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Well, good luck. We were going to finish our entry but not after these awful results.

Seriously, the ratings are absolute trash. I may not be the best, but my graphics work is objectively better than at least 60 of the games that inexplicably scored above me. Yes, I'm butthurt.

I'm the first, what a dubious honor. Here, I was able to reproduce the bug and this time I remembered to save the crash report.

After hours of installing dependencies, I was able to test the PDX version. I like the song. I ran into a bug, though. I bought the dagger and the game crashed after I wiped out all the children.

There's a lot more interaction planned for the rest of the game, but unfortunately it only goes a bit past the introduction in what was created in the jam's time frame. I'm glad you liked the graphics. It's all "pixel art" made from scratch.

Nanaca Crash still works, by the way. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link it, but you can find it easily with a web search.

More interactivity would be for a future game. We opted to use the format of the most basic type of visual novel because neither of us have experience creating them. My collaborator had to figure out how to write a script and I had to learn how to draw the appropriate graphics. Sorry about the text. It appears something broke when we expanded the screen size. I'm aware that even other fans of the genre won't have much to rate on gameplay. That's fine. This is mainly an experiment to see if we could.

Woo! Thanks.

Might be worth adding a few extra campaigns with additional monsters. You have a nice little engine here and I bet you could get a few rounds out of it and keep it interesting.


This was fun. Made good use of the screen space too. Cursor tracking was a little odd, but nothing game breaking.

Rated. Please help, very few people have noticed our game.

With a tiny screen, sometimes it's worth trying to move single pixels around before abandoning a design. Doesn't take much to have a big effect on the object's appearance.

1-bit color is a crippling limit at these sizes, but you did well.

Wow. You combined Gyruss and Cave shooters and it turned out great. I had fun with this one.

Best use of 3D that I've seen so far in this jam. It looks great and does not feel shoehorned into the screen format.

Page is set to private. Can not rate.

Maybe there will be more. Drawing at this size is fun.

Trust me, it doesn't need to be any easier. Just add a tour mode with infinite health and it'll have about the same effect.

It's nothing too bad. Getting the rhythm down for jumping actions is the first hard part. But I got the hang of it before the end of the game. The orange area has some kaizo going on, but any deaths after the first few in any part aren't the game's fault. It's a fun area to run through once you know how to do it.

The animation of large enemies is very good. As is the progression from being completely helpless to double jumping through the entire map.

Strange. Slackware64 14.2 on the computer I used. It has a 15 year old CPU. This might be one of the somewhat uncommon instances where Wine itself is at fault.

Worked perfectly for me in Wine 7.4.

I guess Star Soldier, Twinbee, Aleste, and Zanac are no good either, then.

Thank you for the praise. Keep an eye out, because we plan on releasing more Megazeux games in the future.

I enjoyed it. The C64 look worked out really well on the GBA.

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The car handles beautifully. I enjoyed flinging it around corners.

Even if you only use it yourself it would be worth it. But you never know. You might come back to it one day and find several games made with your engine.

Yeah, sometimes it's easier to start over if your program has a bunch of no longer desirable features built in. I've played some very enjoyable dungeon crawlers that only had one wall texture, but you will probably want at least doors and wall switches as well. Since you no longer have the time crunch of a game jam, it may be better to focus on the game's basic systems first but leave yourself room to make it flashier later on.

I hope that you are successful with this project. The GBA needs more dungeon crawlers, and your concept sounds promising.

It's funny that you mention that, because MS told me earlier that improvements to the lighting effects are planned. He also mentioned dissatisfaction with the random number results a few hours ago. Great minds think alike, I suppose. I like the idea of having a few chests around because there are plenty of places to hide them.

We've played Mazes of Fate. As far as we know, it's the only first person dungeon crawler on the GBA and we wanted to provide another entry in this underrepresented genre.

Thanks. I suppose the game's systems do require some explanation. Player upgrades are from random enemy drops. You can receive either standard equipment or soulstones. When a boss is beaten, you get its weapon. There are unfortunately some balance issues and errors that Mahou Shoujo is already addressing. This is our first time working with a Nintendo system, but MS is a brilliant programmer and designer. We were only able to invest about a month's worth of work into it, but I have no doubt that within another month it will be bulletproof.

Thank you. I composed a few of the songs in a hurry toward the end of the contest, so I had no idea how they would be received.