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That§s a fairly broad theme and it should be possible to apply it in more original ways than by an inclusion of a cult. It would be nice to make playing the game a ritual. Someone (I am  not really capable of that) ought to create a slow game you open every morning during breakfast to check out the progress. 

I took that as a secret ending. Because all farewells are sudden ;).

Great to see this here!  Downloading the game right now. 

It might take me some time to get on a windows machine to properle play it, tho. 

Still, I'm super excited. 


Neato! Sideview looks especially smooth.

I think you could go with the third one scale-wise. The truth is that this one makes it more mystical and I dig the atmo.

This indeed is cute. What engine do you use? Or is it scripted from the scratch?

Lovely, I'll follow this.

Nice. I loved graphics of the original one and 2 adds some pleasant grass.

You're fast piano. I'm not finished drinking tea yet.

Thank you both.

Yeah, I wouldn't use them like this, I plan to change them in something more refined.

And this thread is for everyone. Don't be afraid and post your cute pictures.

Hey, let's share our pictures and comment on them.

I'll probably continue to work on Chester, a project I made some artworks for and never started working on the game itself. It was supposed to be a friendly game about colonialism. It's more about meeting new people (boxes in this case) and learning to be a better chest.

I got more, but I need to find the rest on a external drive.