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this is lots of fun!  still trying to vanquish all the heroes!

same!  i'm pretty sure there's no way to get a real conversation of of the random guy... i'm pretty sure i've tried all the options.  i think i got the dream about continuing on as queen also, but i am not even sure how i did it anymore.  it almost seems random because i tried to redo the same options and could not get it again!  i'm convinced there's no way to survive.

i never wake up the next day.  i think one dream was somewhat pleasant, but i forget the details of it now.

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i'm pretty sure there is no good ending in this game, is there?  wonderful and engaging story though!

this is a really nice game!  love the art, music, and gameplay.  i agree with Cracked Walnut, refilling the gum takes a bit too long, and i'd prefer just a little more hang time on the jump (but that would probably require rebuilding the levels to adjust for that).
i found a little bug!  i bubbled too close to the ceiling and decided to see if i could squeeze above it...  i guess not!  i got stuck in the ceiling

dang it!

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this is great!  love the little notes around the world, the maze, and lol the final room full of slimes!  wish i could rate it, but i didn't get a game done for the jam. :(

thanks!  i wish i had time to make more levels over the weekend, but i spent all my time just making it.  lol  thanks for playing!

thanks a bunch!

it didn't come back on screen?  doh!  guess i'll need to fix that some time.  thanks for playing!!!

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you all are friggen amazing!  Sam, these arts are fantastic!!!!

how was this made with Bitsy?!  must have taken a lot of work.  very cool game!

these new animations are great!

this is a pretty neat one!
there's a weird bug where after several seconds (12+) all of the orbs float off screen and then the ship jumps off screen as well (even though my cursor is still in the window) and it crashes into orbs off screen.

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heh.  i guess i need to play through again because i didn't look at any of the hints!  lol
great game!  really enjoyed the puzzles and how you introduced new mechanics over the course of the game.  well done!

pretty cool!  runs fine in Firefox.  is there a way to attack a rat before it attacks you?  i could not seem to.

BeepBox and Bosca Ceoil (as mentioned in the jam info) are also good choices!

i really want to kill a red slime and get rich, but all of the wall tiles disappeared... kind of hard to find my way around now.  lol

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this version seems to work fine for me in Firefox.  neat idea.  looking forward to more  different music!

okay, wow.  finally got it figured out!  lol that was the first one that stumped me.

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great game!  i love the art and generally well-done puzzles.
i can't seem to find a path that results in anything besides getting stuck here.  is this actually solvable?

glad you all figured things out!

we streaming live demos of the jam games NOW!

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If you're working on your Arcade Jam game from offsite, please fill out this submission form as well so we can have all the information we need to add your game to the arcade cabinet!

this is really neat!  clever concept, nice minimal look, great music!

this is pretty neat!  great art and sounds!
i was really confused at first, but i eventually found the menu and the color guide (after losing a few of my babies!) which did help quite a bit.  i probably should have looked at the tips on the game page as well before playing!
as someone with mild color blindness, it was a bit hard to tell what my chameleons needed.  if you use reds and greens try to make them different values/saturations from each other (same with blue and purple).  those are the most common colors for people with colorblindness to distinguish between, and making them as different as possible will help us a lot!
i would suggest cutting down a bit on the pixel noise/texture and using more areas of flat color.   i think that will help make the condition of the chameleons more readable. you might also consider using some icons above the chameleons to tell the player what they need.

thanks!!  yeah, i was afraid the game would be too easy so i kept making it harder, but apparently i was wrong!

cool!  let me know when you update it on here and i'll try it again!

hey pretty fun game!  i really like the concept and it was fun to play.  it seems like there are some collision detection issues though, so it was a bit frustrating when i'd die while being at the top corner of a block.  also a lot of times the little guy would jump up off a block after pushing it down even when i never pressed up, and that lead to a lot of dying as well.  pretty cool though!

haha thanks!  glad you enjoyed.  thanks for playing!

very cool!  it does have some similarities to my game, but still very different!  i like the mix of shooter gameplay and procedural levels.  i feel like the auto-aiming makes the game a bit less of a challenge; i think it would be more enjoyable to have to aim.  love the screenshake and the level transitions!  i was a little unsure what was good/bad at first.  i would have liked a little more visual feedback when you get hit (like a color flash on screen).  lots of fun though!

ps-- i couldn't get fullscreen to work.  pressing enter (even while holding alt) just shoots.

oh!  also some enemies are not hurt by certain weapons, and the boss wizard also is invulnerable when his force field is on.  not sure if you were referring to any of those?

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i don't think so... some enemy hitboxes are smaller than their sprites to allow them to move around without getting stuck.  so if you maybe hit just the edge of a leg, it's quite possible it won't register.  i will have to think about how i can check collisions better in that case.  thanks for playing, and sorry if it caused frustration!

thanks for the feedback!  i had a really hard time trying to get it to randomly generate a balanced challenge, so i'm not surprised by your comments.  i am surprised you got a room with no doors!!!  that should not happen!  i've played tested this game hundreds of times now and have not gotten that!  so i guess i'll have to see how that is possibly happening still.  glad you enjoyed it despite the flaws.  i will have to check out your game!

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!  IT WORKED!  that was very entertaining!  i loved the story and humor!  short and sweet little game, NICE JOB!  wish i could have rated it for the jam, but glad i got to play it finally!

control options are always nice!  a quick fix would be just switching the left and right mouse button actions, so that left click fired and right moved. :)

fun game!  great concept and i like the lettuce-head enemies.  i never could get the whole sandwich covered, and after a few minutes of trying the ingredients stopped coming.  also you might want to clamp the player's x/y coordinates so you can't fly off the screen. :)

battle royale is hilarious!  nicely done!  maybe i missed it, but it would be really nice to see how many bullets you have left and to show them refilling when you reload.  i kept pressing reload and i wasn't sure if it was working.

great game!  cool demon sprites!  i feel like it's a little easy since you are able to take as long as you want before attacking.  i think putting a short time limit before you are forced to attack or something to force the player to attack faster would make it a better challenge.