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A jam entry

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Coping comes in all forms. Romance, befriend, or belittle to find some kind of happiness
Submitted by bumblebeary (@bumblebearyme) with 10 days, 3 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
AUDIO | Did this game have great music or sound design?#113.6003.600
MOOD | Did this game have atmosphere, or did it make you feel something?#173.8003.800
VISUALS | Did this game have nice graphics, art or design?#413.4003.400
IDEA | Was this game innovative, or did it use interesting mechanics?#453.0003.000
FUN | Was this game satisfying to play or did it bring you joy?#612.8002.800

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How long has this Project been going?
Roughly a year T-T As a first-time coder and amateur artist it took a lot longer than expected, but it's still the most fulfilling project I've ever worked on from start to finish

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I couldn't get voice for the love of god here. But the music was very cool indeed. Not my style of game, but very well made, none the less.


Aw man the voicing seems to be giving everyone a bit of trouble T-T Sorry about that! Voice sustain/adjusting voice volume didn't work?  Oh well. Glad you gave it a try and hope you have a wonderful day!

As a VN it doesn't fall into the trap of wandering around the point... well, not much at any rate. So, I enjoyed it so far and may play again.

Color scheme is good and drawings are expressive; I don't mind the graphics style but still think it needs a bit of work ideally. Keep in mind that once you lock yourself into such a genre, content is everything! 


Haha thank you so much! Yes my art style definitely could be improved ^-^ I'm glad you enjoyed for the most part and of course I shall dedicate myself to making even better narratives in the future. I hope you were happy with whatever ending you got and have a wonderful day


Had to turn the voice volume up (it was at minimum when I started).
It's a cute and nicely voiced Ren'Py game.

Is there any particular way to turn on the voice? I started the game, but did not hear any voice over.


If you play with the "Voice Sustain" in the preferences it should come on ^-^


Hello there :) The premise is interesting (and it's fully voiced too!) I'm going to download this and shower you other comments once I'm done. But anyways, good going :)


Thank you so much! I look forward to your feedback ^-^

You're welcome :) 

So, finally got around to playing the game~ (got the four endings, yay~). Let's start with some stuff I noticed... so at first I'm really expecting the voicing and I'm surprised that there's none. Although, I guess I should have asked as soon as that happened but yeah, I found a comment here with an answer to that problem (replayed the game to hear those amazing voices). Another thing, in Cyd's adventure, there was a time when he returned completely dressed, then at a change in the dialogue, his shirt came off. I didn't expect that, so, uhh, maybe it's a bug? There's also one voiced part that repeats twice before the actual text that's supposed to play played. 

Other stuff: I LOVE your choice of music, it just seemed befitting for every scene (although not all, but it helps for the atmosphere.) I also love Demi and her overall character and how she's better in parts where there's no romance involved. It's just I've been looking forward to a romance route with Cyd (I like Cyd so much, apparently.) but well, you know. I just feel like the chemistry between Aurick and Demi is not really that good? More like the romance isn't really there and I don't know why she's actually attracted to him, in the first place. And maybe I'm just a bit biased (since I like Cyd xD), but I don't really like Aurick, overall (Sidenote: I noticed that he kinds of look like Edward Cullen. There's nothing bad about that xD Did you design Aurick based on Edward?).  Also, I really love the voice acting, especially Cyd's, since his spoken lines sound more natural than the others. I also love the story even with as short as it is (and I feel that there's more to it than that because some parts seem to have more history). Your interface design is befitting with the overall character art and atmosphere too. And yeah, overall, it's a good game and thanks for making it :3


Aw man I'm sorry that the voicing didn't come up the first time around! Well I guess Cyd was super excited to be shirtless, what can I say? XD I'll go through his branch and try to find out where on earth his clothes went. If you remember line that repeats let me know and I'll clean that up. I love Cyd too! I was thinking of making a mini version where Cyd and Demi end up together ^-^ As I was writing them, I realized that their bond was so strong and at this point in their lives they really needed to be each other's best friends as opposed to romance. I tried to hint that they were definitely lurking feelings that Demi was suppressing there for a while haha. Cyd's voice actor brought so much joy and life to the role!

Yeaaaah Aurick gets mostly dramatic scenes, sadly. I'll have to work on that development of "OH HEY MY WORK CRUSH. We're both depressed about the world and think we're both smart and strong and attractive but annoying too." I was trying to show that they bonded over trying so hard to make the universe better on a bigger scale, whereas Cyd was trying to make things better on a smaller scale and that's why she was able to relax with him more. Development skills in progress over here lol. Haha weirdly enough I did not get the Edward inspiration. I actually kept thinking of Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) from Vampire Diaries/The Originals and his sassy broody seductiveness but hey--a lot of sexy vampires have that in common. Weeeeell at least Demi was cool with no romance and you enjoyed the game :D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS! I am still playing Villaintine and loving it btw. I'll comment you up and link my playthrough when it's done

Yep, a miniversion would be nice :3 Although, it's fine too if that doesn't happen seeing you're actual intention of just hinting the romance on their route. And maybe, it's just the bias again haha. But I think, you do make a point about how they need to be friends first. They did end up meeting after so long so yep, that's pretty solid. As for the line, it's somewhere along the lines 'No, I...' and something related to when Demi is discussing about her friend who committed suicide before the events of the story took place. And yesss, Cyd's voice actor did a good job on that one. Now that you point it out, (I looked up Klaus Mikaelson just because...), I do see the similarities in how they looked like. As for the Demi-Aurick relationship, I guess it's because there's not much of the backstory support about their actual relationship before Aurick entered the scene so the romance felt weak. But either way, your explanation did justify it for me.  Anyways, you're welcome and thank you for checking out The Villaintine  :)

So, is it going to be a shower of comments!? Great avatar by the way : )

Deleted post
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Sorry for the late reply! Might be (but might not, since I always end up not saying too much haha xD). Anyways, I haven't gotten very far off yet since schoolwork finally arrived and all that. Also,thank you for the compliment  (deleted the previous post because I got confused but anyways, here it's back) :3 

Edit: Yeah, apparently, it's an actual shower xD