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Daniel "MontyOnTheRun" Monteiro

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Very nice reproduction! Some serious Super Mario Bros Special vibes

But seriously, guys, you're playing with fire!

Very well executed! And with that palette, I can totally see this as a PC/DOS EGA Game.

My only complaint is that sometimes, the mouse click wouldn't register. I think it was on level 3 that this happened 5 clicks in a row!

Very smooth!

My only criticism is that the "pixel resolution" for the track, the side obstacles and the mountains kind of clash with the car. It's as if the car was from a ColecoVision, the track from a Mega Drive and the mountains from an Atari 2600 game.

Oh man, I'm a sucker for this kind of game! Very well executed!

That was fun! You should turn this into a real retro game! Maybe a game boy ROM?

While not exactly my jam, that was a very polished experience! Congrats!

(tested on Mac Air 2017)

Hey, just to let you know: you're shipping x86 versions of your native library - you can probably shrink your APK size by stripping those in your Gradle script - after all, Intel Android devices are basically dead :)

Man, that was intense, but quite fun!
Reminds me of the old Atari arcade, Black Widow

Heh, that ending took quite a turn. That was fun :D

lol, shoulder length black hair with purple-ish clips on the side quite described my wife, about an year ago :)

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Nice to see a Mac game :)

BTW, a small typo: "Fast forwad..."

Also, kudos on the music selection - matches the vibe of the game quite nicely

Happy to see a MacOS game!

I should note, however, that it took quite some time loading without any indication (it might be worth noting on the game page). MacBook Air 2017 running Monterrey.

The graphic style is interesting, but you might want to invest some time on profiling it. In my machine, I got between 16 to 18 frames per second.

Hello - not sure if I understood correctly? Is this a non-linear/multi-universe story? I was not entirely sure if I made progress in a way I was supposed to? If I understood this correctly, it's a really neat concept (despite the reality of it being way too far from me to really connect).

I have to admit to be a bit confused by the game (cut me some slack. I haven't fished in what? 25 years? Moreover, I hate eating fish :P)

What was that indicator near the finishing cane? Mine kept showing 5/120?

Congrats on what I assume to be your first game?

The Zombies coming sincerely gave me anxiety. Congrats :)

One thing confused me: S shoots, but also changes the volume?

Hey, I was trying game 1 and my character got out of the screen, but then the game soft-locked. You might want to spend a bit more time testing that :) Let me know if you need some assistance on this

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OK, got some improvements there. The timing of things still is a bit wonky, but got a lot better.

Unfortunately, since this was my first "big" game for DOS, there are still some issues I might never really fix without a big rewrite.

Following this V2.1, I might end up doing this big overhaul, but it would take quite a long time. Meanwhile, this new version should be enough for the compilation :)

OK, got Adlib and OPL2LPT working fine. PC Speaker works well, but oddly, there's some delay with the sound starting. It's been a while since I last touched this interrupt handling code.

Also got VGA graphics to work, but it will still use the CGA art (but at least there will be no dithering and potentially faster).

I hope to ship this by tomorrow, if that's OK. 

I would be honoured if you do...but this was actually only on the CGA Jam.

My only game on the (MS-)DOS Game Jam was the 32-bit version of Derelict (, but I guess you're referring to another game jam?

Sadly, no - this was the first time I was working with the OPL chip. But since my other games do have Adlib/SB support, if you give me a couple of days, I can fix this.

The GBA port is shaping up nicely, despite still being a bit slow.

I have a common core among the games and different, but slightly intercompatible game engines, all written in C90.

You can check the code here:

UI improved!

Controls really need another pass for refinement, but I intend to rewrite the renderer, so to allow me smoother movement and (more importantly) looking around with the analog stick.

Thanks for trying!

The CPC version is back from the dead, fully functional and shaping up greatly. I feel this could be become a really good version!

Thank you for the effort. The Web version didn't work on Firefox , with the following error message:

The following features required to run Godot projects on the Web are missing:
Cross Origin Isolation - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
SharedArrayBuffer - Check web server configuration (send correct headers)
With safari, all I got was a black pane.

As for the native Mac version, it still locks up. Gonna try the Linux version later and report back.

I was actually unaware of 64-bit G3s, but I'm not an expert on the subject.

How did you build it?

My project is a Xcode 2.5 project and I select the 10.4 Universal project; otherwise, it would support 10.3 as well. Heck, if you have the machine to test, I would gladly provide you with a binary to test.

I only have a PowerMac G4 Digital Audio with Tiger to test PPC stuff. It's actually the most treasured item in my computer collection 😅

The UX still is a problem for all versions of the game (with the Master System and MSX versions being a bit less confusing, bit quite cumbersome). 

I might take the Ocarina of Time approach and display some contextual indications on the screen, representing the C buttons. What do you think about it?

Lol, that's one weird message!

I suspect this is the case of high level emulators vs cycle accurate emulators. The HLEs tend to focus on what's necessary to only run the commercial games, rather than really reproducing the machine. I suggest you try CEN64 or maybe Ares (which I used for development).

In any case, thanks for trying!

The game won't start on my machine (Macbook Air 2017, MacOS Monterrey). Do I need some specific setup to run it?

The game won't start on my machine (Macbook Air 2017, MacOS Monterrey). Do I need some special setup to run it?

Gotta confess I was a bit disappointed that the game requires a 64-bit PPC, but it's only fair; we're going for 64-bit graphics, after all. But still, the fact remains that this is probably the jam with the most Mac PPC games in the history of! (my game runs on 32-bit PPC).

As for the game itself, it really nailed the visual aspect of the N64! My only criticiscm is that the backdrops fade too quickly under the fog, dispelling the illusion. I also could not find any arrow?

Tested the game with both a Macbook 08 and a Mac Mini 07, both running Lion.

The game doesn't seem to launch on Firefox 108.0.1 (64-bit), MacOS Monterrey. Do I need some specific setup?

The first tutorial instruction is simply too far and too low res to be read. I would suggest bringing it closer.

I also had a really hard time pulling the tripple jump.

I *really* enjoyed the graphics, but I will be honest with you - it looks more like a Saturn game than a N64 . Must also commend you on the controls - it really feels like Mario 64! And that's no easy feat.

Finally, it was really funny that you can simply say no to everything and go explore the terrain. You should include some funny secret in there, somewhere :P

Tested on MacOS Monterrey (Macbook Air 2017) as well as with Ubuntu Linux 20.04 (on a Macbook 2008). Ran smootly on the MB Air, but could only run in software mode on Linux (due to the hardware age). It was choppy, but playable.

hah, wait until you see the current sorry state of this port. It's *far* from "perfectly" LOL

But hey, everybody has to start somewhere. I'll ship a basic, functional version, but will continue to optimize it later.