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Inheritors of the OublietteView game page

Regain a lost legacy in this first-person dungeon crawl RPG for the GameBoy Advance.
Submitted by Mahou Shoujo ☆ Magical Moestar, one60hp — 3 minutes, 19 seconds before the deadline
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  • Beautiful and refreshing take on the genre! Combat was brutal and the experience hampered by some bugs, but regardless the submission is really darn impressive. Good luck with your future plans for the game!
  • Impressive maze engine, with hours of gameplay!
  • This is surprisingly good! It is a bit short, and the sprites of the enemies look a bit rough, but it's pretty entertaining.

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Super slick presentation, could be a "real" game. Tough battles! Really nice work.


very impressive graphics and 3d level design!


Pretty nice dungeon crawler

Jam HostSubmitted (1 edit)

It looks great!

Great entry, with a lot of work behind.

Also very nice 3D engine, I love it.

The issues I have found are:

  • When you die against a boss(?), there's no game over, you keep playing like if you would have killed it.
  • I have not found any collectible, and I have explored a lot. Do bosses give collectibles when you kill them? I guess a map would be a good addition.
  • Since I have not found anything to improve my characters, bosses are too hard, I always die against them (but no game over as I said).
  • It would be nice to gain some EXP from enemies.

I hope you keep working on it, because it is good stuff :)


Given that it's coming from you, the comment 'very nice 3D engine' is certainly high praise. Thanks for that! I had to make a lot of concessions to get acceptable performance on the GBA and I think there is more to go, but I found it surprising how few first person dungeon crawlers were on the GBA (especially given how big the genre became on DS later), so I wanted to do something along those lines.

  • Yep, this was a fairly simple bug, but it was introduced by changes made in the last ten minutes of the jam, so unfortunately it ended up getting in.
  • Enemies randomly drop one of two types of collectibles (equipment and spirit crystals - equipment for providing more damage / defense, spirit crystals for raising your stats and giving access to more spells), but there is only a 10% chance. This will be increased, especially for early foes.
  • The first boss has an overly high Magic stat due to an oversight when throwing numbers into a spreadsheet =P Also being corrected.
  • A total lack of levelling in the game is a conscious design choice - I wanted to make it entirely based on the spirit crystals. Unfortunately it means that when a tough battle ends and you get nothing from it, there was absolutely no benefit to you and that can be a pretty bad feeling. I would like to fix that somehow...

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with it overall, and I have short, medium and long term plans for the game (long term plans really being my original plans, which were cut short by the realities of game jamming =P)

Jam HostSubmitted

If you want to keep improving the 3D engine, I think frame rate is already good enough for a turn based game, maybe it would be better to focus on adding more lightning effects or something like that while keeping the same or similar frame rate.

I understand that you want to avoid levelling, but in that case maybe it would have been better to add some/more chests, besides increasing loot drop chance. I killed way more than ten enemies and they didn't drop any crystal, and thanks to the bosses bug they didn't give me their weapons, so stat wise I was like at the beginning of the game.

I'm happy you want to keep working on this game.

A GBA commercial game similar to yours that I like a lot is Mazes of Fate, you should try it if you haven't yet.


It's funny that you mention that, because MS told me earlier that improvements to the lighting effects are planned. He also mentioned dissatisfaction with the random number results a few hours ago. Great minds think alike, I suppose. I like the idea of having a few chests around because there are plenty of places to hide them.

We've played Mazes of Fate. As far as we know, it's the only first person dungeon crawler on the GBA and we wanted to provide another entry in this underrepresented genre.

Jam HostSubmitted

I think there's some Phantasy Star ports for the GBA and there's also an english translation for the GBA port of Shin Megami Tensei, but as you said the only non-port first person dungeon crawler that I remember for the GBA is Mazes of Fate.


Thanks. I suppose the game's systems do require some explanation. Player upgrades are from random enemy drops. You can receive either standard equipment or soulstones. When a boss is beaten, you get its weapon. There are unfortunately some balance issues and errors that Mahou Shoujo is already addressing. This is our first time working with a Nintendo system, but MS is a brilliant programmer and designer. We were only able to invest about a month's worth of work into it, but I have no doubt that within another month it will be bulletproof.

Submitted (1 edit)

I have this weird bug when you lose to the dragonfly daughter and not game-overring out to the title screen.

If you encounter anything in this state, then the game-over takes place.

but still, you can save the progress in this state.

Edit : I can heal myself in this state!


I fell down to the void, and arrived at this weird glitchy map.

Looks like somethings gone totally wrong here.


Yep, that can happen if there is a hole in the map architecture. Whereabouts were you, if you can recall? I'll correct it for the next release.

Submitted (2 edits)

I suppose the fence around here is missing?

Oh, and amazing entry btw.

Seriously, at glance I thought this were the actual commercial game for GBA.

and when I looked at the size of the ROM, which is more than 24 MB, I was like “what in the world?”

the visuals and music are amazing!


Thank you. I composed a few of the songs in a hurry toward the end of the contest, so I had no idea how they would be received.


ok, I know you probably spent way more time on this than I did on my game, mine was done only in the last month, but holy hell, this looks fantastic!