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Thank you very much, and well I still stand by what I said. But hey, it is something.

~ BladeSides

Thank you very much for trying out my little creation, I hope to get around to playing everyone's by tonight.

~ BladeSides

If this managed to resonate with even one person, I'd have my objective fulfilled. I thank you very much for taking your time to tinker around with this little creation, and hope I don't disappoint your expectations!

~ BladeSides

Thank you for giving this a try, and for donating a sum as well.

I hope you are doing better these days, and, that even better stuff lies in front of you.

~ BladeSides

Nice game!

They occured everywhere, I could travel from pizza place to date and vice versa. I can try replaying it if needed.

Delightfuly Devilish.

It made me rage but it has it's own intrinsic charm.


I don't remember lmao but I can play it again!

I got through 4-5 floors on my third try!

This was, well, an experience. I clicked end and the game stopped on web version. I don't know what I was expecting. It could use some better controls and mechanics but nice attempt :)

This was unexpectedly fun, though it is literally never ending (aka, was too easy). I did find the changing anglges unreliable though, even mashing the buttons would not work sometimes. Other than that, great game.

Fun humor, but seems to be filled with lots of issues such as wall collisions and me teleporting from one location to another.

This was hellishly fun to play. One of the best entries so far. Amazing job!

Good idea and music, though the character kept glitching out on me. The platforming felt little too buttery and jumping was too imprecise. Apart from that, like the idea and the gameplay. Goodjob

I ended up destroying my own planet and getting confused, until I realized I had to wait for the enemies to spawn wahah. Great job and pretty intuitive to play.

This was an interesting take on the theme which I replayed several times. The art is amazing, though I would've preferred a cleaner explanation. Great job.

I liked the idea, though it kind of got buggy over time for me (for example, holding space, even while not jumping keeps time slow etc.). I would've liked some juicy feedback on killing enemies as well, but for what it is, it's a great game and a solid entry;

This is a minimalistic yet complete entry that was enjoyable. Goodjob.

I suppose there's a score at top right, implementing high scores (online) would take a long time so I didn't do it

The Draw Distance was decreased because it was causing slowdowns on older computers! And I see about the shatter noise, I'll make another sfx post jam

Thank you very much!

I'm open to criticisms if you have any!

I still find myself playing this game. It's very chill. Though, like other people suggest, it can use some polish. No complains though, it does indeed get hard making a game in a short time frame. All in all, good job and keep doing what you're doing!

This game has caused my hands to cramp I love it lmao.

On the flip side, I expected turning to change the direction I was going to as well, but it kind of makes sense since the movement is determined by inertia.

Good entry! I like it. Pretty arcade and fits the jam well.

This was a solid entry!

Everything aligned quite rightly and makes for a fun arcade game :D

Oh, this is amazing! Minimalistic yet to the point! Just gets harder to play as the levels proceed but that's the point.

Good entry!

Thank you very much ^^

Hello, I would like to have the zip file limit increased for my html5 game. I've tried emailing the support twice and am yet to receive a response.


Edit: Not sure why, but running it with the integrated gpu instead of the high performance NVidia one fixed it. Would have liked more sound effects and a little polish here and there, but good job!

Windows, the window pops up but then nothing happens, just a black screen.

yeah i call that a "feature" xD

Spent Three-Quarters of the time to work on it, hopefully next time!

Thank you for playing through it!

Gave up on the 12th level, but overall, a fun entry! Goodjob!
There you go, will play yours shortly.