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Centipede's one of my favorite games, and this is a pretty solid clone!

Very nicely done!  Graphics are fantastic (even more impressive that it was done in GameMaker, which if I recall is meant for 2D games?) and make great use of the 64x64 space.  The colors are wonderful.  There are some heavy framerate drops in some scenes (night and beach scenes that have a lot of slimes), which I found odd since my PC is pretty good.  Are the graphics rendered on the CPU?  The gameplay is solid and controls very well.  Music is high-fidelity, but I found it too repetitive and "poppy".  Sound effects are very nice, I especially loved the sound of chopping grass.  My biggest complaint is that the game is too short!

Gameplay is functional but is a bit difficult - it can be hard to both jump over mines and aim the mouse at the same time.  I do like that jumping and shooting is tied to the music's rhythm.  Aiming seems like it needs to be precisely on the target to work - maybe increase the size of the crosshair a bit?  Aside from that, graphics look nice and make good use of the 64x64 space.  I really dig the colors in the background.  The music is pretty good too!

Tried to play this.  Gameplay didn't seem very functional - coffee cups tip over too easily, triggering a game over.  Graphics look kind of stretched and smudgy, and the UI buttons were below the window, but the color palette looks nice.  Music is very quiet, but the coffee cup sounds are functional.  Game does not make good use of the resolution restriction; when I launched the game it ran at my monitor's native res and at 16:9 aspect ratio.  Text was very high-res and not within the 64x64 limit.  Sprites were also stretched in a bilinear fashion, beyond the 64x64 limit.  Keep trying, though!  It's a good concept, just needs work.

Gameplay is fun, hard as heck though!  Would've preferred to hear some original music/sounds.  Graphics look nice and make good use of the 64x64 space.  

Gave this one a try.  I couldn't figure out what to do aside from endlessly collecting blocks.  The readme says I need to build a new ship, but I couldn't figure that out; right clicking only places dirt blocks.  The block collecting reminded me of Minecraft a bit.  Aside from that, the block collecting feels nice even if it doesn't serve a greater purpose yet.  Game runs smoothly and makes good use of the 64x64 space.

Very cool!  I had fun constructing some hot beats.  I could definitely see this being played at parties.  Very good use of the limited space!

This was pretty interesting.  I like the concept of driving endlessly from landmark to landmark.  I love the low-res/low-poly visuals, and the sky looks pretty trippy.  Audio was a bit sparse, but I do like the few bloop sounds that are in there (jumping, item collect, inevitable death sound).  Having to eat, stay hydrated and also have enough gas to drive are neat ideas.  I ended up dying of thirst at stonehenge as I could not find anything to drink.

First of all, the MUSIC.  Wow.  I LOVE the music.  I love the fusion jazz FM synth chiptune style.  I stayed on the title screen just to hear the whole song, and the gameplay music was even better.  Any chance you could put up or sell the soundtrack tunes? (Or do I just go to ZBW's soundcloud?)

The gameplay is fun, low stress and easygoing.  The pixel art is nice.  My only complaints: it's initially hard to tell which objects are obstacles to be avoided, but the red outline helps.  The game speed at the start is probably too slow for my taste, but I do like that it speeds up.  The scoreboard is a little hard to read, but understandable considering the limited screen space.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm VERY bad at these games (I was lucky to make it past the first level lol), but I really like this game's design.  Music is good, very nicely composed, though the minor scale might be a bit too sad for this kind of game... that's just me though, there's nothing wrong with the music itself.  My only real complaint is with the pipe highlighting - the green overlay is a little too subtle; it's hard to see what pipes are selected.  Maybe alter the color of the selected pipes?

I REALLY dig this.  The gameplay is a ton of fun and addictive.  The autoaim is nice and convenient.  The dynamic music is real cool.  I love how it evolves as you go down each floor - makes me anticipate what the next floors will sound like.  The falling sequences are fun and look very cool.  The footprints are a nice feature, very useful for making sure you've visited all rooms!  No real complaints, though I instinctively pressed ESC expecting to pause the game but instead triggered a game over :(

Overall, very fun game!

Thank you much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I definitely built this with 64x64 in mind from the start, but I added "Low Rez Edition" in case I end up developing it further (maybe a VR version).  Huh, I've never encountered the teleporting bug, it shouldn't happen but I'll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!  I'm glad you liked the audio.  Quake is one of my favorite games, so it's definitely an inspiration.  I agree on the room design; I also found myself going in circles during testing, but didn't have enough time to add more variation.

I dig this!   Also nice to see a Java entry.  The game design is pretty clever, there seems to be incentive to push down more blocks faster instead of waiting for them to stack up.  There seems to be a jumping bug (?) - sometimes when I push down a red block, I get launched (sometimes into another block, can be frustrating).  I like the audio, very 80s arcade sound.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you liked the atmosphere!  Sorry about your eyes.  I admit the game is not too clear on what needs to be done, but to beat it: collect four of those white box things, and then find the exit.

Thanks much!!  I will definitely check out your entry this weekend. :)

Hello!  I just submitted my first entry to a game jam.  It's Labyrintho, a game about escaping a labyrinth.  Feel free to check it out.  I had a ton of fun building it over the past few days.

You can play the game hereLink

A quick summary about the game:

"In Labyrintho, you are trapped in a maze.  To escape the maze, you must find and collect four talismans to unlock the exit gate (you will have to find that too).  If you take too long, the darkness will swallow you."

Some images: