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Because you've typo-ed "num_dirs" instead of "numdirs" on line assigning "dd".

Since this is JS, unset variable is equal to "undefined", math operations on it result in "NaN", and round(NaN) is... 1? Well.

Some preview versions of NTT have issues with replacing some sprites. There is no apparent dependency, but it's different sprites per version, leading me to assume that it's some issue with texture pages. I hope to either workaround the issue by the next public release or migrate the mod onto a version of GameMaker runtime that does not show the issue. In the current-most version /loadsprite includes a workaround, but /loadimage doesn't, therefore /savesprite'ing the sprite and /loadsprite'ing it back (replacing the base sprite with a same-looking imported one) before calling /loadimage fixes the problem.

You can use /loadtext to run an arbitrary number commands from a file (placed either in game or save directory).

I think you might have to update Flash Player (or pick the newest to open files if you've got a bunch installed) - that doesn't happen unless the thing is ran through a fairly outdated (pre-2013?) one.

That would be the next step after figuring things out [and ensuring that a simple depth=-(x+y) won't be enough for the case]. This is an example of how to do coordinate conversions themselves.

Posted in Unlocks

In multiplayer, everything is unlocked by default. In single-player, it uses a separate savefile. You can import your regular NT save via "/loadgame nuclearthrone.sav" -> "/savegame nuclearthronetogether.sav".

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I'm not sure if you are asking on the right thing. This is an extension that colors code in posts for readability.

There are no commands for changing music (because things aren't easy on that front), but you can simply replace OGG files in the game' directory.

Indeed. A few people had suggested that commands could have been added for changing game text, but, unfortunately, it is a pretty big effort as for the end result.

Upcoming update will introduce ability to create custom characters - with that you have full control over text/sprites/behaviour for the thing.

Unfortunately, those are all hardcoded, therefore the only way you could change them would be by finding-replacing text in game's executable via a hex editor.

You probably want sprCharSelect and sprEGSkillIcon. Perhaps sprEGIconHUD too.

Same as menu graphic, in sprBigPortrait.

Perhaps they are bigger? Try `/savesprite`-ing the graphics that you replace and compare resolution. The game cannot and will not downscale graphics if they are wrong resolution.

Pretty much anything is editable, you only need to know where to find things. In this case it should be in sprBigPortrait. You can use /loadimage to only replace the Rebel' portrait.

Options menu is locked only if you are in online multiplayer or have replay recording enabled (since it does not work correctly in both cases). I'll be looking into fixing that for next update.

It was originally planned to let the player wander/mess around in a tutorial/campfire scene like area while they wait, but I've soon discovered that the game breaks a lot on "soft restarting", so that was put off.

You can safely minimize the game though - when someone joins, the game will make a sound, and the window title will be switching between normal and "(Player joined!)" every second or so until you switch to it.

As with regular game, you'll need to disable controller in options first, or the game will assume that you are going to play with two controllers (not known why it works that way).

That could be an issue with the code that resets some variables on session start (entering the character select menu from main menu). I assume that changing it from in-game options menu should have it stick correctly.

Saving/loading saves/loads only the unlocks, not the entire game state; it does not work in main menu (none of the commands work in main menu - it is an accident that you can open chat as such there).

The reason to disabling stats is pretty simple - those broke entirely very early in mod development for no known reason. To the point where picking the menu would just have it slide from the right, not stop for the screen, and continue accelerating into infinity.

Since the mod historically didn't store savefiles at all (unlocking everything on session start), this wasn't a problem.

Now that I've spent several days on getting savefiles working and transmittable in multiplayer, the issue is more apparent.

I guess I'll need to fix this sometime.

There are a couple of problems like that, URLs inside strings (causes highlight as comments), and few other things.

Ultimately this should probably be rewritten to have an actual parser instead of global regular expressions.

You can open "%LOCALAPPDATA%\SuperCrateBoxTogether" in Explorer, open "controls.ini" with notepad, and edit controls to whatever you want.

You could edit the class names in the source code to point to code boxes specific to your forum and load it as a JS file in the end of the page.

If there's CodeMirror support, you could create a GML highlighter plugin for it based on JS highlighter or C highlighter. It's not too tricky.

Posted in Low Fps?
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The issue is moderately mysterious and restarting Steam before re-running the game fixed the problem for everyone so far.

It is supposedly something about Steam API choking instead of doing what it has to (NTT constantly has to poll it for friend invitations or they won't work).

Not unless you are willing to spend quite a while poking file formats apart to figure out how to do this or that.

Ping setting is limited to how long a game frame takes to process, because timing is frame-based in GameMaker.

Nuclear Throne runs at 30FPS (and this cannot be easily changed) so you get 1000/30 = 33.3ms steps.

If I remember correctly, it unlocks together with B-skin. I am yet to properly implement unlock conditions for C-skins, strictly speaking.

Do what in particular?

That is strange then. File not being accessible (due to being missing or mishaps with directory paths) is currently the only known reason that causes the extension to fail to load.

Is Nuclear Throne path (…/steamapps/common/Nuclear Throne) void of non-English glyphs?

Well... is it?

Removing "steam_api.dll" should fix that. I was doing some tests as to whether SSD could be made to use Steam API like Wasteland Kings Together does, and apparently left the files in.

Given that forums are on the same domain, should be possible. I'll take a look later.

That feature is implemented by preloading the help index data file from the manual, so this is a little trickier to do on non-YoYoGames domain (given HTTPS and cross-domain rules).

See the FAQ.

That means that your computer cannot connect (UDP hole-punching) them together. If one of them can open a port, that may help. Using software that simulates LAN (Hamachi, Evolve) can also help. Using Steam-based version of the mod (if you can) also helps, since then it's up to Steam to figure out how to connect everyone together.

Might be a system-specific issue - you can find multiple 2+ hour long VODs of NTT.

Nuclear Throne is a 32-bit application so it cannot use more than 2GB RAM at once (which is the point where it should be crashing).

Hard to recommend any particular solutions, to be honest. I know that the base game had a tendency to crash at 0-1 boss intro, but I seem to have fixed that without figuring out the source of problem. Could be that something is only amplified enough in coop mode, but it's hard to tell if most people don't have the issue. If it crashes at some particular points (e.g. boss intros), that could provide some clues.

Posted in Replays

Replays are not videos, they are a compact binary format (essentially containing a list of buttons you pressed and other information). So you would need to record a video of the replay if you want to upload it to youtube/etc.

It seems like you have to install a copy of Steam into Wine, so that it downloads the Windows version of the game through that, and the game ran through Wine could communicate with Steam ran through Wine.

Right-click game on Steam, pick properties - pick "local files", click "browse local files". Copy the downloaded file into the directory opened, and extract it into it.

9814 fixes addresses portals being spawned at (+16, +16) offset of the last fallen enemy. Depending on your relative position to the portal, this adds or subtracts a few frames from a run.

Changelog for 9826 was not entirely correct, since I did not yet test melee weapon behavior at the time (assuming that it's considered to not have ammo, while at reality it's considered to have 50% ammo). The way this works is, basically:

  • Let drop rate multiplier be 0%.
  • For each of weapons,
    • If weapon is melee, add 50%.
    • Otherwise,
      • If weapon ammo is above 60% of maximum, add 15%.
      • If weapon ammo is below 20% of maximum, add 80%;
      • Otherwise, add 50%.
  • If Rabbit Paw is obtained, add 40%.

Therefore, depending on your weaponry, your drop rate multiplier is from 30% to 160% (70% to 200% with RP).
In multiplayer, the multiplier is set to average of that between all players.

What the change does is that it clamps the minimum drop rate to (100% - health%) * 50%.
Therefore, if you have 1/8 health, but full ammo, your drop rate will be 43.75% instead of 30%. At 5/8 health it'll be 31.25% instead of 30%, and at higher health drop rate will remain unaffected entirely.

As can be suspected, this only situation where this kicks in is if you have >60% ammo in both weapons, since otherwise you have >50% drop rate multiplier as-is.

In multiplayer this has slightly more meaning, since players one hit away from death will generally stay behind, impacting the drop rate negatively if they did not also empty their weapons prior.

That said, yes, I can add a command to specifically toggle this one bit of behavior, but I don't think there's any meaning to attempt to group NTT with "vanilla" NT - many fixes inevitably have some sort of effect on balance.

For example, I've fixed the unreasonably consistent bug where the portal in 1-x areas would often spawn upon remains of one of the exploded barrels instead of the last enemy. Depending in situation, this would cost the player several seconds at the time.

Fixes to hitboxes for slug-like projectiles mean that targets can no longer be hit those 3 pixels of a slug projectile on it's last frame.

Cooperative elements are in no need of mentioning, since the original implementation was broken enough to be able to tease the game for lots of things.

There are also some balance-affecting changes carried over from u99 beta, such as ultra crossbow projectiles travelling slightly slower to make it impossible to fire bolts through walls and/or out of the level.

On topic of u99, even changes between official versions of the game most often have effect on balance, which is why daily and weekly leaderboards are separated by version.