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Replied to Trittyburd in QUESTIONS

You'd probably do it like

with (instance_create(x, y, WepPickup)) {
    wep = other.bwep;
bwep = 0;
Created a new topic Changelog


  • Initial release.
1.0.1 (Mar 16, 2017):
  • Fixed an issue with first file' line being considered a comment if it starts with UTF-8 BOM mark.
1.0.2 (Mar 22, 2017)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with GameMaker Studio 1.1763 and earlier.
    Is caused by a bug in ds_list_find_index. Is fixed in later versions.

Collision masks used for various things in game. Are assigned to mask_index variable to apply.

Posted in Fatal error

That's mysterious. Have you tried verifying game cache and reinstalling NTT? I'm not aware of any other reasons for extension to not load.

Did you read the included document? You should. It's literally both players typing in "/sideloading" to allow loading mods.

We can both play Brucepack mod singleplayer just fine, and we can load the mod successfully on both ends in the character select, but the instant we start playing the chat gets FLOODED with something along the lines of "fish.dodgeroll.gml -> (<random numbers="">) Player does not have variable dodgeroll", bringing performance down and preventing the mods from kicking in.</random>

That is a mod-specific issue - likely the mod simply wasn't tested in coop, and therefore does not work correctly. You'd need to ask author about that.

Also Player 1's hud seems to be misaligned in co-op but not sure what's causing that. Saw there's a mod that lets you re-arrange HUD elements anyway so if we get this working we'll try that.

That is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update - is a mishap due to changing something in GUI drawing logic.

Have you checked out "Getting started" page on wiki?

Well... did you try restarting Steam as the error says?

A better clarification of what "even out the play" means might be needed.

Also see here - depending on your setup, you may instead need to edit the options.ini to change vsync method and vertex buffer compatibility.

See "Mod working slowly" on this same topic where you are asking.

Are you doing this outside of Draw events? The first thing I can think of would be the canvas not yet containing the image because of code being called before anything finishes drawing.

Other (less likely) potential causes:

  • Something being odd if you have application_surface disabled
    The game should still draw to canvas though, so seems unlikely
  • Something being odd if you have WebGL enabled
    I know that Microsoft Edge has a bug where WebGL canvas returns blank images, but the demo worked fine for me in Chrome and Firefox with WebGL enabled, so it would have to be some system-specific quirk.
In the second case, would have to either disable WebGL or wait until the next GMS update - there's a WebGL initialization setting that helps with this, but there isn't a GGS option to enable it yet (despite the option' value existing in generated code).

Make sure that NTT-Assemble was unpacked into NT' directory as per instructions in the readme.

If that is so, "Verify cache" to have Steam redownload the game' files. I'm not sure as to what one could do to cause data.win file to get corrupted.

See if it's fixed for you in new version (9885).

There's a Melting' replica someone made. It's an alright example.

The process is as following:

  • Define a "race_skins" script, returning the number of skins.
  • Check the "bskin" variable in "create" script to find which skin to use (0 for A-skin, 1 for B-skin, and so on).

You are literally asking this on the topic that has an answer to this as the last FAQ question.

This is covered in FAQ - remove options.ini

Replied to DaveDaDood_ in QUESTIONS

You can use `/gml skill_set(15, 1)`, where 15 is mutation id.

Are you using the current version (9883)? I've recently fixed a bug that was causing a crash like that, caused by Lucky Shot code no longer working like it did after updating the runtime.

Save files should remain intact by default - they are stored in game's save directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone) rather than in installation directory.

Thanks! That'll be fixed in the next version (9882)

Without seeing the error message, it is hard to say anything about what could cause that.

from what I read it's not easy to modify code it has compiled.

That is correct, I have mentioned this in the initial blog post. While replacing entire chunks of game logic is a little better than trying to accurately decipher anything, I wouldn't suggest to try doing this. Can only assume that people will make somewhat-user-friendly tools for modding GM games at some point in future.

Mod' sprites are either found next to the mods, or embedded in the .gml files themselves (open with a text editor) in base64 format (you can find converters online). So yes, you can edit sprites in existing mods.

Re: Steam: I'm not sure if/when that'll happen. Making it available for DRM-free versions of the game would require developing and maintaining a separate version of the mod (any call to Steam functions with Steam unavailable hard crashes the game). If this was being made officially, it would be developed with that in mind, but as it stands, this is an unofficial mod that I develop in my free time, so I had to make sacrifices to be able to do this at all.

Re: Mods: Currently all mods are uploaded and hosted by their authors so you'd have to ask them. It is said that a section for NTT mods will appear on ThroneButt in future, which should lead to most mods being hosted there instead of dropbox/mediafire/pastebin/...

Posted in Thankyou

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Be patient and keep in mind that none of this was considered possible before I have proven otherwise.

That's... an interesting question. I think auto-jump may have gotten lost in spacetime while I was tweaking something jump-related (at one point had added the ability to jump a few frames after dropping off platforms, ala Spelunky). Perhaps in a future version.

Should be fixed by the next public version - people kept asking to make the mod save progress, so I did, but there was not nearly enough time to work on the feature, so it would end up being very rough around the edges (that is, in pretty much every area that is affected by multiplayer/chat command changes).

Thanks! Will test and add that to the next update.

Once all new features are finished and all bugs are fixed. Hopefully next month.
I was planning to release the update late December, but life was busier than expected.

Scripting support itself is a task of insane complexity and takes time to refine.
You don't commonly see such a thing even in large commercial games made with similar tools, let alone in a freeware mod.

Remove the mod-created nuclearthrone executable, rename nuclearthrone-original to be nuclearthrone.

(Edited 1 time)

Because you've typo-ed "num_dirs" instead of "numdirs" on line assigning "dd".

Since this is JS, unset variable is equal to "undefined", math operations on it result in "NaN", and round(NaN) is... 1? Well.

Some preview versions of NTT have issues with replacing some sprites. There is no apparent dependency, but it's different sprites per version, leading me to assume that it's some issue with texture pages. I hope to either workaround the issue by the next public release or migrate the mod onto a version of GameMaker runtime that does not show the issue. In the current-most version /loadsprite includes a workaround, but /loadimage doesn't, therefore /savesprite'ing the sprite and /loadsprite'ing it back (replacing the base sprite with a same-looking imported one) before calling /loadimage fixes the problem.

You can use /loadtext to run an arbitrary number commands from a file (placed either in game or save directory).

I think you might have to update Flash Player (or pick the newest to open files if you've got a bunch installed) - that doesn't happen unless the thing is ran through a fairly outdated (pre-2013?) one.

That would be the next step after figuring things out [and ensuring that a simple depth=-(x+y) won't be enough for the case]. This is an example of how to do coordinate conversions themselves.

Posted in Unlocks

In multiplayer, everything is unlocked by default. In single-player, it uses a separate savefile. You can import your regular NT save via "/loadgame nuclearthrone.sav" -> "/savegame nuclearthronetogether.sav".

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I'm not sure if you are asking on the right thing. This is an extension that colors code in posts for readability.

There are no commands for changing music (because things aren't easy on that front), but you can simply replace OGG files in the game' directory.