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Is that on Mac or Linux? The path would usually be like  /.wine/drive_c/users/<your name>/AppData/Local/SuperCrateBoxTogether/controls.ini. Using directory search would also seem like a good option, as the directory name doesn't change under Wine.

Edit: If  that question is about what the format is, try changing gamepad1 to gamepad5 for DirectInput. I'm not entirely sure if this game was compiled with a sufficiently new version of GameMaker to support that though, but worth a shot. In worst case could set controls to keyboard buttons and then run something to map gamepad actions to keyboard.

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Room creation code / instance creation code in particular isn't currently being checked for enum definitions, as room files are much bigger (thus slower to timely parse on demand) than object/script files while it is relatively uncommon to have global declarations in them.

See this reply - the game doesn't detect gamepads as such, it just loads whatever control schemes that are defined in a file, so you'd need to add two more to there.

Should open "events.gml" in "resources/app/api" directory and change 6:53 to be mouse_global_left_press. 

This is a nice mod, I have played it a bit with someone in coop. Few notes,


  • Should've added a mention in readme that there are more spells on weapon switch button and airhorn button. It took more than a few sessions to notice.
  • After being revived, damage bonus and counters are lost because Player instance is re-created.
  • TB doesn't have any effect (changes ammo per brilliance to 3 but it's 3 by default).
  • Notes get caught up in a wall if you try to fire while walking east into one.


  • Overall an interesting character because of being able to focus on damage/health/mutations separately in early game.
  • Rhino Skin has no effect (gets rolled back by force_loadout).
  • Can buy ammo but your pistol doesn't use ammo..?
  • "Sword" item upgrades pistol too but you can only tell if you watch the sprites / notice when it becomes more apparent.
  • Many mutations have little use due to character mechanics. Might have been better to let the player take whatever they want into second weapon slot and only leave the sword in like with Mask. Or let player swap out either but only when they reach level ultra.


  • The dash feels really nice.
  • I've no idea what "gets excited" means even after looking at the code.

I tried to hastily workaround coop issues with Bard by storing some things in global arrays and moving ammo->brilliance conversion from destroying nearby chests/ammo packs to subtracting pack-worth of ammo when there's enough. This also makes Lucky Shot actually do something for the character. paste

May need to install NTT beta from Discord (is linked in NTT description on itch)

GMS1 doesn't watch for file changes at all - if you opened some script/object in GMS1, edited it, and saved, it'll likely just show that version next time you open it instead of checking what's on the disk. Not sure if there's any way to correct this aside of reloading project - maybe it'd care when source control is enabled?

array_wget is to be a custom script that just has return argument0[argument1] inside.

array_get is currently bugged and returns undefined if a variable is not an array (which makes for some confusing bugs).

I should probably publish a helper extension with predefined possible scripts for these things

Posted in IDE ScrennShot

Hello, if you mean the special effect timelapse, that's a free helper code editor for GMS1/GMS2.

An update with this feature is now out.

About constants, I'll look into those at a later time (didn't see the edit till coming here to notify of) - the file that I use to generate "API" data ("fnames" in GMS directory) only has British spelling versions of all names for GMS1.4 so nothing takes US spelling unless I specifically add an entry (or replacement rule) for that constant/function/variable.

"game in progress" is usually resolved by restarting the game on both sides - it's only shown if the game returns a specific response.

GOG should work fine. Should not have to open ports if it's on LAN and you are using local IPs.

Also, for clarity, this is what you should be seeing as host (left) and client (right) prior to clicking Join on client side

Re: #event, currently it uses coloring akin to what GMS2 does. I don't think you can make the font bigger without causing oddities, but making the line or text brighter is fairly easy to do with a child theme. See how GMS2 theme works for inheritance and CSS in dark theme; CSS selectors are
Line number area: #main .ace_gutter-define:not(:first-child)
Code area: #main .gml .ace_line:not(:first-child) .ace_preproc.ace_define::after, #main .gml .ace_line:not(:first-child) .ace_preproc.ace_section::after, #main .gml .ace_line:not(:first-child) .ace_preproc.ace_event::after

Re: restoring icon, currently there's no UI for that - you'd open <project name>.css in project directory and remove the according line (they are fairly clearly defined).

Re: two-part icons, similar applies - would duplicate the line in CSS and change .dir to .dir.open.

Re: fold everything - yes, via Ctrl+M (keyboard shortcuts).

If this is in GMS1, having backups on save/run disabled seems to reduce the odds of it corrupting the project files. I'm not sure what exactly it is upset about, but I doubt that it's getting fixed. There's also a separate issue where GMS1 may disagree and overwrite an edited script/object with the version last opened in it, which is something that will be addressed in next update by having per-file backups done by GMEdit.

Curiously, the inclusion of ThunderHumor theme in GMEdit is entirely coincidental - I had it added to local themes directory for testing at one point, and the build script packs updated files into a ZIP without removing the old ones, so it made it in and stayed there without me ever taking notice.

If you've seen their streams, they do have a matching theme for GMS1, but it's based on some other theme, so I'm not sure if they would be able to release it or not.

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As per limitations section, GMLive treats macros as expressions instead of tokens.

In current versions of GameMaker, "global" is no longer a "value" - for example, you can't do

var q = global;

so that's why that doesn't work in GMLive either (because "G.test" would evaluate "G" first, and only then try "(global).test").

I can potentially make it treat "global" specifically as an intermediate value (so long as .field access is done on it in the end) but it'll be a few days before I can properly look into that.


Potentially at some point of future, but generally fancier lag compensation methods are a little out of scope for freeware mods.

Current implementation relies on delay to not have to directly transmit ever-increasing number of enemies (causing issues for players with poor connection in process). I'd probably try to do things differently nowadays.

(this was resolved over email - project file had some resources pointing to nonexistent directories. Next version will not be stopped by this)

Make sure that you have downloaded 9921 and extracted it correctly - the new ntt-assemble can be told apart from old ones by fact that it asks you what you'd like to do (requiring to press 1..5) when ran.

Editor watches for changes in scripts when editing them, but not GMS2 objects, as those are scattered across multiple files, and I've not yet implemented a system for handling that case.

I'll need to take a closer look at that - GMS1 script groups do get a bit weird in terms of handling them because it's multiple resources with the same file for all of them; If sub-scripts are only ever called by the first script, you might get away with not having live_call in them at all (as the first script's "program" would be compiling copies of them anyway).

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"Animated scroll" uses a smooth scroll animation when scrolling across larger distances - such as when pressing Page Up or Page Down or Ctrl+Home or Ctrl+End.

Replied to checkmate624 in QUESTIONS

It will not by default, although mods can add this functionality by themselves (sample).

sit1 and sit2 are for the animation when sitting onto the throne.

Built-in characters have 4 different animations each for campfire scene (campfire idle, campfire active, transition to active, transition back to idle), which is a fair amount of extra work as for just having the character "be there".

Thanks! I wanted to make MDog non-standard, but still viable to play under normal circumstances, which is why I settled for allowing to carry one "normal" weapon instead of having the spin attack on LMB. This also made space for having TB and ultras centered around nukes exclusively.

The full list of dependencies for the game is


So based on that error you're missing libcurl3:i386 specifically.

That very specific error usually means that you switched to u99_beta branch which has an old broken build in case anyone needs files from it.

Try switching back to normal branch and/or verifying game cache.

Version released today fixes this.


If you check the output log,

you can see the errors in there.

That is indeed a mismatch between GMLive and GMS2, though that is interesting - that syntax was not allowed when I last checked, as GM <= 8 did not require commas between variable names in declarations, so you could do

var a b c

instead of

var a, b, c

Then in GM8.1 ability to initialize local variables was added, but the space syntax still stayed, so

var a, b
c = 1

would compile as

var a, b, c = 1

which was making a pretty big mess in some cases.

So the compiler was later made to show an error when trying to do that.

That error then stayed in GMS since people would still import projects with old-style code.

It is good that it was eventually removed though. I'll get rid of that alert in the next version then.

I have tested this in both GMS1 and GMS2 but cannot seem to reproduce the issue.

Are you able to reproduce this in a blank project / are you doing anything specific?

That is a bug with GameMaker - if you have "enough" code, the debugger can choke and skip several frames. 

Is resolved by adding an empty room in front which has an otherwise empty object in it which has

if (image_index >= 3) room_goto_next()

in it's Step event.

I assume that multiple entries might have been generating because of using the "rename" option - since 7-zip doesn't have an option to specify destination directory when adding files, it is commonly advised to add the files as-is and then move them wherever you want, so I did,

cd resources
7z a ../Editor-Mac.zip app
7z rn ../Editor-Mac.zip app Electron.app/Contents/Resources/app
cd ..

This is given directory structure like

Editor.exe (Windows binary)
  app/ (has the actual changing files)

I'll see if there are better options - my concern about merging a Electron.app directory was that this overwrites file access permissions on it (so it's no longer +x) but having duplicate entries in the archive probably isn't much better.

If "backup on save" is disabled in Preferences, saving only takes a few seconds at most times, but using an external editor is much faster as it doesn't have to re-save the project file - only the changed file.

Did you import netlog and GMLiveHelper extensions from the included files to actual project (GMS1 lacks abiltiy to import multiple extensions automatically). "netlog(message)" function is used if you want to see some debug output, but it being recognized as a function is also a sign that you did import the extension correctly.

So I'm trying to push a new channel with a Mac build, but it's failing to process with no further information.
The contents are nothing out of ordinary - an official pre-compiled Electron binary with app resources injected via 7-zip on Win10.

butler push Editor-Mac.zip yellowafterlife/gmedit:Editor-Mac
∙ For channel `editor-mac`: pushing first build
∙ Pushing 123 MiB (318 files, 157 dirs, 0 symlinks)
√ Added 123 MiB fresh data
√ 49 MiB patch (59.96% savings)
∙ Build is now processing, should be up in a bit (see `butler status`)

butler status yellowafterlife/gmedit:Editor-Mac
No channel editor-mac found for yellowafterlife/gmedit

Archive in question: https://www.dropbox.com/s/657isnnq5z42h2i/Editor-Mac.zip?dl=0
(also uploaded to project page as a non-butler build)

(Edited 1 time)

As per documentation, you'll need to either use an external editor to edit files while game's running (I made one; it's free) or install netlog and gmlive-helper extensions so that the game can untie from IDE and you would be able to save the project, updating the files on disk. 

(Edited 1 time)

Are you saving the file after making changes?

Additionally, make sure that you aren't loosing the instance of obj_gmlive somewhere along the way (e.g. having it non-persistent or deactivated by accident)

If you come to a specific conclusion, do tell - I can simply remove those functions from the extension for the next release, but it is really strange that no one else had this issue.

What are the new errors? If the lines were removed from the file in extensions directory, it shouldn't complain about them. 

That is rather unusual - I'm not aware of any specific issues that would have caused GMS to forget updating some of the files, but could try reinstalling.

As other option, if you do not intend to use those functions in "live" code anyway, could open project directory in file explorer (Ctrl+Alt+P), navigate to extensions - GMLive, open GMLAPI.gml with a text/code editor, find (Ctrl+F) and comment out the offending lines in there - that will cause nothing to happen if those functions were then called from "live" code, but you won't have to figure out what's up with your GMS installation.

As per doc, you'll need a recent version of GMS1 - variable_global_* functions have been recently reintroduced; variable_instance_* functions didn't previously exist (GM8 had variable_local_* functions, which were similar but not the same) and were introduced in the same update.