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Hah, I played ROTT all the time with friends, over MODEM and serial cable! Crazy fun game that was!

And the MSX version is finally working in a more or less stable way!!

Este juego es muy viejo y roto...tengo que arreglarlo un dia!

Adding more features and fixes on the ROM is getting harder and harder!

Stay tuned!

This is a nice surprise!

...and yet, I shouldn't be surprised...

Very fluid mechanics, with satisfying controls. Plays like a true console game of the era!

This game is mighty impressive!

While it has this cool early 32-bits look, it also feels quite fresh and well crafted.

(BTW, be careful that some of hills are still "walkable", allowing the played to get out of bounds)

You're very kind!

Making the puzzles was easily the hardest part. And I still find it kind of underwhelming. For the next episode, I might try some more interesting ones.

How do we play it? It looks fascinating!

Gotta admit I was a little skeptical of the screenshots, since they don't look very 90's to me, but once I played the game, it was very much a Sega Saturn game!

It's a little unstable and could use some polish, but fits the theme very well and (when it's working) it's a very fine Dungeon Crawler. Congrats.

Tried R and many other keys (admitdly, somewhat at random), but none seems to have any effect.

I couldn't play it. It froze my whole browser (I'm using Firefox on a MacBook Air 2017, running OSX Mojave).

I recorded a small video of my test. Don't worry, it's unlisted.

I tried it as well..nothing hapenned.

The game is quite good, but the controls are very confusing for keyboard users. I would suggest you to add more details on how to play on a computer :)

This could EASILY pass for a 1996 game! Congrats, very well made.

There's potential here, but there's also a lot of room for improvement. Dont' feel discouraged.

The game got stuck and I couldn't quit it - had to use task  manager. Also, the music would stop after getting one of the (rare) candy.

With some polish, this could be a fun little game :)

Sorry, but I couldn't understand it. I clicked around, pressed keys but nothing hapenned.

Strong Daytona vibes here! Sadly, the physics didn't play along. After one jump, I was able to clip thru the track and get out of bounds. Driving over the water, I hit one of the bridge pillars and got stuck on a fade out loop that would respawn me at the exact same place, with the sound of the engine starting.

This has a lot of potential, but would still require some polish :)

Also, those controls are from hell! XD

Sadly, I couldn't play it. It kept complaining about a CONSTANT.TXT file. After closing the popup, the game would never get focus and I would be stuck in place.

Gotta admit: a gothic racer was very unexpected...and also very good!

Big vibes of Speed Haste on a Pentium from it! Loved it!

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I'm not able to create a devlog entry for some reason (a bug?)

Here's what changed:

  • there was a whole room missing that would lead the player into getting trapped in a limbo if they entered. I completely forgot to create it!
  • greatly improved the control scheme. It was 6 action keys and I simplified it to 4 keys
  • reorganized some of the clues around the map - in fact, there was one clue being spawned outside the map!
  • improved the UI to look more finished
  • fixed many of the possible point of crashing

Here's a video of the original (or was it 1.1?) for Amiga running on a Vampire 080:

You will see that between the original MS-DOS release and the last release for OSX (builds for other platforms will come soon), there was a lot of small fine tuning!

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thanks! But in order to achieve the complete gameplay experience, I would need a little more time.

Oh well, I will keep working on it, but the most likely release date is now a couple of months away

Not all doors can be entered. At least from what I played.

Regarding the speed, my perception is that the "fast" is what should the normal and that the extra fast is way too fast.

Sorry, what is Dementium? Maybe I must something?

Short but quite fun. Congrats!

(tested on GBA SP)

Works fine on my DS Lite, but won't boot on OpenEmu.

I absolutely LOVED the graphics sound and music, but the touchscreen controls were very twitchy (it could be that my DS is quite banged up and I haven't booted it in a while, TBH). The character also walks a little too slow for my tastes, but I understand that it's part of the creepyness factor.

I also noticed some graphics corruption when moving between rooms. It looks like your engine is very similar to mine and I experienced a similar issue. I end up using a transition animation in the spirit of Resident Evil

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OMG, that music....

The first time it was ok, but it kept's headache inducing...sorry! (and believe me, I do enjoy some experimental synth music)

The rest of the game is fine, but a little slow, just like the others reported. I would also suggest a little highlight over interactable objects, for when you're close to it, so you know you're near enough for interaction.

Quite well executed - congrats!

I would suggest you to add a "cooldown" for when you have cactuses, as well as a limit for how many you could "spawn" together, in order to make the game just a tad more fair :)

I dig the graphics - reminds me a lot of Captain Skyhawk on the NES!

Allow me to suggest you to make the player vehicle faster and more floaty. It would make for a more dynamic gameplay. Not sure how hard would it also be for adding a shadow for it, to emphasize that it is floating?

There is a lot of potential here!

I fully agree with Max but also add that the end enemy was a little confusing. I somehow expected it to be some "interactable" character and ran into it, expecting a dialog or something. I was also half-expecting the bamboo to hurt me (but then realized it was too tall and was probably just a prob. Kudos for having the character going thru it - I've noticed the effect!).

Those are just minor points that could be made more explicit in future versions.

Another point to add: tested it a FPGA core (MiST compatible) and the game hang shortly before starting. Did you get the chance to try on real hardware? On emulator it ran just fine.

Simple but very well made and lots of fun to play. Man, the difficulty spike on level 3 caught me offguard :)

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I bit more than I could chew with this one, but I was trying to port the game I wrote for the Retro Platform Jam, for 32-bit retro machines ( (DOS, Macs, Amigas) to the Master System and I got close, but I can see that there are too many issues still pending and not enough time.

Surprisingly, the hardest parts are working: 3D graphics (basic but working) and the core gameplay (initialized, but not integrated into the 3D engine yet):

This is using the legacy mode 2 from the SG-1000, but still using and requiring the extra memory in the SMS.

The original: bugs also didn't help much...but hey, it's a quite good IDE still!

If only we had more time...

WOW, this is really hard, but quite challenging in a good way. I kept thinking: "ok, one more try!"

After getting the high jump boots, the collision and screen transition get a little wonky, but nothing game breaking.

Good work, a very cool game!

Ah, I think I've found it.

You probably took a right on the hangar and entered the BOHR-2 escape capsule. I, well, forgot to make that map 😅

Will publish a revision tomorrow, fixing this and adding 64-bit OSX support, as well as an easter egg.

Can you remember which room was it?

This is a particularly new way to use this engine and I wasn't sure things would hold up. I originally wrote it so maps would play in an isolated form, but then I tried to sync it with the core gameplay module.

All this in a 2 week span, plus the puzzles and the geometry...maybe I bit a little more than I could chew