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is this the end??

this is a really pretty game!  nice relaxing atmosphere too.

thanks so much!  glad you enjoyed the mysteriousness of the game and the trees. :D

thank you!  thanks for checking it out.

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wow!  this is impressive.  really well done.  fantastic art and music!  i love the opening cutscene.  we wanted to do something exactly like that, but didn't devote enough time to the game.  you really nailed the NES feel for the game, and i love the addition of pressing the power button to start.  
some minor subjective critique: i would have liked the jump to have slightly more hang time.  it was pretty tricky for me to be able to kill some of the enemies on small ledges at eye-level (those guys that throw knives) because you fall so quickly.  also i didn't see a point to crouching when it's not really useful to dodge attacks.  generally when there's crouching in a game, i expect some enemies to have projectiles that would go over you when crouching. though i only got to the guys with the shields that throw spears, so maybe it's more useful for later enemies?  these are pretty minor issues though.  extremely well done game!

this is a lot of fun!  what a great concept and really matches the feel of NES games.  
a couple things i noticed that i think could be improved: you don't get time to grab the treasure from the last grave on each level because you're immediately taken to the next level.  i'm pretty sure i had one more grave on the last level, but i won without robbing it.  very minor points though, well done on the game. :) 

glad i could help.  good job on the game!

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we used GameMaker Studio 2 and Aseprite.  i would have used BFXR for sounds and beepbox for the music, but didn't get to that. :(

it has to create some kind of html file to run the game from when you export, right?  find that file and rename it to "index.html"  then zip up everything and add it to your game files.

i appreciate the kind words!  thanks!

thank you!  we are considering doing a little more with it.

hey, thanks for playing and for the feedback!  i can see how it wasn't completely clear what you're supposed to do.  we probably should have made more time for that.  glad you were able to figure things out eventually.

i played this game and loved it!  saw that it was a jam game and had to see if it won... nope.  i played the 3 winning games, and just... i don't even understand.  there must be something wrong with the judges' minds.  this is 100x better than the winners!

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that looks basically the same to me.  i guess a lot of the darker shades are slight lighter and more saturated.  Aseprite has the NES palette included in it by default so i'm just using that one.  i figure it's accurate enough for this jam.

i'm assuming we need to restrict our colors to the NES palette as well.  the rules don't mention this though.  are there any other restrictions we need to follow?

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yeah... even though the NES resolution was 240 in height, you only see 224.  i think the requirement should just be 256x224 since those extra pixels are not seen on any NES game.

oh!  yeah, using Q and E is a good idea.  also adding a visual meter to show the teleport cooldown would really help so that you know when it is available or how long before it will be again.

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hi, saw your post on the IndieTales discord.  this is pretty fun!  the graphics and music are really nice and the upgrade options add a lot to the gameplay.

a couple issues i had with it:
the window to double-tap A or D to teleport is way too liberal and i often found myself teleporting by accident.
i'm not a fan of using left mouse button to fire.  i would have preferred a key instead.  another issue with having to use the mouse is that you need to keep your mouse within the game area to shoot and i kept accidentally moving it outside of the area and not being able to shoot until i realize what was happening.
i really do like your sprites!  a bit more juice could help though-- some parallax scrolling in the background, small explosions when a laser hits enemies (or your ship) but doesn't kill them, and having your ship bank to the side when moving would add a lot.

other than that, i think some additional weapon upgrades, a few more enemies, and a boss could be really cool.  really nice work for a short game jam though!

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i wish i had gotten to this before the ratings ended.  this was very fun overall and i think your sprites are really cute!  definitely has a GameBoy feel to it.  i love the music and sound effects!  the levels were nicely designed and you have spike hazards and a couple of enemies to add a bit of variety to the gameplay.  i largely agree with everything danwithfaintpraise mentioned.  

it would be nice if the stationary enemies had some kind of sprite change to telegraph when they are about to pop up and fire.  you can figure out the timing easily enough, but it's a touch that really can help players and make the game feel more fair.

the jump needs some work, and makes the game a little bit harder or more frustrating to play than it should be.  i think most players will agree that a platformer with a good arch to the jump just feels better.  so, like Dan mentioned, you want the jump speed to gradually diminish as the player reaches the peak of their jump and then let gravity kick in and take them back down to the ground.  even though it's using Unity, i think this video explains things pretty well.  i know there are some great jump tutorials out there for GameMaker as well, so you might want to check out some of those.  i think this HeartBeast tut covers it.

also because your jump goes up and then back down so quickly, it makes it virtually impossible to jump over the enemies.  maybe that's something you wanted in the game, but it was a little frustrating for me.  having a jump that has a little more air-time would also solve this issue.

i like the boss a lot.  it has a nice attack pattern.  i found the bullets to be a bit difficult to dodge due to the jump.  i think they wouldn't be an issue if you changed it a bit.  i also agree a little more feedback on when the boss is getting hurt would help.  i wasn't sure if the face change meant i was hurting him at first, but that's great start.  if you look at other retro games, often times they will add some kind of flashing on the sprite when they're damaged, or an impact effect of some sort.  also a sound effect for when there's actual damage could help as well.  i realize this is a jam, so you may have just run out of time for these things.  i didn't get any sounds into my game, lol!

i'm still using GM1.4, but i assume version 2 has about the same options when exporting.  when you go to "create application" to export there a few options to "save as type" below the file name.  i would definitely agree to not do the installer. 

anyway, sorry for the wall of text!  i hope this is helpful feedback for you!  

thank you!  as far as i know, this was our musician's first attempt at making music!  i am seriously impressed with what they came up with.

lol i'm glad you still enjoyed it despite the challenge!  thanks for playing!!!

doh!  thanks for catching that typo.  sorry it gave you problems playing the game.  thanks for playing!!!

ah.  okay, i'll have to try it again!

oh.  i didn't think you need to click anything.  i wouldn't expect a Game Boy game to have mouse controls.

yeah, sorry i know that is frustrating!  i fixed that issue and will be posting an updated version some time next week once voting is over.  thanks for playing!

this is a fun little game about making games!  pretty good overall, but i did find quite a few bugs.  
i chose platformer first.  the controls are a little wonky , but it's playable.  not sure if this is intended or a bug-- if you press jump and attack at the same time, you get a huge jump and can basically fly around.  it seemed like this was not intended to happen even though it was kind of fun.  maybe just leave it in! lol.  i found all 3 keys, but it kept telling me there were more.  i replayed a few times and it never worked for me. 
i played the RPG next and got stuck after i went through the trees to join the blob by the lake.  when i press the button to go back through the trees, it just puts me on the lake side.  sadly, i guess i won't see either ending. :(

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this is amazing!  you all did a fabulous job on the artwork, the music and really nice, and the writing on the game is hilarious!  really wish i could play at fullscreen.  it was a bit annoying to have to fight a tiny mushroom several times just to get a quest and a chest, and i agree with Madwolf about the heavy RNG, but... i'll forgive that.  really nice job.

this is super fun!  really nice animations and juicy movement for the player.  i loooove the music and the sound effects as well!  took me a little bit to get a hang of the controls, but it's really cool how you've done this with just a single button input.  i'd love to see a few more move possibilities added in if you continue developing this!  good thing you still have another button and 4 directions to work with. 

thank you so much!!!

thank you!  that is a good point.  i might see if i can make that happen for the update i'm working on. :)

thank you so much!!!   glad you enjoyed it.  i agree BunBytes did a wonderful job with the pixels!

good to hear!  thank you.  the original plan was to have a kitchen area where you restock your food box.  i couldn't get the array completely working to transfer what's in the box in the kitchen to the stands and vice versa.  not sure what i wasn't doing correctly, but i spent several days on it to no avail.  i was lazy and just left that area in there (just took out the background).  maybe at some point down the road i'll try to get that working.  didn't have time to get levels or an end screen either because i spent too much time messing with that feature.  i'm in the process of adding that though to make a more complete game even though the jam is over.

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since you can still see the food order, i figured the speech bubbles going slightly offscreen on the left side wasn't something to worry about it for the jam.  i had other more pressing issues to fix.  hopefully it was still playable for you!  i'm working on a post-jam update, and will center the bubbles over the people to fix that issue.  thanks for the feedback! 

yeah, that's an annoying little bug that i couldn't figure out the fix for.  sorry about that.  thanks for playing!

lol yes!  that actually occurred to me, but i ran out of time and wasn't able to add more things into the game because i spent several days on a feature that i couldn't get working. thanks for playing!

putting your email out on a public forum on the internet is a good way to get spam.  you might want to delete that message.

oh good!  this didn't even occur to us, so we were using all 4 colors plus transparency in our sprites.

alright, thanks!

okay, thank you!

GBJAM 8 community » General · Created a new topic Game Boy controls

the Game Boy has a d-pad, A, B, select, and start buttons for controls.  are we free to use the select and start buttons during gameplay or are they only used for pausing or menus?