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Close to the first public demo, here are some screenshots.

- Title Screen is almost finished (The BG is Animated)

- Episode 1 is finished, 2 needs minor fixes and tweaks

- Save/Load systems etc are finished

- Main game systems are finished

Now I'll go back to my cave and dev :o

Created a new topic [!]Development Progress!

Watch the new updates to game here!

RIP I'm sick I don't know if I'll be able to complete it.

I didn't want to continue as project was not well recieved, but after okkie's reply, here's the day 3 progress xD

Just need to implement storylines now :)

Day 2:

Those 3 black spaces are choices.

Will you :

- Make Jake commit suicide

- Make Jimmy a chicken

- Make Jake stronger than Jimmy so he can bully him


- Ignore this prayer

- Kill Jake by lightning

Created a new topic [!]Support!

You want to do voice acting or provide any sort of assistance? This is the thread! Put your email and we'll contact you!

Created a new topic [!]Bug Reports!

If you encounter any bugs, this is the thread for it!

Created a new topic [!]Post your suggestions here!
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Hey people! If you got any cool and realistic suggestions, post 'em here and we may just pick em up ;)!

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I decided to go with "History Repeats Itself". Basically you are made the God of the Earth after the tension of World War 3 almost beginning and now you have to answer the prayers of the people and try to make sure you prevent World War 3, protect humanity, animals and don't mess everything up!

Or the opposite for the fun stuff ;).

Here's an example

Rodrick : "I hate crows! They are so noisy and stupid."

Choice 1 - Make Roger love crows

Choice 2 - Make crows hate Rodrick

Choice 3 - Kill all the crows

Choice 4 - Kill Rodrick

Choice 5 - Ignore Request

Choice 1 will result in Roger asking you to allow crow marriage.

Choice 2 will result in crows attacking Rodrick while he's in a car and you get the choice to roll down his window ;), or to call crows off, or to ignore this, or to kill Rodrick yourself ;).

Choice 3 will result in world pandemic situation and unstable ecosystem.

Choice 4 will result in nothing. Just a human you killed resulting in penalty.

Choice 5 will result in Rodrick committing suicide because of crows.

So anyways look down for progress report!

Day 1:

I think it will be because changing it is illegal.

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You know, the intro that appears before the game saying *your company's name*.

This is my intro btw -

I love you man! And I forgot to mention the double jump, sorry bout that, but I did mean "holding up results in a higher jump".

Yes, the red bouncing thing is the egg and thanks for the nice words :)

Thanks for the review. The eggs just give you more points and those purple objects are flowers representing Spring season (pardon my poor art).

I'll be using this advice for the Post-LD version, thanks for the review again.


Thanks a lot and yes the game is pretty difficult so I'll probably incorporate checkpoints/difficulty levels in the near future.

I see, sorry for bothering without a problem and thanks for the response :D

Thanks a lot :)

Well, in screenshots the game play includes many items but when I was playing it showed only tiles and the player for some reason...

If this is a problem, consider fixing this. It'll be beneficial for the future player :)

Cool concept, but my game play was nothing like the screenshots :/

Please consider fixing this.

Fellow game dev here.

Game was cool, but got repetitive after some play.

You should add sounds/music too, increases engagiveness, fellow game dev here.

Thanks a lot for the review!

Most of the things you said were in plan, but I was unable to do them as time-restraints. This review means a lot to me and I'll be sure to use your points to improve my game in Ludum Dare.

Thank you again,