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The demon and I had a lovely cup of tea in the end -- sounds like the MC could use a friend :) Glad they could come to terms with how to spend the night! Loved the lyricism to the back-and-forth

Since you were kind enough to leave a detailed comment, SO TOO SHALL I!

The art and premise is super cute >.< I don't know HOW you made this in such a short amount of time. The custom save/load/start screens were also super adorable and sweet and totally matched the tone of the game. The backgrounds worked just fine. I was a bit curious why they were photographs instead of hand-drawn like the rest of the game, but the juxtaposition of color and monochrome worked nicely, as did the distinction of thicker hand-drawn lines vs thinner photograph edging. The pacing was helpful. You know in 5 days time is up, and each day was focused on 1-3 activities with Villain/Gwyn bonding time.

The "badum-ch" drum/joke noise was cute, but I think it might have been more effective if used a bit more sparingly. The background music was well-chosen. I'm still a little confused about the bad things Villain has done tbh but I could be obtuse XD Like, was genealogy the only reason he was on this list in the first place? And what about Gwyn's first attempt? Why is he avoiding her? Haha so many questions! I didn't love the little girl/marketplace adventure (mean people irritate me), but it was cute the way Berry and Villain drew her out of her shell a little bit and we got to see a bunch of DIFFERENT reactions to Villain to put things in perspective. Were most of the people in town villains or was it a shmorgasborg of good+evil?  EVIL DRESSMAKERS MWAHAHAHA. The dresses look great in the store but awful at home!

Berry's attempts to go monochrome were adorable, as was her interest in his mom's fairy tales. Villain's legitimate caring and genial nature (helping her w/cooking, gardening, not dying) was also very endearing. I definitely hope to see more of the Villaintine universe, as the Extra section entailed. I STILL THINK THAT CAT IS EVIL! Oh and I did a playthrough of the whole game if you wanna watch it ^-^ The ending will be posted on Friday. They were besties, not lovers, sadly. HOW RUDE. CONFESSIONS IN THE RAIN SHOULD INVOLVE ROMANCE. Oh well. He's so chill I think it'd take him five years to hold her hand anyways XD Thanks for creating such a cute game in such a short amount of time!

Aw man the voicing seems to be giving everyone a bit of trouble T-T Sorry about that! Voice sustain/adjusting voice volume didn't work?  Oh well. Glad you gave it a try and hope you have a wonderful day!

Haha thank you so much! Yes my art style definitely could be improved ^-^ I'm glad you enjoyed for the most part and of course I shall dedicate myself to making even better narratives in the future. I hope you were happy with whatever ending you got and have a wonderful day

Aw man I'm sorry that the voicing didn't come up the first time around! Well I guess Cyd was super excited to be shirtless, what can I say? XD I'll go through his branch and try to find out where on earth his clothes went. If you remember line that repeats let me know and I'll clean that up. I love Cyd too! I was thinking of making a mini version where Cyd and Demi end up together ^-^ As I was writing them, I realized that their bond was so strong and at this point in their lives they really needed to be each other's best friends as opposed to romance. I tried to hint that they were definitely lurking feelings that Demi was suppressing there for a while haha. Cyd's voice actor brought so much joy and life to the role!

Yeaaaah Aurick gets mostly dramatic scenes, sadly. I'll have to work on that development of "OH HEY MY WORK CRUSH. We're both depressed about the world and think we're both smart and strong and attractive but annoying too." I was trying to show that they bonded over trying so hard to make the universe better on a bigger scale, whereas Cyd was trying to make things better on a smaller scale and that's why she was able to relax with him more. Development skills in progress over here lol. Haha weirdly enough I did not get the Edward inspiration. I actually kept thinking of Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) from Vampire Diaries/The Originals and his sassy broody seductiveness but hey--a lot of sexy vampires have that in common. Weeeeell at least Demi was cool with no romance and you enjoyed the game :D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS! I am still playing Villaintine and loving it btw. I'll comment you up and link my playthrough when it's done

If you play with the "Voice Sustain" in the preferences it should come on ^-^

Thank you so much! I look forward to your feedback ^-^