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There's a weapon maker mod that gives you code for a customized gun.

For mutations you'll usually have to learn some coding and/or ask around unless it's something very basic

Loading up: see if you have a leftover file in game directory and remove it if so

Custom content: a document called NTT-Scripting is included in the download and covers the matters in depth. Also see the tutorial.

You double-click the NTT-Assemble executable that you extracted with the rest of the files to the game directory

Then you press the recommended key, on your keyboard

Yes? (you could try and report back if there's an error)

I still vaguely intend to do Mac & Linux support for this, but can't really promise any timeframe, as pricing a niche extension at $1 was an incredibly naive decision, and thus I made a grand total of $22 over two years time.

It's the directory where nuclearthrone.exe resides (together will all other game files)

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I just uploaded a fix for that - IIRC that was when you had layers that are initially invisible, and the server would omit the property in JSON to save space, but then the extension didn't check if it's "undefined" rather than true/false

Are you sure that you need a video tutorial for this

Well that bundle ran for a week in 2015, so you might be a little late with that.

I've not been following SCB news much so I can't tell you if it ever popped up anywhere else.

However, SCB is not a very complicated game, so you might find one or other open-source example of such genre?

Yeah, so with a single room exported, you would just feed that to room_pack_load_map, without picking a random value from it.

In that case I'd suggest to ask on Discord ( as I have slightly limited number of guesses on this subject

Sort of hard to give any specific recommendation - make sure if the port is open, see if NTT is not being blocked by a firewall or anything (does WINE get it's own firewall? Been a while since I used it). I guess there's Hamachi and similar in worst case scenario - I think they still offer some sort of a simple client for Linux?

Upon further inspection, it would seem like you are somehow passing a string instead of a ds_map to room_pack_load_map? Did you pick to pack multiple rooms into this_is_a_test (in which case it'd hold a map where key is room name and value is room data) as opposed to one room (in which case it'd hold room data directly)?

The page specifically says that it's suitable for modding support, and both documentation and the itch demo showcase dynamic loading, so yes

If you can get me a sample of room that produces the error, would be nice - I thought I knew what this was but I did push a fix for that before.

A FAQ document is included with software, the first section of which is titled "Setting up"

As per doc, you let it know how you want your variables and instance creation code to be processed; since writing the doc, I also released this thing, which can handle variable assignments and simple logic.

In terms of file format, instance variables from JSON are combined into snippets of code assigning them, like so:

num = 1;
str = "hi";

Is the difference here that in GMS2 "#region" uses the keyword color while in GMEdit it uses the same color like the rest of #preprocessors?

You can make a custom theme to style it as you may - give it a bright color or a background or an underline like events have...

You need the "Download the Flash Player projector" for your according platform. Not a content debugger. Not projector content debugger. Just projector. Projector is like a video player, but you give it SWF files to play.

Same as with person below - you probably need flash player projector, not just a regular one.

If it's the same error, a newer version from Discord would definitely fix that one.

This is a standalone mod for the earliest version of Nuclear Throne, which was made available for free.

I'd generally recommend Nuclear Throne Together over this if you can acquire the game sometime.

There used to be a server list for maybe two years ("multiplayer" menu item in this version), but people didn't really play the mod that often, so I eventually stopped paying for that, and now there's not. Maybe there's a Spelunky-related chat somewhere where you could look for people to play with?

As to skins, I regret to inform that the weird robot thing is about how far my art skills go. The rest of the characters are those that were already playable in the base game.

It's this thing - I can't add newly introduced functions to "base" GMLive right away because if someone is using an older runtime, the extension will simply not compile anymore (as the functions aren't there). So it's the script workaround for now

Because I usually push a new public update once all bugs had been fixed and it seems pretty stable, and, well, not all bugs are fixed yet. Also I accidentally added some new bugs because of deciding to add some scripting features.

I should probably add "built-in" scripts these to the next release, hopefully everyone updated to at least 2.1.5 now

К сожалению, поскольку я писал весь этот код год назад, и никто мне не заплатил за написание документации, я не помню, какая из них, не запуская проект. window_frame_set_rect или window_frame_set_region, какая-то из этих.

Нужно не обычный window_get\set_fullscreen, а window_frame_get\set_fullscreen - иначе окно как-бы в полнокэранном режиме, но с точки зрения Windows оно так же всё ещё внутри окна-рамки, и поэтому фулскрин "проклацывается" насквозь. Сюда же, я вроде бы это исправлял в недавнем обновлении, но может понадобится менять размер окна после выхода из фулскрина, если оно неправильно растягивается внутри рамки.

Не слышал о таком. Если можно маленький проект-пример, на котором проблема воспроизводится, я гляну на досуге

It's possible that your flash player projector is broken and/or outdated and you'd need to download a new one.

Hello, I have now pushed an update alongside with instructions on how to fix it yourself (it's a one-line change) - the new update removed that constant and this is what you get when that happens

On a glance, nothing is off in an obvious way - I think out of the few differences the one that is the most likely to cause mystery issues is the array copy behaviour, but you don't seem to be using it that way

(2 edits)

Unfortunately, the only function that GM currently offers for replacing fonts at runtime is font_replace_sprite[_ext] (which very specifically can't replace non-sprite fonts), so I'd have to write a custom font loader and a custom font renderer for this, at which point it wouldn't be very convenient to do, nor very convenient to use (swapping back and forth between regular and custom draw_text functions).

If you want a delightful workaround, take a screenshot of your game UI without text, add it as a background into an empty project, and play around with font settings there.

I'd need to see a sample of code that misbehaves - there's a small chance that you somehow wrote code that only works in GMLive's variant of GML (which matches the regular GML in ~99% of cases). If that is the case, removing live-call line from the affected event would trigger the issue all the same.

Fixed in the new version.

_load_file/_load_string are shorthands for buffer_load->json_decode->room_pack_load_map and json_decode->room_pack_load_map accordingly.

As such, they clean up their maps, though looking at it, I need to make _load_file clean up the temporary buffer as well. Other functions are unaffected.

I fixed another thing related to this last week but there's no new update for that yet - you'd need to compile from source if you need it sooner

If it's in your included files, you would just have "sect1.json", not an absolute path (from which you cannot load because of sandboxing).

Fixed in new mini-update.

Thank you!