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Mahou Shoujo ☆ Magical Moestar

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Nice work, very charming.

That's a bug, though it sounds like a very cool one. The rewind stuff was a bit of a mess to code and I thought I had managed to get it be fairly solid, but it wouldn't surprise me if there's still problems there - I will try to figure out the cause of this one. I had a lot of stuff in mind for interesting puzzles to do with rewind, though not much is in there later. Since a particular item can only exist at one point you take stuff from people just by having it yourself, although that means a lot of special conditions to check for to make things make sense.

Thanks for the recommendation, I have done so (also changed to 'crisp-edges' in CSS to make it more pixelly.)

By the way, I made some after submission updates to the game UI. Mostly just QoL improvements to the game system, nothing that should affect the ratings, but if in doubt, give the game a Graphics score based on the in-game sprites and backgrounds, not the UI.

Awesome stuff. Incredible what you achieved in just a month. Punishing in parts, but never unfair.

Yep! There's still a ton of stuff left to finish!

Yep, that can happen if there is a hole in the map architecture. Whereabouts were you, if you can recall? I'll correct it for the next release.

Given that it's coming from you, the comment 'very nice 3D engine' is certainly high praise. Thanks for that! I had to make a lot of concessions to get acceptable performance on the GBA and I think there is more to go, but I found it surprising how few first person dungeon crawlers were on the GBA (especially given how big the genre became on DS later), so I wanted to do something along those lines.

  • Yep, this was a fairly simple bug, but it was introduced by changes made in the last ten minutes of the jam, so unfortunately it ended up getting in.
  • Enemies randomly drop one of two types of collectibles (equipment and spirit crystals - equipment for providing more damage / defense, spirit crystals for raising your stats and giving access to more spells), but there is only a 10% chance. This will be increased, especially for early foes.
  • The first boss has an overly high Magic stat due to an oversight when throwing numbers into a spreadsheet =P Also being corrected.
  • A total lack of levelling in the game is a conscious design choice - I wanted to make it entirely based on the spirit crystals. Unfortunately it means that when a tough battle ends and you get nothing from it, there was absolutely no benefit to you and that can be a pretty bad feeling. I would like to fix that somehow...

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with it overall, and I have short, medium and long term plans for the game (long term plans really being my original plans, which were cut short by the realities of game jamming =P)


Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm also really happy with the engine, janky as it is. Gives the game such a different look and feel.

Thanks for the feedback! My last game jam game was also unbeatably hard on release - I tried to compensate this time by putting in way more medikits than I thought were needed, but the later enemies are a bit too bullet-spongy for the assault rifle ammo you get.

Thanks for the feedback! In terms of Magical Girl-ness, the focus I had was really on the main character, who I tried to give the requisite attributes. I admit I drew a bit of a blank on trying to make the other components (the dungeon and the enemies) feel like they belonged in a Magical Girl work.

In terms of it opening a tab, yeah, that was an oversight. Shift+T is also available as an alternative (originally all the Ctrl+? controls were Shift+? until I realised that I couldn't detect numpad keys and shift at the same time for some reason.)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the limited shooting controls were unfortunately a result of me running out of time (I threw in the ctrl+dir stuff because I figured there should be some way to shoot things from the keyboard). A better approach would probably be something where you press a key (f?) and then move the cursor with your keyboard, with it automatically targeting a nearby enemy / the last enemy you aimed at, whatever.

I do plan on polishing this up and certainly fixing the difficulty balance, hopefully in the near future. At that time I will try to get some decent keyboard controls for 100% keyboard usage in there.

(if you really need help, you can use ?+HINT to get a hint)