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Nice game. You make some really neat little puzzlers

Please make sure you have a file suffixed '_jam.gba', as per the rules

Please make sure the game has a "_jam.gba " download, as per the rules. Thanks

Thanks, but I know how to remove them, I was looking to ban them so they couldn't rejoin.

To be honest, I'm not sure why you would when you've already been removed, but there you go...


 In our jam, we had somebody submit an entry that was clearly nothing to do with the jam, so I reported the submission, removed it from the jam, then removed the offending user. However, they've just rejoined, and submitted a different, equally unrelated, game. This time I disqualified the entry before removing it, and the user.

 I guess the first question is, which way should I be going about managing invalid submissions and users breaking the rules? and is there a way to ban a user from re-joining the jam? I can only see a ban section for the community pages.  I tried looking through the help on jams, but didn't really understand the best approach.



 I don't understand how that code works, updateBGColumn uses a variable y but it's never defined or populated. Not sure if you posted the whole thing or I'm missing something.

 However,  I can show you my scrolling map code if it helps. It's a bit more complicated than yours, but allows for some configuration

Basically, on mapex_setviewport it will completely redraw the screen at a desired location, but it takes time, so using mapex_scrollviewport to move it runs quicker (unless the distance for the scroll is too far, in which case the viewport will be completely redrawn). The scroll then just maintains the tiles that are offscreen, populating them with what's next to come.

I'm sure there's probably better ways of doing large maps than I've done here, but it works well enough for me.

PS. If you do build the project and try it out, the fact the camera is jerky as you move is not to do with the scrolling code, rather just the camera controller, which I never got around to fixing.

Feel free to continue your devlog here :)

Thank you


 We've gone through the steps of setting up contributors on a project I put up on my page. I've added them to the Admins page, and ticked the "Display as contributor?" flag. Their names appear in the title of the project, however, it doesn't so on their profiles.

 Is there anything else I'm supposed to do for it to appear on their pages?

 Here's the project in question, and I've added everyone's profile page in the description of the project.

Any help would be appreciated


As long as it's newly written for the jams, then yes, I don't see why you couldn't submit it

Nice arena shooter

Great start to a platformer

Great, very polished puzzle game. Well done

Breaks didn't feel like they did anything and missing some collisions, but otherwise great mini racer

Neat idea

Didn't understand the win condition at first, but neat idea. I like it. Could be a fun link-cable game

Neat little puzzler, well done

I might come back to revisit in the future, but for now, yes, this is the final version


Wow. Amazing score! Well done!

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with your points that need addressing. I'm not sure if I will put any more time into Tigermoth, but I will certainly consider them if I do come back to it.

I didn't get that far in my play, but a good reason not to wrap. I agree the bounce might be less jarring than a dead stop though

Ah, that explains it! Thanks

Well polished top-down racer, I'll be coming back to playing more of this :)

Cute puzzler, nicely put together.

I got stuck on the third level for a while, because the block was dropping in on the top side of the chasm, so I didn't know what to do with it... However, after I got it figured out, I can't seem to replicate it, so I'm not sure if it was a bug, or if I just was doing something different and didn't realise.

I dig this puzzle platformer. Definitely one to sink a bit more time into

Make sure you get other peoples advice too before you tinker too much. It could always be that I'm just really bad.

This was my biggest hurdle, on the second "screen"

I saw the disable, but yeah, I was more just scratching my head wondering why my firemen weren't dashing to the blaze :)

It is really good and very polished considering the time constraints

Thanks for the feedback. Well done on that score. I think that's the highest I've seen!

In all honesty, I totally forgot sound effects were a thing... sounds dumb, I know, but there you have it. And yes, I suppose there should be a pause button :)

Reminds me of the old LCD games. Feels a little slow, but not sure if it speeds up later in the game

I didn't make it very far, it's a tough platformer. Player seems a bit slippery, but with the blue caves, I'm guessing it's supposed to be icy?

Well presented puzzler, but pretty complex, and needs quite a bit of thought

Not really sure what the goal was, and if you aim straight down, you can get in an a "soft lock" where your puck never stops moving from bouncing off the pink thing, and thus can never take another shot.

Could turn into a promising puzzle game

Cool game, runs really smooth too

Enjoyable little adventure game

Looking good, took me a bit to understand what I was doing, but interesting little puzzler

Nice little sim game.

Though in my city, a fire started, and despite having a firestation, the fire basically wiped out a good portion of the city, and the firecrew did nothing. Was I supposed to activate them somehow? Or are they supposed to respond on their own?

Nice little story, and yeah, the animation/video is great