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You're welcome and glad to help :D anddd you're doing fine. I just sorta designed it that way so yep :D

I see then, you need to plant the petunias back and when you're asked whether you'd try or get help, get help and then head to the library for the Idiot's Guide to Gardening then head back to the Garden. Once you finished planting the petunias, the fourth note will be there :D

Hmm, did you manage getting all four notes? And trusting the ghost before heading to the garden?

This is for day one, right? If so, on the timed choice, don't choose anything, just let the timer go off :)

Hello CHz, thank you for playing the game and I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

Anyways, to answer your questions, the timed menus in days 2 and 3 being hidden are intentional. 

Annddd I worked on this before the jam, and it is rough and  I allowed it to stay at that. Then upon finding Games Made Quick(I'm really grateful to eevee  for this game jam), I decided, why not use it to smooth the edges? Add some more story and fix the system? Not all are fixed, but at least the parts I can smooth and add in a week managed to get through. I'm glad it turned out well and people find it nice. Once again, thank you for playing the game :)

Then, suddenly zombies. Gotta be a long day indeed :D

*melts in puddles in the corner*  Thank you so much ! *racking brain for something more to say*  thank you so much for playing the game and you're welcome :D

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A visual novel created for eevee's "GAMES MADE QUICK??? 1½" Game Jam .



Taken from file ## ???


Date: ??? - It had been going smoothly. The subject had been kept under close observation and the medicine is effective.

Date: ??? - She had a dream. A memory. The doctor doesn't seem too bothered about it. In fact, she seemed excited. Having a dream is bad enough since she had connections with a previous subject, she might end up rendering the medicine ineffective.

Date: ??? The subject is allowed to roam the manor even though the Doctor strongly had forbidden it before. She's even the one who asked the subject to do it. I wonder what the Doctor's objective is, still I'd support her as much as I can.

Main Characters

M-C : An innocent and obedient girl who had been living in the manor for almost a month. She is a test subject, who agreed on her own volition,  for the medicine.


C-T : A worrywart and a skeptic surgeon who acts like a nurse and the Doctor's assistant. He is pretty dependable, probably.

D-C : M-C's deceased friend who showed up to her one day and started something that can't be stopped unless she takes the medicine instead.


Doctor B-S : A scientist who is researching about the netherworld normal classified information.


  • Exploration and Inventory System
  • This visual novel can be played on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • 10 endings:  8 bad ends and  2 true ends. This game is not straightforward but hints and clues are given throughout the game
  • Choice-controlled and some timed menus.
  • Things to note:  violence (although there's no bloody CG or anything, just textual implications), suicide


- Please check the 'credits.txt' file upon unzipping. This contains all the game resources I used for the game and most of them are under Creative Commons License .

Heyya, witche. I fixed the files already, it's alright now(double-checked). Thank you :D

alright. I saw the problem. I will repost the links in a few moments. Thank you so much for telling me! :D

Let me see what I can do. Thanks for telling me.

It's what the artist where I got the background from intended it to look like as you can see here: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/for... (find Music Room day. This is Uncle Mugen's extra compiled thread from Alte since I can't find it from the original thread). I used it since I can't find any CC Music Room background that time when I made this (or I haven't looked enough). I also find it funny :) either way, thanks for dropping by~

this is really creepy and interesting. 

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“What is your keynote?”

 A young pianist dwelled over a past regret and ended up just leaving a practice and a scheduled recital all of a sudden. Without direction, she decided to take a train and just go somewhere where she met a peculiar guy. The guy offered to accompany her and she agreed for the heck of it. Nonetheless, the past continued to follow her like a persistent itch.


Ilya ( renamable) - A pessimistic girl who decided to leave in the middle of practice and a scheduled recital for the heck of it. She’s tired and a past regret just kept bugging her off.

Nigel  - a guy who approached Ilya at the train station and offered to accompany her. Easy to tease and drag around(Ilya likes to bully be kind to him). Yet it doesn’t seem like he’s all just butterflies and rainbows.


  • 5 endings (3 bad ends, 1 normal end, and 1 true end). Each end shows different epilogs that also supports a main character’s motives.
  • Pretty straightforward. Once you figured out the main character’s personality, just choose the matching possible choices.

Resources Used (most of the resources are under Creative Commons License and royalty free)

  • SFX: freesfx.co.uk
  • BGMS: Kevin MacLeod, Jake Bowkett, myuu
  • Sprites: Elzee
  • BGS: Uncle Mugen, konett, kisa, leon, seichan, morgueFile.com
  • Textbox/Namebox/In-Game Menu Box: ppppantsu