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Posted in 2017 ?

I sure hope so!

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Known bug: Having multiple computer mice plugged in simultaneously can make the game laggy while aiming with some of those mice. I'll look into this for the next build.

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Huh, that seems weird. How exactly does it crash? Does it just freeze, or does a fatal error popup appear? If a popup appears, please copy and paste what it says as that would tell me the exact cause of the crash.

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Hey! There's finally a playable build! Long way from feature complete, but the general loop is there I think :D

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I haven't done much so far (blame SGDQ and PokΓ©mon GO, as well as saving energy for the GM48 gamejam this weekend), but here's what I have on my game so far. As a reminder, I'm doing Dungeon of Flowers.

It's really just the movement system that's complete. You can use mouse/keyboard or a gamepad, it's the usual twinstick-type movement. When using a gamepad, left stick moves and right stick aims. If you let go of right stick for 2 seconds, then aim just follows left stick's movement.

Now it's time for some animations and background tiles!

Loving those examples. I am nowhere near far enough into development to have music made, but I will totally keep you in the back of my mind, your stuff sounds lovely :D

Paste a link to an image and then press enter, then the picture shows up in the wysiwyg :D

I'v been brainstorming for a few days, and today I'll actually start working on my game. I'll be taking inspiration from Dungeon of Flowers by Ribbon Black.

I'm thinking something like a 3/4 perspective dungeon crawler themed around flowers in some way. What's gonna be the biggest challenge is the "1000 dungeons, 1 million monsters" bit. I might try to do something with procedural generation or random selection to achieve that. But we'll see!

(Just to be clear, the current 100% off $1000 discount is a joke. The game has always been and will always be free.)

Duh.. Go and make some video games!

Thank you! And nope, I'm all alone, just little old me. (Except for the super talented jox and gasparatus who hepled with the music) :D

Thank you for playing the game! And sorry for this late answer, life's been really busy. I will add it to the list of things to fix.

Hi! Thank you for the comment and for playing the game! Sorry for this late answer, life's been busy. The 3rd key is in the middle of the Mucky Thicket area.

Tiny update on the current state of things:

A small update to the game is in the works, but other things have kept me busy, so it's a little delayed. The update will only add some small cutscenes and a "main menu" type thing anyway, so if you're thinking of playing LoX right now, the current build is still totally ok!

A Linux is also a thing that could happen with the update.


That was totally within the rules :)

Unless your engine "thinks" in 64x64 but still displays some subpixel-stuff (like what happens if you upscale a GameMaker game and then rotate a sprite, and don't do anything to make it also display it correctly at 64x64)

Thanks for the comment, glad you like the game :D

A Linux version was talked about, but since people requested a Mac version, we prioritised that highest in the past. I'm working on an update to the game that should be released some time this week, so I'll talk to my Mac/Linux guy about also compiling for Linux this time.

Nice find. Haha, pesky Apple and their security concerns.. I'd love to know if this solves your issuse, once you have time to try it!

When moving horisontally, your horisontal speed is 1 pixel per step (game runs 30 steps per second). Same goes for vertical movement. So when doing both at the same time, both horisontal and vertical speeds are 1, resulting in an effective diagonal speed of sqrt(2), or 1.4. It's just a quirk of my movement system. I could do something fancier, but at this low resolution, horisontal and vertical speeds that aren't ints looks really bad, so I kept it simple.

Hmm.. The other guy who requested a Mac version was able to play it. It could be an issue with your connection, but I'm not sure. At any rate, here's a new attempt at a Mac build, see if this one works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2z5ijhmjpssuvg/Legend%2...

I'm told that means the download got corrupted. You could try downloading it again and see it that works, or alternatively try grabbing it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gakeugamj7vt07n/Legend%2...

Mac version up! If you find any issues with it, throw a comment my way and I'll try to figure it out with my Mac compiler guy.

Mac version up! If you find any issues with it, throw a comment my way and I'll try to figure it out with my Mac compiler guy.

1.1 changelog:

  • Music for Haunted Woods and Western Banks has been switched and is now correct.
  • Music for Haunted Woods now correctly plays when entering the area.
  • Gap in the collision detection near the Western Banks key has been filled.
  • The 2 spiky pillars near the Western Banks key have been tweaked, so they are now avoidable.
  • The EXE file now has a custom Legend of Xenia icon.

I'm also looking into getting Mac and Linux builds compiled.

I can't do it myself as I don't have any Mac hardware to compile it on, but I know some people who do. I'll talk to them about it!

There's some funny business going on with the music tracks in the East and West areas. First of all the tracks are accidentally switched, and second of all one of them doesn't even play at all. The music's volume in general could also be better balanced. I will fix these issues as soon as I awake from my post-gamejam sleep.

Replied to jox in Screenshot Daily


Replied to jox in Screenshot Daily

Sure! I guess since I'm already borrowing a lot from Zelda, the music could be in that vein as well? I'm thinking to begin with I need at least 2 tracks, an overworld one that's adventure-y and fairly happy, and a boss track that's super intense. Thinking 8-bit chiptune stuff. Would be best of they loop, of course.

So totally, go ahead and play around with the above concepts if you feel like helping me out! :D

No pressure tho, I've found some free music here that, in a worst case scenario, could also work, but stuff created specifically for this project is of course much cooler.

That reward animation looks insanely smooth, when the size is taking into consideration! Game looks better and better with every post!

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Day ??? now. These last days have been such a blur for me. End of last week I got real busy with other stuff, then I spent the entire weekend just working on this game, and then today I started feeling ill but tried to do what I could anyway. So I have a bunch of stuff to show you now!


I started adding enemies! The only implemented so far are the classic "slime" enemies that seem to be in every RPG ever. Their AI is super shitty, just walk in random directions, but eh, they're slimes! Slimes don't have brains.

(Oh yeah, you can also see the "area marker" in the corner of that gif, just shows the name of the area when you change rooms)


First I implemented simple melee attacks. Then I implemented spells, the first one being Fire. Currently, the S key on the keyboard uses your spell, and D key is melee attacks. All attacks use some stamina (the blue bar, recharges a bit every second) so you have to manage that in order to be able to attack efficiently. If I have time, I'll add more weapons and spells that you can change between.

Melee attack animations: (they're real janky, I know...)

Here's what the "getting hurt" effect looks like by itself. It's just some screenshake + RGB splitting, but it's pretty cool looking:

Increasing stats

Throughout the game, there will be a few of these statues that will increase one of your stats, HP or Stamina. These are single-use, so think ahead! The A key is for dialogue (see the pattern? Controls are Arrows + ASD, nice and simple!)

Angel statue sprite: (proud of this one, pico8 colors are great for stuff made of stone!)

I hope you like my game so far. Next step is more enemies, more environmental stuff so I can build the maps, then figure out the story and add in NPCs.

I still have no idea what to do in terms of music. I can't make music myself, so I guess I'll have to find some free stuff or someone to make music???


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Looking neat, but a bunch of this stuff is at a much much higher resolution that 64x64? :V

Replied to kakus in Screenshot Daily

This looks really fun! Is it always the same pattern of blocks, or are they randomly generated? :D

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Looks really awesome!

Been super busy most of yesterday and today, so still not much progress, at least not exciting stuff. I'm also booked all day tomorrow, so I won't have time for more until the weekend >w<

Since last time, I managed to find a way to get tiles animated in GameMaker, which is horrendously more difficult than it should be. So far I'm just using it so the water actually looks watery now, but I'll surely find lots of other ways to use this system. Here's a gif:

I also completely rewrote all of my movement code. Long story short: it was shitty and buggy before, and totally awesome now. It also supports diagonal walls now, so you won't get caught up on terrain as much anymore. Here's another really unexciting gif:

I realise these things are not very showy, as it's mostly behind-the-scenes work. But if I don't put effort into these systems, the game will be shit. Next up is the combat system, which is probably when the game will get really exciting!

We're obviously allowed to make as fancy game pages here on itch.io as we want to, as that's not related to the game itself. So I'm (very confidently) guessing yes you can do that, if you just want a cool looking background image on the game's page or whatever.

Hopefully. Haha.

64x64 or bust, IMO. Working with the size and aspect ratio limitation is part of the fun.

Somewhat related: There's an upcoming jam where you have to make 1x1 games using only 1 bit of color (meaning 2 colors in total). Be grateful for every pixel you have, dude!

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Your color palette is really interesting. Looks nice!

Thank you! <3