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Keyboard Warriors

Br2112 Post Apocalyptic PvP - Royale, Bro! · By Eelstork

Proposed improvements, please comment/suggest/vote Sticky

A topic by Eelstork created Apr 29, 2019 Views: 60 Replies: 4
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Developer (3 edits)

So I'm getting close to the LD44 submission. Hoping that this would help me find my way around last minute improvements, here's a list of what I'm thinking of fixing:

  1. atm although a last man standing game there is no display of remaining players count. Also being a 1 room game there should be a display of ghosts (already pk'd) and spectators (joined after match start) [DONE]
  2. For now we set the min player count to 2. I'd like to push this to 3-5 but then this compels me to add an option to manually start matches [DEFERRED]
  3. The camera is debatable. Thinking of switching to a more classic 3rd person camera (with commands to rotate and adjust distance ooh) as I'm expecting some erm, backlash over the current system [DID SWITCH TO A NEW CAMERA WITH TEXT BASED CONTROLS]
  4. Add a banner to make it super-clear when late joiners are enrolled as "spectators" as I expect nobody will figure it out (currently banner at the top, but on a roll with other messages) [DONE]
  5. Photon has a limit of 20 players (free plan) but this limit is not handled at all. So I guess the thing would just be unresponsive to the 21st player entering (not planning so much affluence, but mmh, who knows? [DEFERRED]
  6. Any kind of sound would help a silent game here [ADDED SFX AND AMBIANCE]
  7. It's possible to gain a lot of HPs in this game, so I think size should be proportional to HP [DONE]
  8. I've wanted the map to be prettier [ADDED BICOLOR TENTACLES AND WEIRD MOSS]
  9. Wanted to add single player content [DEFERRED]
  10. Add player's name (or initials) on the side of their avatar/drone [DONE; you see 3 letter names, or 2 letters + . for longer names]
(1 edit)

1. Add a start screen/menu

2. More maps?!




Sure! They're good ideas! Well actually I could add maps, but it was really hard to throw this in with the jam. As to having a start screen... : D

What you mean customization?

And thanks for all the help testing this one really needed some!

(1 edit)

Customization => Allow us to change character color and stuff? Idk I find it some neat touches.


Wow I had to leave the customizations behind because our VIP skins were created before the Jam. Probably going to branch the project so I can add features without disturbing the jam submission.