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Of #1, I feel like the issue could be either that or that GM declines to make several layers at the same depth - so you'd want to either match the layer names, or adjust their depths to not clash. However, adding multiple tilemaps to the same layer is still OK

GMRoomPack tries to find room's each layer by name (via layer_get_id), and, if there isn't one, creates it at the original depth.

Needless to say, this makes issue #2 a bit mysterious - perhaps you are loading a room with another controller object and GM declines to create duplicate layers? I'd suggest to try logging IDs of your grid layers.

As of issue #1, are you loading multiple tilesets into the same room? You might need to store the actual tilesets into a separate list (and loop over them) but it's hard to tell with this little context.

/goto 101

It's this thing,

For proper unloading, you may want layer_tilemap_destroy rather than tilemap_clear, but the rest is correct. For all output arguments the target elements will be added to the specified list.

You'll want to enable "automatically reload changed files" on first tab of Preferences and ensure that you didn't disable file watching in General > Power Saving.

As for now, on the same project if I make a modification in GMEdit, the modification doesn't appears in GM:S2 (even after saving and reloading project).

Don't forget to hit Ctrl+S in GMEdit - it will not auto-save without interaction (Ctrl+S or after asking for permission upon closing a tab)

Skeleton is unlocked by becoming skeleton, which is if you die as Melting on a necromancer's circle.

Frog is unlocked by getting a golden frog gun and making it to the end of the level.

There's cheats mod and debug mod.

It does - you can see similar use on the first screenshot of the itch page.

That's print margin, you can tweak/disable it in code editor settings

This is fixed by resizing the window horizontally to any extent - unfortunately, the way DOM resize event works, the code editor does not take notice of size changing when side panels pop in/out.

You want room_restart, not game_restart - game_restart would also reset GMLive's variables, so it'd have to fetch stuff from server again, but the game would already run the create event before it's done.

In NTT: /loadsprite and /loadimage (see documentation)

In NT: YYTextureView or UndertaleModTool

As per licence text, CC-BY-SA only requires that you distribute your contributions to the material (so, in this case, font edits) under the same licence, not that you distribute your projects under that license. So that's LGPL rather than GPL.

(1 edit)

That would mean effectively surrendering the ability to ever make money back for time I've put into drawing the font, so I'm not entirely sure why I would want to do so?

Edit: non-profit license vaguely maps to CC-BY-NC though.

See if you have a in game directory. If you do, rename/remove it and run NTT-Assemble again

See if steam_api.dll is in NTT directory and that steam_appid.txt is around and has the NT's App ID inside (242680); see if NTT that you are launching is the one that Task Manager shows to be active (again, Steam specifics - it can decide to run a different app if it wants)

That's a surprisingly small fix, you could even open keybinding-vim.js in GMEdit's directory, find that one line, and add "!" to the condition as in the commit.

This seems to be the problem with code editor component as it also happens in its demo. I'd suggest to look around and ask on their issues page for fixes/recommendations.

This is a bug in 9940, I wasn't able to look at it yet unfortunately

9936 didn't have the issue yet and supports most mods that 9940 does

Might want to restart GMLive-server - I think the only case where you can get that error is if you have removed a file that the server was watching. Probably shouldn't error though

As for the port numbers, GM picks a random port for making HTTP requests.

If that doesn't seem to be it, send me an email and I'll send you an updated server executable with some debug info

Use sf_std_package. Array helper wasn't marked as @:std yet as of building the last GMLive version, so it went unprefixed.

An admirable attempt, but you copypasted a bit of BATCH/Bash into your Java code, which will not work.

An easier way around might be to figure out how to copy a file in Java on Android.

You can probably get in touch with the author of this image picker extension if you need to hire someone to make you such a thing.

You can set the "init function" in extension properties to be your entrypoint script, and that'll call it at an appropriate time during game startup.

Worth asking on Discord- a version was tweeted out when someone asked about this last time, but I'd imagine that it is no longer the current one.

The example already bounces "ping" packets back and forth, but you'll need to measure time since the last one to calculate the actual latency.

The only way is to establish a temporary connection with each lobby owner (you can add an extra function to the DLL or just steam_lobby_set_data it so that you can retrieve it later) and exchange a few packets to figure out the latency.

Press 1. If it says that it can't find any assets in, remove that file from game directory, run again, and press 1 again.

That is a job for configurations - add a GML extension with a few dummy scripts for live_calls (which would all just return 0) and disable GMLive extension (in extension properties) for all platforms, then add a new configuration where this extension is disabled and GMLive is enabled. And use `#macro live_enabled:LiveConfig 1` for config-specific macro value.

It would certainly be a lovely feature, and you can find a very basic highlighter for Haxe here (used for hscript embedded in Markdown), but I would not expect anyone to take up this task, as it is maybe few hundred hours of work to adequately handle Haxe syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and I can't think of a good reason why anyone would want to do that to themselves (given that there's plenty of existing editors with Haxe support)

I do have a plugin like that lying around somewhere (added a code editor keyboard shortcut to "toggle" the live_call line) but I proceeded to over-scope it by deciding that it'd be neat to allow inserting live_call line into every event at once. I'll get to this soon.

  1. You make a new folder in themes directory
  2. You make a file called "config.json" with something like
    { "parentTheme": "dark", "stylesheets": ["style.css"] }
    (replace "dark" with name of the theme you are using, if needed)
  3. You make a file called "style.css" and paste CSS from my original replace in there
  4. Upon restarting GMEdit your theme will show up on the list in Preferences.

Pushed a fix for that on git.

What GMS1 version are you using? Ternary operators are supported in extensions from 1.4.1763 and onwards.

If you need to target an ancient version, define sfgml_version=1.4.1700 or whatever

Please direct your attention to the dot between "gmx" and the underscore afterwards - that's what indicates to modify the extension file. "", not "some.extension.gmx_"

Ideally you'd ask on either itch community or GitHub issues so that other people can find your question later if they have a similar one

Extensions can define macros (named "constants" in the UI) and these work akin to how ones defined in the project do.

If you target an extension ( ), it will be auto-populated, but you might need to reload the project in GM the first time this happens. You should not have to manually copy anything.

sfgml_spaces forces indentation using 4 spaces instead of tab characters. This is somewhat important when generating scripts for GMS1 because GMS1 is allergic to tabs and will remove all of them whenever it updates the script.

sfgml_hex (nowadays, sf_hint_const) will attempt to increase readability of magic numbers where available - for example, if your Haxe code had "0x10", it'll try to make GML code use "0x10" or "$10" as well.

Good reasons to target extension files instead of scripts are:

  • Allows Haxe define macros properly (instead of having to resort to enums for constants, and nothing at all for getters)
  • Allows to bypass IDE-specific issues (e.g. GMS1 compiler in >=1773 knows that array_create can have two arguments, but IDE doesn't, so you can't use that if it's in a script)

Thank you!

Fortunately [for my own sanity], it is spring cleaning of sorts - I look through things that I made but didn't put release yet, and see which of them could be easily finished and published.

Unfortunately, it can still take hours just to write out/finish documentation, write descriptions, and prepare icons/screenshots for each thing, so it'll take a while to get through the list.

Hm, that is possible - collision events are a bit of an outlier in the way they work.

A workaround would be to temporarily put the event's content into a script, but I'll take a look.