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Butler macOS download - what is "butler.dms"?

A topic by Eelstork created Feb 07, 2018 Views: 529 Replies: 4
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Butler downloads to my Mac as "butler.dms"
I thought this was a typo so I changed this to butler.dmg but trying to run this reports a broken archive.
Trying to get it as a by product of the itch app but wanted to report this anyway, hoping for a clarification/fix?

Thank you


The file you've downloaded is supposed to be called just "butler" - no file extension.

I've tried looking around to see if other people were seeing files downloaded as "XXX.dms", and found this: - do you have any extensions like Speed Download II that could cause Safari to attribute the wrong file extension to a download?

I double checked and Safari (which I use to download) has zero extensions. This works:

  • download (extension adds itself somehow)
  • rename *.dms file (remove extension)
  • chmod +x (this is required)
  • run butler

So, the extension is added in error. Using Safari 11.0.3 over macOS Sierra (not the broken OS that's high on something) 10.12.6 

I looked on and found this:
It's "possible" that this is fixed in High Sierra (or a late regression on Sierra?) but I wasn't trying to be funny here; really had a bad bad time with that (the latest OS, not butler!) notably when combined with Unity.

Didn't stop me from using Butler overall but not a great experience : )

Thanks for your quick reply by the way.


Hey, thanks for the additional info!

I double-checked yesterday as well (on Sierra) and it downloaded without adding any file extensions

So now I'm really confused :) I suppose we could also serve a .zip archive, so that at least when it extracts it'll have the right file extension (you'll still need to chmod +x though, since macOS's default unarchiver refuses to give the executable bit to any entry in a .zip file for some reason).

Both your OS and Safari are out of date compared to mine.

The following would work in my opinion - and what I have in mind is that devs who are going to use Butler are not afraid of Terminal. So why use Safari in the first place?

  • Provide a cut-and-paste command that would download (and if possible install) Butler.
  • Provide a homebrew installer (I'm fixing a brew install for something right now so I might be able to help after I'm done and get a bit more familiar with this.