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It is enjoyable and would deserve more work, notably to make it more inviting and easier to get into.

I wonder, how are we supposed to restart except via an XBoxController?

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So this is what I get on my Mac...  (screenshot of the error)


Are there any nmes in here or is it just me?

Would be great to indicate what platform your game supports.

I enjoyed playing this game, with the choice of actions being the highlight, and the lack of constraints (never forced into combat? never blocked by ravines or water?) a lesser feature. It would be very fun to complete a small campaign; if randomly generated these short campaigns (save a princess? revenge? collect gold to fund a goal?) could nicely conclude a play session. Another possible small improvement is just the name of a creature is a poor predictor of how reasonable it is to attack.

I only spent 5 minutes with this game, there may be more depth to it than I perceived.

At first this looks like a super-hard game but after playing for a bit I realised that my brain was slowly getting into a mode where I anticipated and started coordinating my hands. In my opinion playing piano with two hands is a prerequisite to be good at this (and, interestingly, vice versa).

The extra stuff in the middle of the screen are mysterious, and suspicious.

But I wanted invincibility!

Yes there is a little more to "do" and look for. See FAQ and also refer Chapter 1 and 2 of the same, here. There is a little more poking around for you to get the ending of this short demo.

Running around and killing grunts: better than my day job; yay.

I think you should definitely be part of the jam as you just said yourself: your games could be played from start to finish!
It was meaningful for me to pick a published game as I was in the process of remaking my first published game : )

My main point was, pick an early game that you want to remake!

Although I can't answer that for you  (I think the organisers would have the last word on this) I'll give you my 2 cents and share my position here.

  • As my very first I'll pick my first public game. I wonder whether I would accurately remember what my "very first" game was (a little shooter where a submarine was meant to avoid missiles does come to mind but it's not something I ever thought was "done".
  • I wouldn't pick anything that never went past the concept/prototyping stage. So when you write "weird concepts" I'm wondering if you are actually referring to game ideas you had, or stuff you actually wired up.

I do think it's up to you what you consider your first game to be, as it would be a bit sad if you submitted no entry because your first game isn't something you feel like re-making.

Created a new topic Feature requests open

Hi everybody this is a message from the game dev in case anybody reads.

I started on this project about one and a half month ago and here's what I know:

- I can make a multiplayer game. Technically I'm pretty accomplished and if you even have an idea how long it should take to make a game, you'd probably agree that I'm pretty fast.

Here's what I don't know.

- I don't know what would make people love my game. Sure I can produce a huge feature list and grind thru that (that is kind of what I'm doing... ) but I mainly created this game to have fun with others so I'll be jazzed to hear from you.