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Why Birdman is no longer free

A topic by Eelstork created Feb 13, 2018 Views: 76
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Just a quick heads up to explain why I have to set a price for A Birdman Emulator, which I previously made free to share with fellow jammers. Right now I'm having a sale on the Apple App Store. It would make little sense to have a $1 sale while the same game is free on the desktop. 

I have to say, the voting period for FFS jam is really long. So I got this seasonal thing coming up and, well, sooner or later I had to align prices to be fair to everybody.

Since I'm having a promo on mobile you can still get the Birdman Emulator half price on itch, or bundled with re:Antistar at a mystifying $2.14. Not really here to advertise though, not plugging a link.

Big thanks to everybody who played the game so far, and the 4 horsemen who went out of their apocalyptical ways to rate my jam entry.

Thanks for your attention!