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Alex Slavski

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Looks nice, good job!

Thank you, glad that you liked it. It was a game I made for a week-long jam and it taught me a lot :-)

Congrats on your new release!

Yep still there. There is actually a very similar asset for Unity, at first I thought they were by the same author.

This is a cool idea! Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback and your kind words!
"when you switch, you should also move one space along" - this was literally how it initially worked, but then after first tests it turned out that for a new player it's a bit counter intuitive and unexpected, although this could be cool as a toggle-able perk.

Thank you for the feedback! The idea behind slower movement is to give incentive for upgrades purchases, but overall balance may use some tweaking.

Wow, that is a lot of effort! Sorry I couldn't help you further with this

Varying visuals are definitely on the list if I continue working on this game!

Thank you for your kind words and your feedback!

Thank you! As the matter of fact collision box for obstacles is somewhere at 70% of its visible size, but maybe even lower would be better, thanks for the feedback!
And yes a better starting skill values could have been better I guess.

Thank you!

Thanks! It may need a bit more work but I was thinking that a mobile release could be possible, and maybe even on steam, what do you think?


I also participated in that jam, nice to see you again!

You are absolutely correct! I was thinking on adding a multiplier, however there is a problem then that people will be "farming" lower levels. So I added an incentive of faster progression to higher difficulty and higher reward levels.
Also I would love for you to rate my game :-) 

Is there actually any way to win?

Gratz on finishing it! My game for this jam also started as a "lets learn this unity thing", but then I got a  cool idea on how to change the gameplay and suddenly had this overwhelming desire to  make it a finished game.

Are you doing any marketing? 
Do you think I could have charged something for my submission?

Well when you get a small game like this especially when checking out a hundred games submitted for a jam you don't usually plan to spend a lot of time with it. So you want as little obstacles on your player's way to actually playing as possible. Installing requires a lot of extra steps (compared to running in browser or having a simple exe file), plus after I finish with all these games I don't want to have to uninstall each one of them separately.

For instance in my game I had an HTML version of it, but it turned out that it has negative effect on the visuals, and as it was becoming more important for the game (after I added post processing) I decided that a video will be enough to entie people to download the zip archive and play the game. 

Do you think I should have used an HTML version for my submission?

Nice art style!!! Unfortunately I don't have anyone to play here with, but cudos on releasing the game. Why did you limit controls to xbox controllers though?

Yes.  I can download it, launch it and play it :-)
My point here is that the author has made something  and this already is more than what most people who want to make games have accomplished :-D and instead of bashing him for not doing anything we should praise his accomplishment (as tiny as it may seem for some more experienced people) and show him where he can grow it to be a good game. After all he is not posting the game on steam to cash in on the trading cards :-)

and 10`s when the game plays itself and you can only watch it with twitch interface :-)

I saw some videos recently  about Godot progress and it seems pretty impressive. I am sticking with the unity for time being, but I hope Godot will become a major competitor for Unity and UE4. Good luck on your next project!

I had a hint that when you lose the crown it means something, but on level end it was not obvious.

Thank you very much for your compliment :-) But there is no need to be jealous, we all are doing this for fun and should be happy about each other's progress :-)

That is some deadly lady, but how do I finish level 1?

Would love to check it out on GearVR!

This truly is pretty addictive!

Although it is addictive as hell :-)

The idea is good, but it is hard to grasp in the beginning and I did not spot any motivation to keep playing

Graphics is cool. I love the background and the intro especially!!! But the game seems too hard, at least for me.

Is there any particular way to turn on the voice? I started the game, but did not hear any voice over.

Did you consider Unity?

This is bloody...  brilliant! I especially like their ghosts. Although I did not spot any incentive on not killing any bunnies

Sound volume rises constantly, until it is unbearable, must be a bug. Also why does spider shoot with the firearm sound?

Congratulations on finishing the game!

I also made a game about gravity! Although the concept is completely different. Your gifs look nice! How is it selling?