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merge_colour, with the UK spelling, doesn't work while using live, it just returns 0 instead of the merged colour.

merge_color, with the US spelling, does work correctly.

To reproduce in a new project with GMLive.gml, add the following to obj_gmlive Draw:

var _col1 = c_fuchsia;
var _col2 = c_aqua;
var _blend = (sin(current_time / 1000) * 0.5) + 0.5;
draw_text(0, 0, string(merge_color(_col1, _col2, _blend)));
draw_text(0, 20, string(merge_colour(_col1, _col2, _blend)));

Running the project with live enabled, we see merge_color works, and merge_colour works for a hot second but then starts returning 0 after "Ready!" pops up in output console.

Press left/right on the title screen to switch between different keyboard layouts. There are tutorials in-game that should tell you which keys to press (these will show controller buttons instead if you have a controller plugged in).

Here's a quick reference of the action keys on the different keyboard layouts:

Grab / poke:XXXO
Ground pound:ZYWA

Easy - didn't use Pico-8.



It is free...? Press "no thanks, take me to download" on the donation screen.

Don't jinx it πŸ˜‰

* You can in fact press Q to instantly skip a dialogue, like it says on the game page. It's more of a debuggy command though, but it works.

* Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

* Yeah, thought about doing a map. Probably will add one in. There should've been another cutscene up by the gate telling you where you should look for the statues probably

Not bad! W and S didn't work in singleplayer mode though, so I had to use arrow keys (which would cause page to scroll up and down), little weird

The red slimes are meant to be a little more difficult if, so you should try to kill them fast, or they'll come lunging after you! As a "reward" they are more likely to drop hearts.

A quick fireball is enough to get  rid of them in an instant!

Thank you! Fun video. And haha, yeah, some of the coding decisins in this game were a little shoddy, resulting in some bugs here and there. After beating the boss you just had to talk to the queen and the game would end, after a short convo about the king still being missing from that shipwreck...

At any rate, there's a sequel now! Still 64x64, but way better graphics, gameplay, story, etc. There are actually people in the houses now :P


Thanks! Android is unfortunately not happening.

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← Day 6 + 7

Day 8 + 9 + 10:

My devlog updates are getting less and less frequent, huh? I'm really starting to feel the crunch kicking in, so I've just been focusing on making the game instead of spending time on these updates - my terrible sleep schedule which makes me feel tired constantly doesn't help either. So there might be a couple days between this and the next devlog updates, too.

So have I actually gotten some stuff done since last time or what? I certainly have!

First is combat. Enemies can now hurt you, and you can hurt enemies. 

New attack animations (right), compared to LoX1 (left)
Watch out, bush boys, she has a sword now!

After having done the left and right attack animations, I was asked by a friend to show my animation process, so I timelapsed the creation of the up and down attacks. May or may not be interesting Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Notice in the gameplay above that the "dynamic" shadows are always green, even over dirt paths? That's not very dynamic at all! So I added the ability to have differently coloured shadows depending on the ground tiles. This was a nightmare, but it's worth it I guess. Also added sand, as well as water animated water (still w.i.p.)

I also added cuttable long grass, which was also present in LoX1 and every Zelda-like game ever. I tried making it a bit more dynamic this time, (mostly because I couldn't pixel a nice looking sprite >.<)

Differently coloured shadows! :DDon't mind me, just cutting some grass~~OH NO NOT AGAIN

At this point there's enough bits and bobs in the game that I wanted to start designing the world. Since the player will be visiting some old areas, and some new areas, I thought I'd start by remaking the starting area of LoX1 to get a feel for GMS2's level design workflow (spoilers: SO MUCH BETTER THAN GMS1 HOLY HECK, gms2 room editor = ❀️❀️❀️)

See you in a day or two, and good luck with your own games in the meantime!

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← Day 5

Day 6 + 7:

I took some time to really think about what I wanted to do with LoX 2 story-wise. Should this game be a retelling/remake of the first one except done better, should it be a prequel that [story spoilers from LoX1 in strikethrough] shows the events of the shipwreck, or maybe a sequel that explores what happens next with, for example, the missing king? I've decided on the latter - Legend of Xenia 2, as the name suggests, will be a sequel that takes place a few years after the first one! General story has been worked out, more specific story beats still to be defined though.

I've also finally started animating Xenia. Feels good man. All four run/walk (it looks like a bit of both, really...) animations are done. Confident stride, bouncy subpixelated hair, all in all they turned out pretty lovely.

Movement animationsIn-game

Next I'll do her basic attack animations, but before I start doing that, she really needs something to attack, doesn't she? Say hello to the first enemy! ...wait, those are just bushes, aren't they? ..oh. oh nO THEY'RE NOT, NOPPPPE

And on that bombshell... see you tomorrow in a few days!

β†’ Day 8 + 9 + 10

Seems like some decently fair reasoning. Good! :D

The unfortunate reality is that popular jams always get spam entries, but yours seemed a little more honest so I decided to ask you instead of report it to jam host or something lol

Why submit to lowrezjam when you know the game is not 64x64?

Someone else trying their go at that fake 3D voxel layer stacking thing? A person after my own heart! For reals though, this is looking pretty sweet, who don't like animals and trains?

I feel like the tiny resolution helps to mask the "fakeness" of the 3D, so that's pretty neat

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← Day 4

Day 5:

Another slow one. Huh, not too much productivity lately. Doesn't help that there's a festival in town right now. Oh well, tomorrow I'll brew some extra strong coffee and put in some extra effort.

Today I pulled some more quick static objects into the game, and implemented "dynamic" shadows. Outline shaders, yay! I'm like, the worst ever at shaders, so this was a fun challenge to tackle. Then I decided to tackle another challenge, that of a textbox/dialogue engine. I looked through ready-made ones, including this one made by a friend (v4 of that engine was what I used in LoX1!), but ended up writing my own super simple one without any unnecessary bells and whistles. So that was god damn miserable, seriously, typewriter effect + good linebreaks suck fun.

Shadows (poopy gif, sorry!)Dialogue engine test, as creepy as ever

I'm sure tomorrow will be great! Also, thank you all for the great comments so far β€οΈ

β†’ Day 6 + 7

The macOS version of Legend of Xenia has been there since 19 April, 2016 πŸ˜› It was compiled by a friend, and I believe some people were having issues with it, so your mileage may vary.

HTML5 version of LoX2 could potentially happen at some point, if enough people pay for it like last year (LoX1 earned me about ~$50 from people randomly deciding to pay!) - the GMS2 HTML5 export is a little pricey and I can't really afford it right now though :l

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← Day 3

Day 4:

Slow day. I started out by making a new font for the game. Looking back at the Legend of Xenia font, I realised it really wasn't that readable at all, being too small and blocky. So I decided to make my new font a bit bigger sprite-font, which means it's just a bunch of images, so that I can add manual antialiasing to make it clearer, as well as do fancy button icons if necessary. Here's the font:

FontDialogue mockup

I also started my actual game project, setting up a bunch of behind the scenes stuff. Controllers, state machines, collision engine, and player movement. Using GameMaker Studio 2, if you're wondering.

See you tomorrow!

β†’ Day 5

Taking the infamous screenshake and making it deadly? Dang, that's a super clever idea, hopefully it's intuitive enough to work in practice even once you add some more complexity to the game

Thanks guys!! ❀

I think I'm gonna die from cute overdose

I love it.

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Legend of Xenia 2

A sequel/prequel/remake (or something like that) of my lowrezjam 2016 game Legend of Xenia.

Quick jump to update: β†’ Day 4 β†’ Day 5 β†’ Day 6 + 7 β†’ Day 8 + 9 + 10

Day 1 + 2:

I, uhh, spent day1 finishing another game, Snowfriends. I then wanted to start lowrezjam on day 2, but was lazy and played PUBG instead, whoops 

Day 3:

I spent today doing art research and doing some mockups. I know that I want to make a game in the same universe as my last lowrezjam game, Legend of Xenia, which was (supposed to be) a small Zelda-like, so I replayed that game and took a look at the art in it. It hasn't aged well, to be honest. It was primarily inspired by the GameBoy Colour Zelda games, as well as some Pico-8 games, and the colour palette was Pico-8 as well (I'm not using that engine though). I want to have a similar look this time, but with higher quality art in general, and a much nicer palette, so I started researching other games and stuff, and started doing some mockups by basically enhancing the assets from last year. Here's what I've got so far:

Legend of Xenia, from 2016
Legend of Xenia 2 mockup
Comparison GIF! :D

As you might guess, the new colour palette (and style for things like the grass) is heavily inspired by The Minish Cap. So where last year had art inspired by Zelda games on the GameBoy Colour, now the palette is inspired by a Zelda game on the GameBoy Advance! Hehe, next year Nintendo DS?? 

That's it for now, see you again tomorrow where I'll start programming. 

β†’ Day 4

I've already told you on Discord that I love the look of this, so here I am repeating that I guess. Looks great!

And nice to see someone else doing a Zelda-inspired game! :D I feel it's a style that works perfectly with 64x64 resolution.

Well colour me intrigued, this looks really nice. May one ask which film?

Looks really sweet, Jack :D And custom JavaScript engine huh, neat!

yeah, no idea about gm8

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Like I did last year, here's a quick tip on how to make GameMaker Studio actually output 64x64 without any dumb sub pixels that would normally show up if you rotate a sprite or position objects at non-integer coordinates. Works in both 1.4 and 2.

The two functions you need are surface_resize and display_set_gui_size. Here's what you gotta do exactly, put these lines in your game controller's or whichever's create event:

surface_resize(application_surface, 64, 64);
  • This makes the application_surface, which is the surface of the game itself, be 64x64 pixels. No matter how you increase the window size beyond 64x64, the game itself won't show sub pixels. Make sure your view size is 64x64 as well, obviously.
display_set_gui_size(64, 64);
  • This makes the GUI, the layer of the game above the application_surface that is used for interface stuff, be 64x64 pixels.

Here's a comparison (using sprites from my lowrezjam 2016 entry) of what your game might look like without running these functions, and what it looks like with them. View size is 64x64, window size is 320x320.

Before πŸ€”πŸ˜±πŸ™…β†’
After πŸŽ‰βœ¨πŸ‘Œ


Also remember to do surface_resize(application_surface, 64, 64); to make the game actually output true 64x64! If you don't, it'll allow subpixels and stuff when you scale the window up

Replied to leafo in 2017 ?

Wooo! :D

Neat little "demo" or "engine" or whatever you could call it. Not much to do of course, but what is in there at least looks great!

Would be pretty nice if there were ways to extend your time. In the current game, it feels as if there's a pretty hard limit to possible score that tops out around the mid 30s :(

Definitely one of the most beautiful entries!! Even after a long time, I still hadn't come very far with any of the dateable NPCs. Too real, man xD

Not bad, man! This isn't exactly my style of gameplay, but I enjoyed it, so I'm positively surprised!

Beautiful graphics and sound! The atmosphere is great, and I love that items actually change your looks, impressive that you managed this within the time limit. Combat is pretty clumsy, otherwise great!

Just like I expected, this was pretty nice, man! It was difficult to get into at first, since the text in-game is near impossible to read, so I had to read the guide on the game's page, but once I understood it, it was very good. Beautiful graphics, too.