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Hey! Welcome to this thread. I'm Eelstork the author of TS2. At the moment here's a few things I'm planning to be working on:

  • Apply rotation to the turtle shell
  • Control the turtle's head and beak
  • Add turtle soccer challenge (2p VS same comp)
  • Add turtle sumo challenge (2p VS same comp)
  • Add turtle tank escape challenge (1p story mode)

Sounds awesome ha! Don't hesitate to post your suggestions; note that you can support my work on Patreon, or check out my other games - making this stuff actually takes a huge amount of time. Thank you!

Post your results here for stage 2

Post your results here for stage 1.

Totally! Short term goals work well for some and I'm in the same boat so I switched my approach to releasing my game chapter by chapter. Keeps me on track!

Currently, and possibly for a short time, my day job. 

My first complete game (Antistar: Rising) found a little success on mobile (9 years ago, almost); thought I could make it, didn't turn out so good. Spent quite a few years licking my wounds; freelance gigs then a long string of... game unrelated coding gigs. Money was good, taught me lots, but passion is a thing and having the tiniest slivers of time to work on what I love isn't ideal so I decided to give it another try.

Some lessons I learned:

  • Go for the long haul. Indie game dev is often done on small but indefinitely extensible "budgets". 3 years of thrashing and trying to kick stuff out of the door is silly (done it). 3 years of regular, focused part time work can put a lot of value in a game (getting there).
  • Anything goes west, cut it short. I call this the "rabbit hole syndrome" where basically something (game feature, modeling work, design issue, third party software annoyance) starts taking a lot more time than expected. It's okay to do research or take up challenges, but heavy stuff should be done outside game project work.
  • Stick to games I enjoy making. Although I might come up with 50 game designs in a week, most of these are stuff that I'm not going to stick to anyway so I just tune down on that. A so called "game idea" might fit a lot better as a small game feature in a serious project.

I'm currently remaking my very first game (in preparation of a sequel, and with a much wider range of target platforms) which may sound a little boring but, I get attached to my projects... doing stuff over again makes it a lot easier to learn and improve : )

I think the best fun with this game will be the multiplayer so bring your friends!

Hey this is apparently working. So I can collect resources and use them as bullets right? And shots ricochet on icebergs!? Not bad! Not bad at all!!!

I see. It's kind of weird, in my browser (Safari) I only gain focus after I expand the window, so that's why space wasn't working - scrolled me to the bottom of the page instead.

Didn't notice that with other web games, not sure...

Just a quick heads up to explain why I have to set a price for A Birdman Emulator, which I previously made free to share with fellow jammers. Right now I'm having a sale on the Apple App Store. It would make little sense to have a $1 sale while the same game is free on the desktop. 

I have to say, the voting period for FFS jam is really long. So I got this seasonal thing coming up and, well, sooner or later I had to align prices to be fair to everybody.

Since I'm having a promo on mobile you can still get the Birdman Emulator half price on itch, or bundled with re:Antistar at a mystifying $2.14. Not really here to advertise though, not plugging a link.

Big thanks to everybody who played the game so far, and the 4 horsemen who went out of their apocalyptical ways to rate my jam entry.

Thanks for your attention!

Ah... okay. Believe it or not I actually clicked through the sequence of images thinking it was the game. To my credit, hardly got any sleep last night.

First to comment! I feel so cool.

Enjoying the look and feel but... how do I jump!?

Both your OS and Safari are out of date compared to mine.

The following would work in my opinion - and what I have in mind is that devs who are going to use Butler are not afraid of Terminal. So why use Safari in the first place?

  • Provide a cut-and-paste command that would download (and if possible install) Butler.
  • Provide a homebrew installer (I'm fixing a brew install for something right now so I might be able to help after I'm done and get a bit more familiar with this.

Great title! Almost overlooked this... ...hidden game. I think this is up to an interesting start!

So, is it going to be a shower of comments!? Great avatar by the way : )

As a VN it doesn't fall into the trap of wandering around the point... well, not much at any rate. So, I enjoyed it so far and may play again.

Color scheme is good and drawings are expressive; I don't mind the graphics style but still think it needs a bit of work ideally. Keep in mind that once you lock yourself into such a genre, content is everything! 

Thanks Vimino. If Birdman ever gets interest much, I might do a sequel. Would he fly? Maybe... It is somewhat of a tragi-comedy however so, your sadness is fitting!

Overall this is quite fun to play although it took me a little while to figure the tiny UI buttons. I'm thinking of playing a little more which is the sign of something engaging. But I wonder, is there only one setting to explore/interact with?

A couple of problems I encountered (macOS)

  • No sound, that's kind of sad.
  • Refuses to quit, had to force-quite the app

In my opinion, the introductory talk is too long. I would have had more fun if I could interact much sooner.


I have this ongoing soul searching about hidden gems, like do they exist and all. This is looking very polished, however.

The most amazing aspect is it has several views on-screen, so you can keep track of the mothership situation. And yes, the graphics rock.

Looks very fun and polished; wish there was a Mac version though! And would be nice to have it as a zip file ; )

Hello! Hello! Good morning, Good evening, Good day
...and Thank You very, very much for visiting this page.

A Birdman Emulator, the Beginning of Nowhere is a re-make of a surrealist exploration/platform game I created circa 2013.

The original was called "Game Degree Zero". 


Still find it extremely hard to articulate what this game was about but I figure the idea was "just enough" of a game world that some players would find themselves compelled to follow a narrative structure (bring your own story) and strive to complete all the levels.

Clarification: this game has both a mobile and a desktop version (if you want the mobile, search "A Birdman Emulator" on iPhone/iPad), which is why you are seeing on-screen controls in the demos.

There was/is a whole sense of limbo/no-whereness that pervaded the thing and got carried over to the sequel. The here "Emulator" is a copycat, a look-alike, a memento and a fake (of my own original game) which celebrates (and exceeds) its predecessor.

How does it work? You visit mysterious environments (most stages have bizarre automata or easter eggs to discover) (these are, in fact, Archetypes), then, finding portals you zap inside the Transistor, a perilous labyrinth that will make you rage quit (the later levels, of course!) and possibly destroy your gaming PC (sorry, no refunds). 

And this goes on until... no spoiler. Usually I charge a fee for this game but since I wanted to be inclusive for #FFSjam, it will be free until voting ends. 

Below you will also find my final play-through of the original "Game Degree Zero" (the ending is different, of course). Many thanks if you read this much. Now - in case you really are after the iOS version, and penniless (or stingy, perchance?) the lowest you might get this (could be zero) will be on Valentine's, the 14th of February 2018. 

Hello! Hello! And Goodbye! See you  inside the Birdman Emulator.

You are still here? Then I will answer a couple of questions.

  • Is it inspired from Slenderman? No. The faceless character is a by-product of the original, super simple design. It's also because the original character, PK, represented..., the player. The suit came later. I forgot why but mostly because it just felt right.
  • Is it inspired from the Birdman movie? Nay. I've seen it but, well. The name Birdman came up after I added the chicken legs.
  • Did you add the chicken legs because of "Chicken attack"? I wish I did but no. This happened before Chicken Attack. The reason I added said chicken legs has something to do with how a tiny difference disqualifies a being from counting as human. At some level, I also acted on impulse, enjoying the specific power of being an evil fairy gifting its progeny with unwanted appendages.

Enough of this. Go play.

Game's alright, I just don't understand why even is this space themed?
There must be a metaphor that would turn this confusion into something very fun.

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(C++ 14) + DOS = Oh Yeah : )

Seriously this is awesome at some level... although I'm not sure exactly what running this on my Mac will entail, and the install instructions do feel a bit curt.


I want the cards!

This is a nice game in that although it starts from a very basic mechanic, it's well rounded with a sweet UI and some extra features/leveling up concept.

To keep me hooked it would have to play faster/harder or vary its graphics over time.

Okay so I tried this game and it's well polished and well presented. The only minor gripe I had is that I didn't even know what key to press to activate menu items. So I even had to fiddle to reach the help (but what really happened is I fiddled my way through guessing the controls, somehow).

I think you can get a pretty decent idea of what it does, and how it feels, by looking at the animated gifs : )

Of course it's worth a couple of bucks (like 1000000s of other nice indie games)

In my experience you will sell more on mobile than you would on itch. However the only thing that you are sure to get with anything commercial is pocket money, more so if you don't have marketing muscle. Hope you don't mind getting my opinion on this : )

There's a logic at work here. If you get free downloads in the 10s or 100s don't expect too many paying customers. Looking forward to playing your game as well.

I double checked and Safari (which I use to download) has zero extensions. This works:

  • download (extension adds itself somehow)
  • rename *.dms file (remove extension)
  • chmod +x (this is required)
  • run butler

So, the extension is added in error. Using Safari 11.0.3 over macOS Sierra (not the broken OS that's high on something) 10.12.6 

I looked on and found this:
It's "possible" that this is fixed in High Sierra (or a late regression on Sierra?) but I wasn't trying to be funny here; really had a bad bad time with that (the latest OS, not butler!) notably when combined with Unity.

Didn't stop me from using Butler overall but not a great experience : )

Thanks for your quick reply by the way.

(1 edit)

Well. What I understood, which may be wrong, is that in order to move the camera I need to select a character? Anyway, this is the only way this makes sense to me, since it creates a condition where I have to move a character to find the others.

Obviously unfinished but I kinda like the idea of having to coordinate 10 characters as a group, why not!

As to how to motivate the dev, he probably needs to be poked with Shurikens...

Was there any sound?

Thank you! Don't forget to rate the jam sub! Just out of curiosity how long did you play till you rage quit!?

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I enjoyed this game more than I expected, and of course I also think it's worth the small price. What I like best about this game collection is that it's full of atmosphere, and packages casual games in a time bound format. In other words they are time based experiences that find their own ending regardless of winning or losing.

My understanding is that this has to do with the games being related to sound? Like, soundtracks?

Each mini game is very original not really in the core mechanics but in visual ideas and execution.

Overall, really enjoyed it.

Butler downloads to my Mac as "butler.dms"
I thought this was a typo so I changed this to butler.dmg but trying to run this reports a broken archive.
Trying to get it as a by product of the itch app but wanted to report this anyway, hoping for a clarification/fix?

Thank you

As far as I know this is how the brand would attack you, if they wanted to: they would have to demonstrate that the Millennium Falcon is a "copyrightable character"; secondly they would have to demonstrate that you have indeed produced a representation of the Millennium Falcon.

A related reference is the Batmobile lawsuit, see here and here.

You are in a gray area.

In the above case you admit yourself that it's a tribute to the Falcon. But on the other hand I didn't quite recognize it at first sight. So it looks like if you avoided referring the Falcon in the first place, you'd be more likely to be in the clear.

Secondly it's okay in the US to create representations of utilitarian things (such as branded rice cookers, cars and buildings) (discussed in above links). But the problem here is that arguably the Falcon is not utilitarian, it's just a work of art. If a judge ruled the bat mobile a copyrightable character, I can't see how the Falcon wouldn't win that too.

Be aware that these laws vary by country. In Japan you might see representations of utilitarian things but they always mangle brand names, for a reason: the law is even more unclear as to how this (like, drawing a character holding a Sony walkman) should play out in court.

Finally I think you should read on Blendswap about how they handle "fan art". The bottom line is that the industry isn't attacking fan art nowadays (they could, but it's mostly detrimental to them), at least not until it makes its way in other commercial products. As such it would be okay for you to upload your model. But if you (or somebody) refer to it as Millennium Falcon it would get labelled fan art and this is a big deterrent to devs for using it, let alone in a commercial game.

Since I wrote that much, I might as well let you know that I'd be happier to see you producing original stuff.

Updated binaries to fix this; sorry about that!

Thanks for your feedback! I found that the rotation of the camera is bound to frame rate; so, with a less powerful graphic card (integrated graphics on a laptop?) the camera rotates too slowly in some levels. This is fixed but not sure whether I can update binaries during the judging process.

For what there is, worth playing and stunning use of what (fundamentally) is actually simple mechanics! Had some fun and wish for more.

Thank you! I'll be pushing until Chapter VII in alpha/early access mode ( at which point I'll look into Gear VR/Apple TV ports as I'm hoping to get this out around December. If you're interested in any of these I'll be happy to get you a copy!

Gravity's alright but the jump action itself is a bit of a placeholder and it's been like that for a while

> __ <

Frankly I've had it with my character controller so I might try something else (also, gamepad support and a less constrained camera are on the roadmap).

Thank you! If you are interested in the game I'll get you a season pass (I realise you are swamped with jam games!!!)