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I dig this!   Also nice to see a Java entry.  The game design is pretty clever, there seems to be incentive to push down more blocks faster instead of waiting for them to stack up.  There seems to be a jumping bug (?) - sometimes when I push down a red block, I get launched (sometimes into another block, can be frustrating).  I like the audio, very 80s arcade sound.


First of all, thank's for playing and for the review. 

I see you connected with the game. You are correct, instead of waiting you gotta push them down faster, that way you won't be stuck. 

About the bug, I've seen many people with this problem, I hope to fix it tomorrow, since today I don't much time left to do it.

Once again, thank's for the playing it.


I found if you hold the down arrow while landing it prevents the launching bug. Makes it a lot easier.