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If I don't pick a directory for scripts to be created in before trying to create a new script with Ctrl+N from within an object, I get a popup saying "Can't create a script next to this resource" (why not just default to the root script folder?), and then after dismissing the popup I can't type any code for some reason, until I restart GMEdit 🤔

Using latest GMEdit stable (May 6, 2020), GMS 2.2.5

"not being able to type code" is an Electron bug related to plugin using alert() instead of much longer-winded electron->Dialog->showMessageBox. It resolves by clicking away from the window and then back, but I should probably replace window.alert with that.

Dumping scripts into root folder seemed undesirable, but maybe less undesirable than not making scripts at all? Who knows

Good to know not being able to type can be fixed that easily, in hindsight I'm surprised I never tried clicking off and back on the window!

And yeah, I'd definitely prefer it creating the script in the root folder than not at all, feels less "punishing" and more similar to the GMS2 IDE as well (Alt+C creating a script in root)