simple idea, and it's all about the player themselves building up the skill game after game, great idea for a 3 hour jam! Bravo!

I enjoyed this take on the theme and something different to what I usually find in jam games. I like the minus points element to it also. I think, just for variety, it would have been good to only have one fact per country and once delivered a new country appeared?


Nice tower defense game, and neat take on the theme. I am not accustomed to played many tower defense games, so I am unsure whether my score of 9 waves is good (it was my second attempt, 8 on the first). I really enjoyed it and definitely has got my thinking of having a go at making a tower defense in the future. Nice job.

Neat game, the puzzles are obviously the gameplay, which are effective. The GB aesthetic is nice, could definitely see this kind of game being on the GB, a bit of humour in the dialogue is great and adds to the experience. I enjoyed it. I played it twice to see the "alternative" ending of pressing No, which is also a nice touch.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate that.

Haha, thank you my first time doing voice acting...

I love this game. The art style is great, I have been wanting to try some 1 bit art lately, but don't really know where to start. I honestly think for a jam game this is nicely polished and plenty of content. Did you design each level?

hello, points taken on board thank you. The “mechanic” I wanted to play around with was that if you tap on a bug without knowing it would glitch (move) and flip the unflipped  tiles, probably needed to design a higher difficulty to make this more noticeable. Thanks again for your feedback.

Noted, thanks for the feedback. 

ok thank you for reporting  it nonetheless. 

Excellent. I was thinking something similar, that or have certain mobs patrol in different directions. Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestion. 

Thank you for the feedback and playing. Any specific adjustments to AI you think are a priority? Or what about it in your experience wasn’t quite right? 

agreed! Thanks for playing

The idea is fantastic! Fits into the theme and limitation delightfully. Movement and combat feels smooth. Is it possible to regain health? Maybe smashing potions?

Thank you very much.

Thanks. The hero will go to the treasure the next turn if it can make it. Other than that there is not as on testing the less random it was the more easy it became to win, and I didn't have the time to spend on it, but definitely something I can play around with post-jam. Thanks again for playing.

That's the way to do it! :) Glad you enjoyed it.

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It is! Thanks a lot for playing.

Thanks! Yeah, bit of re-balancing required I think.

Ah, that's an oversight on my part. Thanks a lot for letting me know and glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks, that’s interesting. I’ve tested this a lot and not come across that before. Any more information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for giving it a go!

I knew the gameplay just didn't feel right, in terms of allowing the player to play strategically, but by the time I got round to playing there wasn't any time to incorporate/change mechanics. I did wonder whether I should bother submitted, but I did so in the hope I would get valuable feedback, like yours, so I could take what I have and flesh it out in my own time. Having the ability to damage the characters and have that turn their opinion seems a really nice way forward, and is a much appreciated suggestion.

Thanks for playing and your time in writing some feedback.

I went bad. Just to see what happens... haha Love it! Sometimes the bad slimes were so close behind good slimes it was difficult to get a good shot, unsure if this was intentional? Great entry, love the art style, and movement felt nice. 

Nice entry, love the art style and the feedback of the (canon?) is really satisfying. Easy to see how, with more time, progression could be added to the game. 

Nice entry, with a little more time building in some narrative or context would be good. It works nicely, and I like the pastel colours used.

Nice! Plenty to build on in terms of gameplay but it's a solid start to build on. Good job!

Love it! It's intense, fits the theme nicely and the progression is really enjoyable. I would like to see more feedback on sheep/wolf, seems a bit too subtle for me, but it's subtly probably lends itself well to the intense feel. Well done.

A great take on chess. Excited to see both pawns being defeated simultaneously at first, and honestly I think this makes chess more enjoyable/frustrating. Really solid entry fora game jam, one we can play over again. Thanks.

I really like this, it's a simple concept but drew me in to play over again and think fast. Nice progression with the glyphs, as only starting with two introduces the player to the concept. The mana bar felt slightly to slow, but does need to be there to stop spamming. Well done.

Nice game and the multiplayer option is a great addition! It's quite addictive as its easy to jump in again to play. The concept overall is fun, fits the theme perfectly, and the difficulty feels variable, which I like.

Thanks alot, yes I think balancing, and potentially altering some of the gameplay to include more progression (or at least a win scenario for the player).

Thank you very much! 

Thank you very much for this great, invaluable, feedback. I had only minutes every so often to test gameplay, so was hoping it would run but knew they'd be faults. You have given me some ideas on tidying up the random feel and gameplay.

Thanks, noted and will get onto it :)

you can skip the tutorial :)

Yeah, the music is a bit quiet, I agree. Good point about the sizes, probably needed to double the target at least. Thanks

I am not familiar with that game. I did at one point think of making them cockroaches though. haha

Yes, definitely needs adjusting. Many thanks for that.