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Yeah that's my bad, I thought I'd fixed it but didn't have time to look at it again before the deadline. It's because it only checks the input when the tongue wants to move, rather than at any point and storing the input for the next move.

Best bet is to ask ZBW through his soundcloud :)  and I agree, the music is DOPE!

Not sure why you felt the need to include hardcore pornography, it's low resolution but it's still high enough to make out. Just mentioning it as warning to anybody who's going to be streaming jam games or who doesn't want to see that.

The instructions threw me off, but once I figured out how the game actually played this is a fantastic little puzzle game, genuinely interesting and worth rating very highly. The story was cute, the world map was a nice touch. But I think the introduction needs to be stronger because while it's cool to get people using the mechanic in order to get them into the game, if they don't understand the mechanic they might never get in.

Ah that's a great idea, thanks!

There is, I think it just starts too slow and the speed increase doesn't kick in quickly enough to maintain interest. Every 10 bugs it does get faster :)

It's very long! Haha

Added a windows download :)

I'm conflicted about how to rate this for Authenticity, I really like what you've done here, using the same amount of pixels in 64x64 but shifting it to something like 70x52 for a nicer screen shape, but I was explicitly told I wasn't allowed to do this when I asked at the start of the jam.

That aside, I liked exploring the worlds even though they are mostly empty, they have a nice ethereal feel to them and the colours are interesting and varied between the different worlds. I'd love to be able to explore worlds like these with some simple puzzles or story mechanics that would be great. Nice work.

I couldn't figure out what to do, I collected a few of those white box things but then wandered around for a while and had to give up because the brick texture was doing funny things to my eyes. I liked the atmosphere though.

Simply fantastic, was a little confusing at first that you could wrap around the edges of the screen, and the controls are a little too twitchy for me but it makes for a nice frantic dash to the top of the level. Lovely music and art, too. 

I think this is my favorite thus far, the controls are solid, moving around and attacking feels alright, rolling feels pretty smooth although I managed to get stuck outside of the screen a couple times and had to restart. Music and theme are exceptional, really enjoyed this one, feels like a world I'd want to see more of.

Doesn't seem to use 64x64 resolution, but it looks like you meant to from the thumbnails. 

Cute little game, nice music. Most levels seem to be less about pushing the walls and more about just heading to the exit when it appears, though. I found a lot of the time I didn't need to interact with the walls.

Nice use of colour and space, I didn't think the amount of information necessary for a game like this could be conveyed with so few pixels but this works quite well, I never lost track of who my characters were, who the enemies were or what was happening in the game. Really cool.

Really nice art, controls are satisfying and responsive, I only managed to find 4.98 but I enjoyed getting there! Only downside is the platforming segments seemed to share the same pattern.

Love the concept, but it's not really clear what's happening once a battle starts. Sanders is boss though.

Real nice work, controls feel nice, it's easy to jump around, music is cool.

Really nice mechanic, it's fun and satisfying. Only significant problem is the score hides the top row of bugs so it's a bit hard to distinguish them on the top row. Nice work!

It's browser-only, I could add a desktop version if you'd prefer that.

I liked the style and mystery, but the controls were near unusable. The camera swings wildly all over the place.