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Have you tried looking at FAQ.

Or at a topic akin to yours.

Replied to Zaurok in QUESTIONS

Upon further examination, the issue was identified to be because the act of ravens having their health and max health reset during flight, with "flying" object also being exempt from Scarier Face' rules (meaning that they'd go from 8/8hp to 10/10hp).

Narrowly hitting with a wrench (only dealing damage once) does 4hp damage, full hit does 8hp damage, so that explains it.

1. Fixed.

2. Please read the FAQ.

That is a known issue (a regression after making HUD draw in pause menu correctly) and will be fixed in the next release. The only "fix" would be to write/use a mod that draws custom HUD (e.g. there's HUDit).

Depending on what you are playing the mod for and how much you are concerned, reverting to 9883 would work for avoiding the issue.

(Edited 1 time)

That was not a balance change.

It was a change to make custom enemies and custom projectiles possible, as the game previously was literally checking if something is currently displaying a "hit" sprite or not to determine whether to deal damage. Since this basically made the entirety of enemy logic a bloody pile of hacks (e.g. for firing animation enemies are actually changing their idle/walk sprites), and imposing this upon modders would be suboptimal at best, I have taken the time to make it into an proper countdown timer until next melee hit instead.

However, as you have mentioned, this does seem to change damage of some things... I'm currently figuring out why's that, as it would seem like it should have been a +-10% damage difference (off-by-one-frame) at most. Unfortunately, making this mod isn't my full-time job, so I have to balance between mod development and actual work.

As per palace dogs and Big Bandit in particular, the ability to hit them multiple times during attacks will be returned in next update explicitly, since the game does seem to have been balanced around the bug (instead of fixing it).

Since networking is done entirely through Steam API, to play without Steam you would need something to emulate a substantial chunk of Steam client, including networking functions. I assume that such things exist, but you'll have to look around by yourself.

Alternatively, as a "true programmist", see if you can get Faucet Networking to compile on Mac/Linux or otherwise produce an open-source native extension for GameMaker for synchronous/blocking UDP networking functions on Windows/Mac/Linux. My Steam API networking extension can be used as reference for how game<->extension communication should be handled in current versions of GM. If such thing was to exist, I could add a "connect by IP" feature in future.

Have fun.

Replied to allimath48 in QUESTIONS

Some mods don't. That will be fixed in the next public release.

Replied to Zaurok in QUESTIONS

Upon further evaluation, it seems like you can 1-hit or not 1-hit crows both in vanilla and NTT - this depends largely on whether you are swinging the wrench in open space and on the distance to the target. In open space, the crow is pushed alongside on a swing (like a board on a wave), dealing more damage. If the swing touches a wall, on other hand, it advances slower than the crow is pushed away from it, and thus does less damage. Only narrowly reaching the target with a swing results in a similar effect.

That is one of the work-in-progress versions that is not publicly available yet. Be patient.

Replied to Zaurok in QUESTIONS

That's unusual. Could be a +-1 frame difference due to execution order changes. I'll take a look.

Replied to Trittyburd in QUESTIONS

Mouse coordinates are stored in global arrays mouse_x[]\mouse_y[], so you'd do something like point_distance(x, y, mouse_x[index], mouse_y[index]) if it's on Player object.

That should be working correctly. I'll take a closer look for the next update.

Have you inspected the "unlocks" section of this very same topic that you have posted your message in?

That is up to Steam. It does support LAN (the same approach is used for detecting devices in-home streaming). Whether it supports hooking up devices directly would be a thing to test separately.

If the connection is excessively choppy, the game will stall while there's nothing coming through.

You can assess the situation by holding Tab and watching whether the displayed ping for the player is periodically jumping into hundreds. Connection graph below it would also reflect the situation. There's also framerate displayed there, which should be convenient, since you mention that the game runs at 60+ fps but it is locked to 30fps unless changed with mods.

Sometimes it's Steam fault and restarting it fixes the problem. Sometimes it's the actual connection being odd.

Depends on what exactly you are trying to do - e.g. for movement you could just adjust hspeed\vspeed and clamp it to (0, maxspeed) range like the game does. For shooting weapons, there's player_fire() function. Swapping weapons is just exchanging values of "wep" and "bwep" (and a few other variables like "reload", "breload" - see fields.gml).

On wiki. "Loading mods" is linked from the main page.

Keyboard functions are not supported because the game polls and synchronizes only a number of inputs, as well as handling keyboard<->gamepad mapping (see Input API). I may add keyboard_check alias for these in future just for convenience, but they would only work for the existing keys, which would be confusing.

keyboard_key_press probably isn't going to be implemented, since the game polls multiple physical inputs (as mentioned) for every virtual input, so I'd have to add hacks for that.

Surface functions are not supported because surfaces are volatile (can vanish anytime), therefore are not something that would work consistently when playing online (where each player has their own things)

In general, scripting system supports functions that are deterministic by nature (math, data structures, etc.) or could be forced to work in a deterministic way. The list of supported functions can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone/api/api.gml after doing /gmlapi. There might be some additions in future, but these are generally time-consuming to implement, and there are already too many things to do as-is.

As the post mentions, it is most commonly used for UI elements, such as scrollable areas or minimaps.

There are numerous creative possibilities, however - e.g. "ibb & obb" uses clip regions heavily to achieve it's distinct art direction with parallax layers peeking through each other.

This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update. Basically, the game assigns sprite IDs in a less predictable way than I imagined, so networking messages of kind "replace sprite with ID=X" do not work correctly.

You can look up a tutorial on NT' save file editing - it's the same for NTT. The only case when NTT auto-unlocks everything is in online multiplayer sessions.

You can group the loading commands into one file and use /loadtext to load it.

Replied to Trittyburd in QUESTIONS

You'd probably do it like

with (instance_create(x, y, WepPickup)) {
    wep = other.bwep;
bwep = 0;
Created a new topic Changelog


  • Initial release.
1.0.1 (Mar 16, 2017):
  • Fixed an issue with first file' line being considered a comment if it starts with UTF-8 BOM mark.
1.0.2 (Mar 22, 2017)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with GameMaker Studio 1.1763 and earlier.
    Is caused by a bug in ds_list_find_index. Is fixed in later versions.

Collision masks used for various things in game. Are assigned to mask_index variable to apply.

Posted in Fatal error

That's mysterious. Have you tried verifying game cache and reinstalling NTT? I'm not aware of any other reasons for extension to not load.

Did you read the included document? You should. It's literally both players typing in "/sideloading" to allow loading mods.

We can both play Brucepack mod singleplayer just fine, and we can load the mod successfully on both ends in the character select, but the instant we start playing the chat gets FLOODED with something along the lines of "fish.dodgeroll.gml -> (<random numbers="">) Player does not have variable dodgeroll", bringing performance down and preventing the mods from kicking in.</random>

That is a mod-specific issue - likely the mod simply wasn't tested in coop, and therefore does not work correctly. You'd need to ask author about that.

Also Player 1's hud seems to be misaligned in co-op but not sure what's causing that. Saw there's a mod that lets you re-arrange HUD elements anyway so if we get this working we'll try that.

That is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update - is a mishap due to changing something in GUI drawing logic.

Have you checked out "Getting started" page on wiki?

Well... did you try restarting Steam as the error says?

A better clarification of what "even out the play" means might be needed.

Also see here - depending on your setup, you may instead need to edit the options.ini to change vsync method and vertex buffer compatibility.

See "Mod working slowly" on this same topic where you are asking.

Are you doing this outside of Draw events? The first thing I can think of would be the canvas not yet containing the image because of code being called before anything finishes drawing.

Other (less likely) potential causes:

  • Something being odd if you have application_surface disabled
    The game should still draw to canvas though, so seems unlikely
  • Something being odd if you have WebGL enabled
    I know that Microsoft Edge has a bug where WebGL canvas returns blank images, but the demo worked fine for me in Chrome and Firefox with WebGL enabled, so it would have to be some system-specific quirk.
In the second case, would have to either disable WebGL or wait until the next GMS update - there's a WebGL initialization setting that helps with this, but there isn't a GGS option to enable it yet (despite the option' value existing in generated code).

Make sure that NTT-Assemble was unpacked into NT' directory as per instructions in the readme.

If that is so, "Verify cache" to have Steam redownload the game' files. I'm not sure as to what one could do to cause data.win file to get corrupted.

See if it's fixed for you in new version (9885).

There's a Melting' replica someone made. It's an alright example.

The process is as following:

  • Define a "race_skins" script, returning the number of skins.
  • Check the "bskin" variable in "create" script to find which skin to use (0 for A-skin, 1 for B-skin, and so on).

You are literally asking this on the topic that has an answer to this as the last FAQ question.

This is covered in FAQ - remove options.ini

Replied to DaveDaDood_ in QUESTIONS

You can use `/gml skill_set(15, 1)`, where 15 is mutation id.