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4 years later... 23:37 and 21 deaths.  i didn't remember the bosses being as tough, but i guess i improved on my previous time/death count.  still a fun game!

either way, it's a good thing to mention for those who might not be familiar with pico-8 options.

finished it!  the ending was a little underwhelming, but totally understandable for a jam.  that last room was pretty intense!  really solid little game.  i enjoyed the puzzles and combat was fun.  i'd love to see more done with this .
i did find a way to cheese the enemies though.  you can just run up to them and spam attack and hit them 3 times before they can barely start moving.  you probably want to add a little bit of a cooldown on the player's attack, and maybe a longer cooldown on the enemy invincibility after being hit (if they even have that at all). 

thanks!   your game was fun!

this is super cute, catchy tune, and really nicely done interface and clicker system.  i also like the alternative button presses to mine instead just a single button.  makes it a bit more interesting.

fun game!  great concept!  i like the use of the palette and the tunes are catchy.  it was really challenging to get the balloon to go where i wanted it lol.  managed to get CSAB on my first play.  

hilarious.  great rhythm game, and i love the song! 

very cool!  i love the dash ability and the enemy attack telegraphing and patterns.  the graphics, palette, and music are all solid and it has a nice Zelda adventure feel to it.  this is definitely a favorite kind of game for me.  i wanted to get a rating in before the deadline, so i haven't finished it yet, but i'll for sure play it some more!

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what an interesting idea!  i've never seen a game with an attack mechanic like this.  i had fun trying to kill the enemies.  so much more challenge than just pressing attack and hitting them.  graphics are cute and the music is pretty groovin.  i think the distortion on the player sprite when it moves back and forth doesn't look great.  i would get rid of that and just add a simple animation to them instead.

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this is really fun!  great graphics and music.  definitely got that game boy vibe to it.  i liked the addition of switching the palette. i meant to do that with my game and forgot about it.  the gameplay is also really nice, but i had a few small complaints:
1. the controls were really uncomfortable for me.  the CTRL key on my keyboard is very small and at the bottom of the keyboard next to the arrow keys, so hitting that was tough.  
2. it took me a minute to figure out the bombs were bombs.  i guess there's not much you could have done to make them stand out more. 
3. i also wished the jump would go just one tile higher so i could climb back up a few times after accidentally falling off a platform.
these are small criticisms though.  well done overall!

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really nice job on the graphics and music!  you got so much detail in the level elements and synthesis interface.  this feels like it would be a really fun game once you get in more content and complete it.

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this game is super polished with really wonderful art and sound.  you nailed the game boy vibe for sure.  the gameplay is simple, but pretty fun.  though i had a lot of trouble getting the dash to activate when i needed it to so i didn't get very far-- even on easy.  looks like you have at least a few enemies to have some variety.  makes me wonder if you worked in a boss or anything.  nicely done though!

está. Ojalá hubiera hecho más cosas durante la jam. ¡gracias por jugar!

thanks!  i'm considering it but i have a hard time focusing on projects for an extended time period.

thank you!

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thanks so much!  it's... playable.  just not much to do lol.  there's definitely no game loop yet.

thank you!  i have already added a few things and fixed some of the bugs in this version, but unfortunately i didn't get it uploaded before the deadline.  not sure if i'll continue working on it much, but we'll see. :)

thanks for trying it out!  you have to be on foot to deliver pizzas and press down while standing at a door to open it.  it should work if you're doing those things... i hope.

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it's supposed to look like something that would be on the GameBoy.  so, yeah it needs to be pixelated.  there are a bunch of GameBoy screenshots linked to on the event page if you want to see examples of what GameBoy games look like.

"What languages or engines are allowed?  Anything is allowed"

does the engine let you have a resolution of 160 x 144 pixels and only 4 colors? 
then yeah, should be fine.

then you have less time to work on your game.

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i don't know what you mean by fancy lighting, but it sounds like it would create more than 4 colors in your game, so probably no.  for example, different shades of a color count as more than one color.  here's an example of what the original gameboy palette looked like if you aren't sure:

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You must have at least 2 cows to continue your farm.

the theme is open to interpretation, so whatever you think of is okay.  there is voting on the jam, so it's possible some people may think that having extra screens goes against the theme and will give you a lower rating in that category.  personally, i think it's fine though.  i wouldn't count a title screen or high score screen as an extra room.

there are a lot of tutorials online that can probably walk you through that kind of thing.  are you using Unity?  maybe this one will help?

is this the end??

this is a really pretty game!  nice relaxing atmosphere too.

thanks so much!  glad you enjoyed the mysteriousness of the game and the trees. :D

thank you!  thanks for checking it out.

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wow!  this is impressive.  really well done.  fantastic art and music!  i love the opening cutscene.  we wanted to do something exactly like that, but didn't devote enough time to the game.  you really nailed the NES feel for the game, and i love the addition of pressing the power button to start.  
some minor subjective critique: i would have liked the jump to have slightly more hang time.  it was pretty tricky for me to be able to kill some of the enemies on small ledges at eye-level (those guys that throw knives) because you fall so quickly.  also i didn't see a point to crouching when it's not really useful to dodge attacks.  generally when there's crouching in a game, i expect some enemies to have projectiles that would go over you when crouching. though i only got to the guys with the shields that throw spears, so maybe it's more useful for later enemies?  these are pretty minor issues though.  extremely well done game!

this is a lot of fun!  what a great concept and really matches the feel of NES games.  
a couple things i noticed that i think could be improved: you don't get time to grab the treasure from the last grave on each level because you're immediately taken to the next level.  i'm pretty sure i had one more grave on the last level, but i won without robbing it.  very minor points though, well done on the game. :) 

glad i could help.  good job on the game!

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we used GameMaker Studio 2 and Aseprite.  i would have used BFXR for sounds and beepbox for the music, but didn't get to that. :(

it has to create some kind of html file to run the game from when you export, right?  find that file and rename it to "index.html"  then zip up everything and add it to your game files.

i appreciate the kind words!  thanks!

thank you!  we are considering doing a little more with it.

hey, thanks for playing and for the feedback!  i can see how it wasn't completely clear what you're supposed to do.  we probably should have made more time for that.  glad you were able to figure things out eventually.

i played this game and loved it!  saw that it was a jam game and had to see if it won... nope.  i played the 3 winning games, and just... i don't even understand.  there must be something wrong with the judges' minds.  this is 100x better than the winners!

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that looks basically the same to me.  i guess a lot of the darker shades are slight lighter and more saturated.  Aseprite has the NES palette included in it by default so i'm just using that one.  i figure it's accurate enough for this jam.