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Thank you! I'll be pushing until Chapter VII in alpha/early access mode (https://eelstork.itch.io/re-antistar) at which point I'll look into Gear VR/Apple TV ports as I'm hoping to get this out around December. If you're interested in any of these I'll be happy to get you a copy!

Gravity's alright but the jump action itself is a bit of a placeholder and it's been like that for a while

> __ <

Frankly I've had it with my character controller so I might try something else (also, gamepad support and a less constrained camera are on the roadmap).

Thank you! If you are interested in the game I'll get you a season pass (I realise you are swamped with jam games!!!)

Hello here. A quick note to let you know FTR jam is over results out, and please reply to the announcement email (do not reply here thanks).

Hello here. A quick note to let you know FTR jam is over results out, and please reply to the announcement email (do not reply here thanks).

Hello here. A quick note to let you know FTR jam is over results out, and please reply to the announcement email (do not reply here thanks).

Hello here. A quick note to let you know FTR jam is over results out, and please reply to the announcement email (do not reply here thanks).

Well. Somehow I eventually just got to play this game. Big fan of horizontal and vertical shooters, love the zany colors theme!

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I'm starting to warm up to this game. Now I only  need to grab 2 controllers and two human and I'll be set for the fun.

A small question: I think I've forgotten the control to display available resolutions. Yes, I will actually look it up myself. But my point is you have an appealing game here, that's supported by an appealing box shot. Still you need to make yourself accessible to players... assuming you want as many players as possible that is (trying to have players can be a distraction from the fun of making  a game) so here's a couple of ideas:

  • Let the player select the resolution they want; I know this resolution select screen is a bit ugly (to a point its customizable). Many people just don't have a gaming PC it doesn't mean we don't want to play.
  • Paste the rules of the game, and required additional hardware (in this case 2 controllers) directly on the home screen. For a short/simple game all you need is a good looking font.
  • Would be awesome if I could play agains the CPU (finding player no problem for me but still)

Please bear with me, I'll get there.

So I had another stab at Jet Go which is still the same fresh platformer it was in the first place. Some of the improvements are indeed much visible.

But I still can't beat the spider.

Which leads to my question, is the spider the final boss!?

Thank you! I just wonder is the game a sequence of auto-generated levels or was there an ending?

Okay there's a bug and a half here as a hard landing will kill the character (which is not a bug, but the speed threshold is too low) and, when this happens, I should make sure the KO animation plays normally. I'll fix that.

Jumping ahead of the stag... ? If that means jumping into nothingness, that will kill you.

As a little tip, there's a golden looking platform halfway between the stag and cat (well closer to the cat actually); after talking to the stag and befriending the cat, a flying machine lands there and you can get a lift.

This game has a bunch of stuff for you to enjoy ; )

This comment is fair. The camera system is more flexible in the Birdman series (that you played over at GJ) but this does not satisfy everybody (some players just don't want to handle the camera at all) so I'm planning to improve on that (though probably not until chapter 6). Well did you manage to find the stag, or just the cat? Also, there are 2 completely separate environments in this chapter!

In my opinion more of a kind of visual novel (or a RPG stripped off the... RPG elements) this game kept me hooked until the end, which is kind of weird.

Although I think the narrative talent of the author is the main part of it, thing is actually, the soundtrack and the graphics however minimalist and amateur-ish, work well too.

In short this is a good game. Unpretentious but engrossing in its own way.

I hope you are kidding because I was there and I applied anti-bacterial soap all over my keyboard. So, does it mean there are going to be sequels?

It's streaming video so not ideal for playing games. But with high enough bandwidth could have been okay. Maybe the AWS PC I rented wasn't powerful enough also. But finally I got to play it on a "real" PC.

So I'm done with this game. Totally gave this giant slime of a virus a trashing.

Although I'm not sure how fun it is to MAKE, fighting a virus on the Win desktop was pretty cool, but didn't last long as you decided to take your nice pixel art somewhere else.

A keyboard/mouse combo would really make the controls easier.

OMG say that first. I was about to get my fingers replaced by bionic implants.

Solid gameplay and nicely done. I feel that this game has potential and core mechanics are fun. To motivate a little bit of story/stronger sense of progression would be interesting.

Anyway this is already more fun than a lot of "published" phone games I played.

Also I appreciate how you took the time to update your devlog... at least we can see that you're set on making this game better!

Double jump

Tried playing this using the itch.  desktop app no luck so far

Very unique visuals and well presented. A small thing is it would be great to introduce the concept on the home screen (on my first plays, felt like 1 hit kill which is a bit demotivating). Will play again.

So, what improvements did you make to this game during the FTR jam?

Rage quit after 2 minutes. Of course there will be fans of this type of super hard game so you'll have to put my lack of patience on appraoching the mid-age crisis, raging on Bootcamp just so I can play all the jam games, and over things.

If just one little comment: I feel that the title image does not do justice to your game.

I want to like this game but I'm at ~5 FPS here so on my modest MBP this is practically unplayable. Also not 100% on how left stick/right stick map to keyboard? (But frankly, the big trouble is the frame rate. At that frame rate I can't judge the controls' response.

I understand this was made with Unity so from experience... I'm sure you can find a way to improve the frame rate.

Posted in Fatal comments

This looks a nice game but I seem to bump into a door very early on. Can you add keyboard controls to the game description?

Liked the game but I wonder. What improvement did you make to this game during FinishThatRemakeJam? It looks to me that this exe is 1 year old.

Believe it or not, I tried this game via MS Remote Desktop, which convinced me never to do it again.

Okay somehow going to get access to a PC as this really does not do justice to all these games!

Wow, in my browser this game is taking about 0.01% of the screen. Okay so I'll try the DL version then.

I see that but from there how can anybody later find out whether it was a late submission or not? THIS is the feature needed here.

Looks a nice concept! What would be very cool is if users shared a pool of created levels that we could all play together!

I think it would be a nice to have (to include late submissions in the feed/gallery) but at the moment it would be more of an itch.io feature request as I can't do this on my end. However please note late submissions won't be eligible for prizes.

In the meantime you can post a link to your game in this thread, so at least we might have a look?

I believe that FTR jam will be back in 2018; maybe a long time to wait, I know.

Well, it's not a problem but it will be nice if we can see the older version : ]  ~~~ can you un-hide it?!

We have just a few hours left before the end of this jam, then the selection process will begin.
To simplify communication with contestants in case we need to get in touch with you, please consider adding an email/discord id/facebook page link to your game. This makes it much easier to contact contestants individually.

Thanks for your attention!

So I'm happy with this kind of evidence, that is totally acceptable, the main comment here for everybody reading this is, please paste your links/proof into your game description where everybody can see them : )

For proof of what you are explaining, the "original WiP thread ..." is looking sufficient; I had a question here, whether you needed to actually have submitted the game at the other jam so I checked the wording and it says "[...] finish a game you started or remade at another Jam this summer" but also, in the rules "must have been entered into another jam".

So I think strictly speaking you should have submitted your game at the other jam first (did you?), but I'll be putting the emphasis on quality here not nit-picking; so as long as you could demonstrate (as explained by you) that you participated in that jam your entry will qualify.

Additionally please consider that your game is being identified as plagiarism by mods. So, do submit only one game and make sure it's original.

Hi Oscar, please choose one of your games and one only as submission for the jam. Also, please consider that you are given about 1 month to polish your game. This is a message from the organizer, so, please take it seriously as excessive submission may disqualify you. Thanks.

Yea it's totally allowed; just keep in mind that making time-consuming changes gives you less time to polish your game : )

Finally! After I beat up my netbook against the wall, and even threaten to resell it, I got to play this game.

Alright so I could tell you that it's the best entry I've seen from RemakeJam so far BUT to be entirely fair I have not played any other Win game on that jam yet.

Still. I mean this is a game with a kind of goal, puzzles, and even a very scary game boss! Kudos

Only small comment is where it says "click" (or was it press?) it should say "shoot the button"