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Overall this is quite fun to play although it took me a little while to figure the tiny UI buttons. I'm thinking of playing a little more which is the sign of something engaging. But I wonder, is there only one setting to explore/interact with?

A couple of problems I encountered (macOS)

  • No sound, that's kind of sad.
  • Refuses to quit, had to force-quite the app

In my opinion, the introductory talk is too long. I would have had more fun if I could interact much sooner.


No sound? Well the game has no sound effects, but you should be hearing music at least.

I'm trying find out why it isn't quiting myself. Hopefully it'll be patched when I'm done with Chapter 1.

I'll see what I can do about the introductory. I will also try to explain game mechanics better.

Thank you for posting!