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Reborn as a season roguelike.

Thanks! Everything I've posted on soundcloud was done with Rytmik Ultimate if you're interested in hearing more.

An experiment to see if I could make a game with 3x3 resolution.

Thanks for the feedback! It's meant to be a memory/puzzle game but I wasn't sure how big to make the levels. There was no time to test with real people because of the short time limit of the jam. Your feedback lets me know that maybe the levels are too big :)  Also, the "coin" is a key that will open any door. If you open the wrong door you might get stuck in which case you can push R to restart the level. On the level you describe there's another door with another key and some health behind it that will let you kill the red demon. Thanks for playing and giving feedback. It's good information that I can use to improve the game once the jam is over. :)

Well done!

This is a decent game, I'm surprised not many people have rated it yet. If you get a chance give mine a try. Warning: it's weird.

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I suck at tetris. :( Great game though!

Great idea! I think you could do a lot with this. Are you going to add more rooms after the jam?

I tried to build the levels like puzzles, so it's important which order you do things in. The red blocks are demons. They have the same health as the player so you'll need to attack them then go heal and come back to finish the fight. I think the file size comes from Construct 2/Node webkit files. The actual game assets are almost nothing. The song takes up the biggest chunk.

Thanks! How far did you get?

Let me know how far you get! I'm interested to find out if anyone finishes it.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I found if you hold the down arrow while landing it prevents the launching bug. Makes it a lot easier.

Very cool idea! Would be interesting to see it developed further. Give mine a try if you get a chance! You'll have to use your imagination because the resolution is only 3x3

Love it!

Very nice! Great sounds. I think I need a gamepad to play this though.


Take off to Mars with this retro style twin-stick shooter. Fight off Martians and robots to save the reckless humans that thought colonizing the red planet was a good idea. Enjoy an original soundtrack and unique art style while surviving on a challenging new planet!

Children of Apollo

Playing in browser. The game doesn't restart when I get "Game Over". Also, maybe have the bubble grow in size as you collect the fluids so there is a progression of difficulty? It will make it harder to avoid the magnets the longer you play.

I really enjoyed the artwork! I don't understand Russian though so I think I missed out on a lot of the game experience.