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I didn’t see anything in the rules about it, but I assumed that working in teams is allowed.

i could not pick it up when it was above me. removing collisions with the player sound like a good choice.

having a manual like NES games is a great idea if you have time for it. i would just make the manual a pdf file that is separate from your game. i don’t think many NES games had a manual in the game itself, but if you wanted to put it in the game you could have it accessible from the main menu and/or pause screen. i would keep it at the same resolution and use the same buttons to navigate through it though.

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okay HELP! i have dropped the cube on myself and i can’t move! i couldn’t figure out how to drop the cube once i picked it up, but then i aimed up and it dropped on my head. D:


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this is really cool! nicely done! i feel like the controls could be a improved a little bit. pressing down to shoot seems kind of weird to me.
also, it would be nice to have some checkpoints or a way to reload at each room because i softlocked myself.

EDIT: nevermind! i see that i shoot through the blue tube to get back to the first area. image.png

i liked it. :)

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besides the copyright infringement issue that Morph mentioned above, this jam does explicitly mention:

“All assets must be created during the jam.”

so, no. you can’t use sound effects from other games. they have to be made by you during the jam.

i would assume game engines are allowed as most people making games use an engine or framework of some kind. i doubt there is any problem with making your own though. as long as you follow the rule of not making any assets (ie. graphics, sound, music, gameplay code) of your game before the jam starts.

it is in the rules:

“All assets must be created during the jam.”

i don’t know if you guys know this, but… image.png

optional themes would be nice! i find it difficult to decide on an idea without some constraints.

it’s showing up in my dreams… image.png

this is a good start! i’m looking forward to more additions in the future!

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this is answered in the FAQ

Can I mix and match the three color palettes?

No. You should be selecting one option and making your whole game with your selection. Palette swapping is allowed if it is an option/setting and not part of gameplay.

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update: i changed difficulty to easy and got to the next level where i killed everything and then i killed the boss, but he exploded and killed me. wtf? feels bad man.

yes! exact same feedback i just gave lol. should have read through here a little first.

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weird concept, but alright. the art is nice and main gameplay is fun once you get to it. i played this for way too long despite the frustration. so that’s a good thing.

a few suggestions:

  1. 4 levels of “tutorial” before you get to the real gameplay is too much. cut out the first 3 levels and just start with level 4– it lets the player learn the controls and then introduces flying teeth before they finish it.
  2. the dialogue between each stage is WAY too much. PLEASE shorten it and/or make it skippable. players don’t need an explanation for each new level. i would only have them when something new is introduced into the gameplay, but still try to keep it as short and snappy as possible. 5-10 seconds max. ideally, you’d probably want some visuals to go along with the dialogue, but i can understand it’s too early in dev for that. i think that would really help though. even just some still images like comic panels. that would fit the hand-drawn style as well and if you wanted you could add some animation.
  3. bro. the last flying tooth on each level just constantly spawns stuff. how are you supposed to scrub it?? i got to the level with the big boogery jellyfish and tadpole things and gave up after dying with one tooth left too many times. not fun.
  4. maybe shooting teeth with toothpaste should keep them from spawning enemies for a couple seconds? or that could be a toothpaste upgrade you can get maybe. i did notice that toothpaste slows down the teeth, and that’s a nice touch.
  5. i didn’t finish the game so i’m not sure if you have anything later in the game, but it would be nice to be able to do something more to control the number of enemies you have to deal with. maybe also add something that allows the player to actually destroy enemies?

same :(

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i think anything is allowed. when you make a new project, there’s a list of things in the upload drop down which covers basically anything.

it seems like a common thing for GameMaker games to trigger antivirus software. i was told mine did too.

yeah, those explosions are fantastic! good point on the movement. i considered whether we needs some kind of thrusters or something on the couch, but then forgot to ask Mel (artist) to make some lol. maybe some kind of trail or particle effect could work too. something to think about. thanks for the feedback and for playing!

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you know, that probably would work better but i didn’t think of it. i’m hoping to have time post-jam to add things that i didn’t get to, so maybe i’ll try that out as well! thanks for the feedback and for playing!

this is really fun and simple! makes me wish i had prioritized adding powerups in my game lol. nice visuals and music as well!

ha! i just realized there are 2 weapons after playing through a couple times. i guess i could have read the controls listed on the page. one laser is frustratingly weak and the other one fires frustratingly slow. i think it would be more fun if those felt more effective, but i guess that’s what buying upgrades is for. the time limit felt kind of arbitrary and unnecessary. i would probably play this for a while if there wasn’t a time limit and i could just mine as much as i wanted. you got some nice looking art in there as well. this is probably the nicest “pile of shit” i’ve ever seen lol.

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great music and sprites! definitely nailed that Game Boy vibe. i really love this concept! you brought in the space theme in more than one way. seems like a fully flesh-out game. well done!

it took me a minute to get used to the tank-like controls and using the tractor beam, but everything controlled nicely once i figured it out. i think i would have enjoyed playing more, but i kept bumping into trash and it would just start flying away faster than i could catch it lol.

also it felt like a lot of work to get one piece of trash at a time and then bring it back to the compactor. i’m not sure if you are able to get more than one at a time, but it makes me wonder if being able to collect many pieces in one go would be more fun. maybe there would be a limited cargo space, but enough to get a few dozen pieces. then you could play a short round of tetris when you get back to the compactor.

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i gave PK feedback on the game before the jam ended. hopefully that was passed on, but wanted to replay the game and rate it. one minor point i think i didn’t mention before was that some of the walls (bricks) and moving platforms don’t have outlines like most of the other solid or semi-solids in the game, so there are a few places where they look like background elements but you collide with them. also the coin pickup sound effect seems much louder than everything else in the game.

overall, cute sprites (especially the girl) and great soundtrack! i really enjoyed jumping around and grappling things, and the level design is well done. great job!

cute sprites and really neat concept! the hook mechanic was fun to play with and the level was designed well around it. nice simple tutorial to help the player learn. i thought killing enemies was a bit confusing though. “hook enemies & then roll” didn’t seem to work. that usually led to death lol. i eventually realized that they had to be slammed into things after being hooked to kill them. at least i think that’s what killed them. hitboxes for trees and stuff was also a little confusing because it’s hard to tell when you can or can’t walk behind something. pretty minor points though, i really enjoyed playing this! nice job.

thank you!

thank you!

fair critique! i tried to make the camera look ahead of the direction you aim to mitigate that issue, but… i think it just doesn’t work at this small of screen space. thanks for playing!

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why is this even a notification? no one needs a notification for this. also i sent in a report about this over a month ago. haven’t heard anything back from support.

yes. i’m guessing HTX does not have that. i do, but that’s also broken and the music doesn’t work correctly. everything else seems to work okay, so at least it’s playable. it seems like most people are playing the HTML version instead of the PC build unfortunately so i hope they are checking out the soundtrack on youtube and rating based on that because our musician made some great songs.

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i just noticed itch already has all this functionality. you can filter out games you’ve rated and sort by many factors like games with the least ratings. it’s all over on the sidebar on the submissions page. i suppose that won’t work offline though.

you can’t upload it now, but after the rating period ends you should be able to upload it. i think itch lets you upload any file type. if not, you could upload it to dropbox, google drive, or something and link to it on the page.

thanks so much!

it really is. hope you checked out the soundtrack on youtube! it’s so good! thank you for playing!

thank you! glad you enjoyed it.

lol sorry about that! i was a bit worried that people might be confused at the beginning, but didn’t end up having time to explain things better. glad you figured it out eventually. thanks for playing!

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very simple, but very fun! plays great, and the soundtrack perfectly complements the intensity of the gameplay. i like the pixel grid effect, but it would be nice to have a setting to be able to turn it off. i think i would prefer playing without it, especially with fullscreen. great job!