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First of all, the MUSIC.  Wow.  I LOVE the music.  I love the fusion jazz FM synth chiptune style.  I stayed on the title screen just to hear the whole song, and the gameplay music was even better.  Any chance you could put up or sell the soundtrack tunes? (Or do I just go to ZBW's soundcloud?)

The gameplay is fun, low stress and easygoing.  The pixel art is nice.  My only complaints: it's initially hard to tell which objects are obstacles to be avoided, but the red outline helps.  The game speed at the start is probably too slow for my taste, but I do like that it speeds up.  The scoreboard is a little hard to read, but understandable considering the limited screen space.

Best bet is to ask ZBW through his soundcloud :)  and I agree, the music is DOPE!