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A topic by Le6barbare created Aug 02, 2017 Views: 868 Replies: 7
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A small rogue-like inspired by Zelda 1 !

#1 - Mockup !

The idea of the game is based on a mockup I did for Pixel_Dailies. The theme was "Dungeon", and I got inspired by the dungeons of Zelda 1. Some 8*8 tiles later, I've got this :

Then for the jam, I've extend the mockup, with a title-screen (there will be a transition between up and down), some more tiles, characters, items, and the inventory !

There is a lot of things I'm gonna change/rework, but this can wait. ^^

#2 - Unity

For now, I need to work on actually making the game !

And it's gonna be hard. First problem, the resolution... But hopefully, with the help of the people on the Discord Server, we have a guide !
But I think I'm gonna try another method. Will talk about it later !
I've had some problems with the import of my sprites, but again, people of Discord were here to help, thanks !

I like it!

The style is great. I'm getting flashbacks to my days of Oracle of Seasons on the GBA!

I've already told you on Discord that I love the look of this, so here I am repeating that I guess. Looks great!

And nice to see someone else doing a Zelda-inspired game! :D I feel it's a style that works perfectly with 64x64 resolution.

Lovely, I'll follow this.

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Thanks for all your comments ! :)
@crabmusket: Oracle of Ages/Seasons are some of my favorites games, so it's can't be a coincidence !

#3 - Rush (2 days before deadline)

Since the beginning of the jam, I've tried to work on the game in between other time-consuming things. I thought that it would be easy to have a base for the game using the official Unity 2D "Roguelike tutorial"...

But I was wrong, so very very wrong. I couldn't fix bugs because of the way it was coded. Couldn't make it "my own" because of these techniques that I'm not used to, and I did got very frustrated not being able to understand and expand it like I wanted to.

After tried all the ways I could try to make it work with that base and failed, I decided to start again from scratch ! Keeping some little things I understood and learned from the tutorial, but making the game the way I'm used to, with tiles and arrays ! 😋

So the programming of the actual game started two days before the deadline of the jam. I had a sleepless night, a lot of coffee ☕ and an 9 hours long livestream to try to code all the thing I wanted to be in the game.

What I wanted to be in game :

  • Dungeon generation (from a list of room templates with procedurally placed doors and torches)
  • Movements (in room and between room)
  • Balanced combat, traps, different enemies types
  • Animations, sounds and music
  • GUI, Inventory and items
  • Title screen, Game over, etc
  • Goal ?  Kill count ? Number of floor survived ?

What I had at the end :

  • Dungeon generation (from a small list of room templates and static doors and torches)
  • Movements (in room and between room)
  • Combats + Traps (only bats and pikes)
  • Game over close the game. (ultra quick fix 5mn before deadline 😅)
  • A lot of bugs
  • No Goal, actually. 😧 (But if you kill one enemy in each of the nine rooms, consider that you have won) (Enemies weren't meant to respawn)

You can see the differences between the two lists.
I'm far from what I wanted, but I'm happy of all the work I did before deadline ! Live stream programming was also a great experience !

It was a really cool Jam and I'll love to participate again next year ! I've already seen a lot of cool games in the 

Now, I want to work on the game to make it whole (add all I want, and more, like a map screen), and learn a few things by the way (like Dungeon generation and tile-base pathfinding algorithms).

I'm planning on an update for this month's end ! 😜

Looks great man! What a fun concept. Look forward to seeing the update in the future.

Thanks ! ^^