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I managed to get to level 11! Cute little game. It's pretty satisfying to get two or more walruses with one curry.

so great, it's beautiful, cute, and challenging! Thoughtful level design and great use of the 64x64 space. I got to naturally learn the mechanics and it made me feel really good. Great work again!

it's really cool. I was amazed that it was made with bitsy, and the devlog is really impressive. Nice work

Very cute game - I loved the graphics and the music, but I got lost! lol

atmosphere was really good!

very impressive game, the juice is great and love the health mechanic after each stage! Well done

REALLY fun. addictive, the mechanics are cool and the upgrades (esp enemy finder) were really cool. The footprints are awesome and the autofire makes this gameplay really easy to enjoy without necessarily making the game easy.

Very cool concept - love the mechanics and the choices of using power to fight vs running away, etc. The narration at the beginning was an especially nice touch, and love the look and feel of the game. Great work - I'd love to see this fleshed out into a fuller game :D

The graphics are delightful, and it definitely gave me the feeling of being in a warehouse in space. Finding caches of coins was really satisfying, and the slower movement added to the atmosphere and lessened the difficulty of the more precise jumps, which is great. Great work!

figuring out how to play the game is as fun and natural as playing it ! very cool nice work

cool game! reminded me of those sonic mini games, and the art and sound were great. Nice work!

Thanks haymanmarc really appreciate the feedback. Yeah I look forward to adding more :D

Thanks Stuart I appreciate the feedback! I agree the pacing needs some work. I had an idea for more enemy types and bosses but just couldn't fit it in this jam. Plenty of post jam ideas though! :) Thanks again

thanks Mouja cool video!

Yo Pico 8 is really good for beginner gamedevs like me, and also for sketching out ideas for games/art/music.

I seriously love the music tracker for this thing it's really fun, even though I'm not quite adept at making music.

Thanks I4N-T!

Thanks Sygmei ~ I agree, there are some bugs that still need to be fixed. I was hoping to have more time to fix them before the end of the jam XD. Thanks for your feedback yo

that's a good idea Renatomad, thanks yo

Pretty cool! Once I got the hang of the controls I was able to form some cool patterns. Nice job

Thanks for the feedback! I agree it definitely needs more content and a bit of balancing still.

This was the spookiest game ! VERY well done :)

Party mode is where it's at

Thanks Jupiter you're the best! I love your compilation videos

Really satisfying to get those combos. The visual FX were really satisfying too. Great work :)

I finished it! really cool mechanics, very well executed this one was one of my favorites for sure

Everything felt really snappy and responsive, and the core mechanics feel really fun. The visual fx were really quite pleasant and the music topped it all off. Very FUN! Nice job

This was awesome! Congrats on a really cool game with great polish :)

very cute game! simple mechanics but still is a lot of fun to play

That was fun!

pretty cool - graphics were awesome! I think the high score thing isn't working for me though

I actually laughed out loud cus I was having a lot of fun! I got to 9 asteroids and played all my rounds by spinning around and shooting, it was pretty hilarious to see a bunch of other ships doing the same thing!!

This is my favorite game so far - I wasn't able to beat it yet it's a bit difficult but yall did a great job with this one, you can tell a lot of polish went into it with the title screen and the first bossfight :)

It's super cute and really enjoyed the music, too. 

This was pretty darn cool :) nice job

Simple but i loved the aesthetic, and I loved the level design, especially like level 3 where you had to back track to move forward. I was hoping the final level would be more like that, too

Really cool

I got 2641! it was fun :)

This is a cool start! doggo is cute

sprites are great, fun little puzzler, nice work :)