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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!  IT WORKED!  that was very entertaining!  i loved the story and humor!  short and sweet little game, NICE JOB!  wish i could have rated it for the jam, but glad i got to play it finally!

control options are always nice!  a quick fix would be just switching the left and right mouse button actions, so that left click fired and right moved. :)

fun game!  great concept and i like the lettuce-head enemies.  i never could get the whole sandwich covered, and after a few minutes of trying the ingredients stopped coming.  also you might want to clamp the player's x/y coordinates so you can't fly off the screen. :)

battle royale is hilarious!  nicely done!  maybe i missed it, but it would be really nice to see how many bullets you have left and to show them refilling when you reload.  i kept pressing reload and i wasn't sure if it was working.

great game!  cool demon sprites!  i feel like it's a little easy since you are able to take as long as you want before attacking.  i think putting a short time limit before you are forced to attack or something to force the player to attack faster would make it a better challenge.

this is pretty cool and fun to play!  jumping (and double-jump) is a bit weird, some of the platforming is a bit difficult because of it.  there were a few times the enemies dropped down right next to me and immediately threw bombs (killing me) which felt a little unfair.

 LOVE THIS!!! great game!

man!  wanted to try your game out, but it appears my graphics card does not support OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 3, so it won't work for me.   :(

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very cool game!  i love your ant sprites!  so cute!   i REALLY wish i could change the fire key though... right mouse click???  odd choice.  it hurt my hand, but was fun anyway. :)

i was hoping to give Boyly a knuckle sandwich or maybe make him a pancake, but the void sandwich was just as satisfying! :D

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wow.  this has a very Limbo vibe to me (which is a good thing, i LOVE that game).  really nicely executed on everything!  i especially like all of the juice you've got with the squash/stretch and subtle screen shake-- even on the menus!  super challenging game though, and i feel the same as Kwisart about the physics being a little weird especially when trying to land and jump off of the moving balls.  it seemed like i would go the opposite direction of the conveyor belt when pressing the same direction which seems counter-intuitive, but maybe that's just how physics work?  anyway, really good game and well-thought out levels!

you are something to me, void. :)

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nice simple game!  great work with the 3-color palette.  it would be neat if there was some kind of combo system where you got bonus points for collecting certain items in a sequence.  or maybe some special pick-ups that gave you temporary upgrade to you move speed, or "tractor-beam" that pulls items toward you if you're within a certain distance.  anyway, fun game!

this is great!  love the sandwitch sprites!  the idea of upgrades is great, but they don't seem to have a noticeable impact on the game.  you should try tweaking the numbers a bit so that each time you upgrade it is noticeably different (mainly on the attack and bullet speed).  really nice job though!  i think i've played this game longer than any other one so far.

really nice visuals!  controls do take some getting used to.  it took me a while to figure out how to get tiles to actually burn up to get the baddies.  really fun game though once you get the hang of it!

woah!  i'm really impressed with the cutscene, animations, and dialog system you've got in here!  nice job on that stuff.  love your artwork too!  hope you keep working on it!

fun game!  great visuals.  i like the whole concept/theme and destructible terrain! controls took a little getting used to.  i would have liked the jump to be more responsive.  i'm not sure how to aim, but spamming fire seems to work okay.  lol

this game seems like a lot of fun!  impressive visuals and love the sound fx!  unfortunately, my laptop is a bit old, so gameplay was super choppy for me. :(

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yeah...  sorry!  we did not have time to add the exit and endings.

yeah... we ran out of time!  sorry :(

thanks for the feedback geekdude!
i'm not certain, but the title screen issue might have to do with what resolution you pick before running the game.  i'll have to check with the coders on the team and see what they think.  thanks for playing!

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thanks for the feedback! 
yeah, that was something we planned to add in, but ran out of time before we got it in there.

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well, i kind of suck at games, so crashing and having to start over every time i overshot where i wanted to be wasn't so fun.  i like the challenge, but it may just be too difficult for me. :(
i agree with Zapposh's comment above-- 'has that "one more go" addictive feel to it.'

great game idea and art!  super frustrating.

great game!  very challenging.  i ran into some bugs where i could no longer pick up the litter box, and then it happened with a cat too.  they were both next to a wall, so i think maybe they are getting stuck?

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ah!  i found out pressing P or ENTER brings up an option menu to reset progress.  i didn't see that anywhere in the instructions above, so might be a good thing to add up there. second run-through took 20 minutes and 12 deaths. :D

really great game!  it took me a while to get through it... 40 minutes and 35 deaths (yeah, i'm not good at this kind of game).  love the music, but after that long i wanted it to go away.  it would be nice to be able to mute the music, but not the sound effects.  also, i wanted to try to do a faster second run, but it's not clearing my progress after i reset the game or do a hard reload of the page.  is there another trick i should try?

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in case you didn't catch it elsewhere, the them is...

good luck and have fun!

if you are looking for a team, post what you do best and what skills you will need from teammates.

a good team usually consists of 1-2 programmers, 1-2 artists, and 1 sound/music or various other tasks person.

hey, thanks for the kind comments!  i'm glad you were able to find the intended path through.  some people had problems with that before.

thanks for playing!  after you've run over someone, you are meant to get back into the car.  it looks like you hit that exit, but i'm not sure why it wouldn't go to the next room for you.  i did not make the exits clear in a lot of cases, so sorry about that!  if you feel like giving it another try, be my guest, and feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck again!

yeah, that last one is tedious!  i wanted to add the ability to undo your last move, but that would have probably taken me a few more days!

fyi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

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hey mumike, thanks for the feedback! i actually made a similar thing with a short music loop a while back. check it out if you want to...
it's definitely better with music! i intentionally left this without music so that a user could have their own playing along with it if they wish. this was just a little experiment that seemed fun. fractals would definitely be cool! i'm just starting out with coding, so i will have to see if it's as easy as you say! :)

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GREAT GAME! tons of retro jump-and-shoot goodness! great soundtrack and well designed levels and bosses!