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A jam entry

µDungeonView game page »

a very small rogue-like
Submitted by Le6barbare (@Le6barbare) with 5 minutes, 55 seconds before the deadline

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Authenticity (Use of 64x64 limit)#1303.8003.800

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice start! I included it in my LowRezJam compilation, if you’d like to take a look :)

Nice idea! I'd definitely play a Zelda-style roguelike with this art. Hope you continue with it post jam :)


Thanks ! I do will continue it !
I joined #FinishThatRemakeJam to have a deadline ;)

Nice graphics! It seems unfair that enemies have 7 HP, though. One and done, kinda. Also, only the first chest I opened healed me. Was that intentional? I wish the secret wall passages went somewhere! This is a nice start, in any case. A turn-based Zelda 1 is a fun idea. :)

Developer (Edited 1 time) (+1)

Thanks for your comment ! Here are some answers :

  • That's right, enemies need to be balanced ^^"
  • Opening a chest healed you ? Oo
    This is not supposed to happen... Due to lack of time, chest should do nothing except changing their sprite.
  • "Secret passage"... are actually a bug because I don't show the sprite of doors when they should lead to nowhere (out of bound of the dungeon array)
    Well done to have found them!

Thanks again for your feedback, I'll look into these bugs and ideas !

Haha! It must have been my imagination about the chest healing me - I thought I was at 1 HP and then I had 2 HP. Wishful thinking, I guess!! XD

I like the graphics. Unfortunately there is not so much gameplay.

No matter! It's a good base to start a great game.

Well done!


Thanks ! :)

I only play the Jam release for now so maybe some critics are solved.

I like your graphics. It's sad there is no audio (with youtube free download artists and newgrounds, you can download legally some music and sounds effects for free). I'm not sure there is a victory confition (or I did'nt find it). Death is soooooo brutal : closing application seems to me like a bug.

No feedback with the player lose health ? A similar bat feedback will be great.

It's hard to design a roguelike but you have the mecanisms and with more time, I suppose you can fix all this stuff and do an enjoyable game !


Thanks for your comment !
All these issue are here because I was late to the deadline. x)
But I have team up with a musician so there gonna be music/sfx, and I will fix bugs ;)

Hehe, yes I know that : not enough time. We have the same problem on our game but it's part of the challenge and it's cool.

Good news !

Ok, let's see! I see small text on the background, that must be a bug, also there is no sound, I'm not whether it is a bug or not, anyway it is a little cool game! Well done! Btw: is that link?

Go take a look at my game if you have the time.



Thanks !
Yes, there is an highly chance that it's link :D
There is no sounds or music (I was late for the deadline) and text shouldn't be small, (this should be fixed in the last upload !)

ahaha I knew it! Yeah I was also late for deadline, so I also did not have the chance to make sfx. 

It has no clear indicator of my life (i notice the smal text but ishard to read)
The controls are intuitives and the graphic is well maded.

Good job on the over all


The text should not be small. I still struggle with Unity canvas ^^"
But it should be fixed in the last upload !
Thanks !

Simple, but addictive!


Thanks ! :)

Reminds me of the first Zelda a lot, as you said. The movement-based attack and tough enemies make you watch your step carefully.


Thanks !
Yes, walking against a wall is giving the enemies a dangerous advantage !
But the movement of enemies is predictable, so you could use the environment to help ! ;)

I really like the graphics, especially the main character's sprite. The game seems cool (though I don't like how it closes when you die), but I'm not exactly sure what the goal is. Could you add more instructions on the game page?

Also, for some reason the health text is tiny and in the center of the screen for me (unlike the screenshot).


Thanks for your comment !
Most of that is bug caused by the lack of time (I posted a devlog to explain the situation :P)
At this time, there isn't really a goal, so you can consider that you have won if you killed one enemy in each of the nine rooms. (hard because there is currently no options to heal yourself !)