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"KEKE IS KEKE" freezes the game

Played on Mac using Wine, worked well. Fun novelty spin-off, thanks! Baba deserves more games 😍

Rainbow smoke means I'm all finished?

This was brilliant, some really nice challenges. Thanks again! 🐍

Just knocked out the first set of (beach) levels, this is a really pleasant puzzler with great aesthetics. Thanks for the sweet game and contributing to the worthy cause ❤️

Open System Settings, go to Security & Privacy, in the General tab you should see an option to open it anyway - you might have to click the padlock bottom left and authenticate first.

more info

Never mind, figured it out! 🥳

I love this! Hope you're still working on it, it deserves a full Play Store release.

I couldn't figure out how to finish level 29 with all the stars 😔

Thank you, much appreciated!

Nice game, good presentation. I haven't got the hang of controlling the ship yet! Am not a very good escort 🚀☄️

Cool, short but effective. I liked taking down multiple enemies by throwing the scythe.

I liked this a lot! Some cute beasties to possess, nice presentation. I think I may have had a glitch one time where the key disappeared, and I couldn't leave the level, but it didn't happen again. I like the random backstories as well! Great job.

Ok, short game but looks promising if you were going to expand it. I like the retro scrolling background.

Super slick presentation, could be a "real" game. Tough battles! Really nice work.

Short and, uh, "sweet"? Pretty accurate portrayal of #lockdownlyfe tbh.

While experimenting to see if anything different happened if you didn't eat the mushrooms, I discovered that the day counter display is in hex 🤣

Nice job!

I don't really play RPGs, but this looks like a well-made one. I wandered around the town, beat the gang of people who were kidnapping a woman in fights, and bought a couple of things. Then I had to stop so I saved my progress, but as in the comment below, I didn't have any luck reloading it today, ended up on a corrupt screen. Besides that bug it's looking really good.

Thank you, really appreciate it!

Thanks! This was my first very rough attempt at a custom faceplate, I need to do it again properly - for one, cover the print so it doesn't rub off around the controls!

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Nice challenging game! I saw you already discussed the up-to-jump thing in the other comments - I went ahead and made myself a build that uses A to jump, and with that I was able to finish the game. Some nice level design with a few different tricks to figure out, and good potential if you wanted to expand it into something bigger.

Not really sorry, my only suggestion would be to use MaxMod, or Apex Audio System if you want less CPU overhead and don't mind less flexibility

Looks like it has the potential to be something fun

Very cute! 🐔

Very cute! I don't usually play visual novels but I enjoyed clicking my way through this

Short and sweet. Energetic music! 🎶

Hectic! And probably not the ideal game to be playing on a Game Boy Micro 🔍👀 but once I figured out where my plane was, I managed to bomb most of the flashing things on the first mission on easy mode 🤣 Fun fun

I could definitely tell the clear stereo, not sure about 3D

Nice little game. It takes a really long time to set a bet in the thousands!

Well, the demo works!

Think this library will prove very useful 👍

Nice demo! Do you think this could be used in a game, or is it too resource heavy?

I like the look of the character! Would be interesting to see how this one turns out

Beat it! 🥳

I like how instead of wandering into people's houses and smashing up all their pots, you just wander into their house and sleep in their bed 😴

Great game!

I am victorious once again! This is a fun little game, and great use of your awesome 3D engine.

Oh no. I am death. 😥

Really nice little Zeld-em-up, great graphics, sounds and music. I've just spent an embarrassingly long time trying and failing to beat the tree 🌳

Simple and sweet.

Thank you! Yours is still my favourite game so far, so I especially appreciate the kind words from a fellow puzzler 😎

Really well done! I don't play bullet hell, so it's too hard for me, but fun - best score so far 837. Looks great, awesome mood music, just needs sound effects - and a pause button!

Great job!

Strong '80s LCD game vibes! 🕹 The same kind of simple fun that makes you want to get a bit further. I've already forgotten what score I just got (consider adding hiscore saving), but it was well past 100 and sped up to the point where I had no chance of survival 😂 Nice job!

It does! If you make it past 100 it gets pretty hectic until you've got no chance of survival.

Thanks for the feedback! Yep definitely some planning is required.

Classic demo fx 🔥