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Alex Slavski

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Thank you, I am very glad you liked the game!

Thank you!

Actually the level scheme that you described is what I have (more or less), there are simply too few of levels overall. As a game jam, I wanted to keep the game short, so that more people could actually finish it (we all know that people rarely spend too much time playing each jam game).

My goal with the game length was to have enough levels to allow a player taste all abilities and mechanics, but to leave them wanting more :-)

Overall I found the game pretty interesting (for a small project of course), although a bit more guidance in the beginning on controls and what is going on would be nice

Thank you, if there is sufficient demand I would be happy to include more levels or even make a sequel with larger levels. The difficulty curve at the moment is really all over the place and could definitely use more levels.

Great example of how a simple game can be interesting!

I love how you are using non square tile movement

Very addictive gameplay! I love how puzzles work, I probably should add something like that to my game, do you think it would fit in a turn based format?

Very nice! So similar to  my game, but I love how dynamic your gameplay is and how turtle looks. Great work!

Clean ui and design, very cool. I especially like how you handle reload!

Also the lighting system is awesome! I wanted to make something like that for my project.

Wow a full fledged game! Great sound and art. But most of all great feeling.

Glad to see I am not the only one with turn based movement, adds tactics to the gameplay

Great art style. Love how you draw bricks, had a similar challenge in my project, but I like your better

Nice depiction of wings flapping!

I knew I am not the only one who draws boxes like that! And people were telling me that in my game they look like glass.

Glad to see that someone else shares my opinion!

Liked your game, but would love to see some moving background to add to the feeling of moving.

Let me know what you think

Thank you

Very smart usage of pixels! Was thinking of something like that, to make every one of those 64 pixels count, but eventually went with a simpler idea.

Love your game! Especially the feeling, that screen shake is something. I should have used it too. Also love your player sprite, brilliant way to show rotation!

Feels like a cartoon. A weird one, but nonetheless! Love your speech bubbles with pictures, should have used something like that in my game

Very simple and interesting. Great job!Love how your text looks, what font is that?

Brilliant! Simply brilliant. Plays and feels very nice and tight!I especially love how you managed HUD in the background, should have done something like that in my project.

Great simple but interesting concept! You don't even need any HUD or tutorial!!! A complain that I often get with my game, that there are too many learning. Great work!

Love your art style, especially the backgrounds. I wish I could have drawn something as colorful but simple! Great work!

I like what you did, the fairy is a bit scary, but I love how her wings look! Also love how little space hud takes up at the top, that was a problem in my game. What font are you using?

Nice control scheme! Something innovative at last. Although it did use WASD, nice to see it being used more and more on the indie scene.

Interesting idea, I would have added a limit on your attacking ability, so far there is no point in not spamming attack. Something like what I did with move limit in my game.

Somehow a very addictive game! Great job, but you can get stuck in some pockets in levels. 

Also love your character design, a bit similar to mine, but much more clear, with you it is clear what the character has on her head :-)

Nostalgic. Love how you managed the HUD, mine is also on top, but looks much more intrusive than here. Great work! 

Cool idea, was looking for an idea like that when started, but nothing came up, so went with a simple puzzle game. 

Kudos on your imagination!

Very smart usage of so few pixels!

I love character flashing. Really adds to the feeling and is very space efficient. Would have been a good idea to use in my game as well.

Nice game. Smart move with controls at the bottom of html version, would love to have something like that for my game, is it Unity?

"ill" would really benefit from a dot on top of it in the main image. But overall I like your design. Also an option to turn off music in the HTML version would be nice. Still have the feeling that my game also needs it.

Great lighting, I wanted to make something like that for my submission, great to see someone actually manage it!

That is some clever use of pixels. Love the bright colors and soothing music. I was also thinking of going for couple of pixel hero, but doubted I would be able to make it look that good. 

Glad to see another puzzle game! Love your bat icon, especially its outline!

Glad to see I am not the only one with a puzzle game. I love how you made those squares, I was aiming for a look a bit like this one, but couldn't nail it.

Nice light effect at the top, it to the atmosphere of the game, I wanted to make something like that in my game, but could not make it work properly.

Wow, 5 minutes before the deadline. That is extreme!Love the way your character looks, is a bit similar to mine.

I was hoping I will not be the only one with turn based game. Great art and usage of so little space!

The difficulty is all over the place, some levels can seem too unintuitive, let me know if you have any difficulties, I would really love to hear your opinion on the ending.