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I downloaded this game as soon as I saw it out and I'm really amazed by how it turned out. It was cute and simple and is pretty much alive even if it's short. Thank you for making this game and keep it up :D

Aw, you're welcome :3 keep up the good work :D

I like how atmospheric this story is and I really think it will be better if there are sound effects (it will really help more with the atmosphere and the tone. Although, being silent as it is also makes it eerie on its own.)~ I enjoyed it a lot, keep it up and congratulations on finishing this one :)

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I finally got around doing the fanart for this lovely game ~ I hope you like it :D

Hello back, Click :D Yes, I don't think they mean to do that xD it was just really surprising (maybe it's just me though since I focus more on the text than the characters while I'm reading that it surprised me when they seemed to jump at me all of a sudden). Anyways, thank you :D

You're welcome :)

I wondered if I should say something until you finished the game but since you took the time to review while you're still midway then I should say something at least. So, first of all, thank you for the compliments :D and I'm glad I was able to really uphold the lightheartedness (*sweats* that had been a journey). I won't answer the stuff about the girl villains since you'll find out more soon once you're done with the game. And yep, in their universe, only princesses can turn villains into good people, which is solely based on the beliefs grounded under the 'Princess Story',  while the princes are tasked to do something else (which I hope I will be able to show in the sequel). That's about it, thank you for giving this VN a try, I really appreciate it :)  

I enjoyed this game a lot since I ended up laughing way too much than I intended too. I specially love ???'s route too just cause... Anyways, thank you for making this game and keep up the good work xD

(minor pick xD altho maybe it's just me. I kind of got startled way too may times when the character's suddenly zooms in xD it's like they keep jumping up to me and all that but anyways, it's really really minor. Once again, thank you for this game :D )

hello! So just found your game in one of the recommended titles in itch.io's page. I find it intriguing! and I think the art style matched the vibe that you were going with! Anyways, I also will keep an eye on the future developments of the VN and would like to know more~ (since I only have a grasp of Iris's life but I can tell that there's more to it than that). 

I apparently suck at this game xD but it's cute still

No problem :D

You're welcome :D Yes, it's really cool as a style~

Yes, that's what happened. It returns to Misfit most of the time even though I named him something else. So yeah. Anyways, you're welcome.

No prob. Been looking forward to it from its posting in LSF. Congratulations once again for the VN's release :D

This is funny and an interesting way to make a Visual Novel :D I enjoyed the whole experience so I want to thank you for making it :D

Ohhhh xD I see, I see. No prob :) (anyways, minor sidenote. The renaming for Misfit doesn't work ? xD yeah, something like that. Sometimes, his name goes from what I renamed him with to Misfit so uhh, something like that. Anyways, it doesn't really bother me that much)

Yey, alright, will do when I can get my hands on it. And another yey :D interested in seeing more of them whenever you can :)

This is a cute and honest VN. I wonder why Misfit turned up all of a sudden though (one mystery unsolved). But anyways, it's still cute and good. 

This is a cute and nice VN. It got me tearing up at some point :) I really appreciate this and thanks for creating this short VN :D

So cute xD (I'm tempted to make fanart, anyways) I love how patient and supportive February is and how sweet it ended for me. Thank you so much for this sweet and honest game. (I wish it could have been longer but it's all good :D) 

hahha xD yep. I need to keep all accounts updated either way so I might as well. Sure, you can do more if you want to. (I'll frame it metaphorically but I might do it at some point xD).

Yep, people getting the friendship ending is really intended so it's understandable why most people get that first. Since you don't use twitter much then I'll post in my tumblr too so you'll be updated without having to check Twitter.  And you cute angel xD thank you so much for the fanart, I really appreciate it and your art style is really lovely (like really lovely I might frame it in my room or something) :3  

Aw, thank you (I shall post updates on Twitter and on this page too as a devlog so just look out for the probable next game). Yes, he is very mysterious.  Anyways, I do have a more official walkthrough in the devlog so if you haven't checked it yet then here it is. Please check it out (if you want to xD it's just minor extras either way).  Lastly, I posted something in Twitter, which showed the Villain without the bangs, check it here

You're welcome :)

You're welcome :D 

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Aw, thanks a lot ~ and I can relate, it's a nice change of pace for me too (altho it has its hurdles but still a nice change of pace and sidenote: please share the fanfic  if you ever finished writing one xD). 

aw :3 This is a really cute VN. Short and simple but the end message still got through. Thank you for making this wonderful VN.

You're welcome :3 And it's a really cute game. 

This is a short and cute game :3 Thanks for making it.

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Oh em gee. So, uh, to start, about the time period of me finishing the game, welps it helps that it's short and that I can think up of what happens next and all that. Also, the fact that I really concentrated in developing the game in the set time limit that I have and that I didn't do any major coding in the GUI and on the Extras (ultimately, don't sleep and suffer haha). As for the bgs, as I mentioned in the Extras, I haven't tried doing backgrounds yet so yeah no hand-drawn BGs in the mean time. For the badum-tss, yeah, I see your point xD. As for the music, well, thank you  :3 (it's fun, you know? since it's the one thing that plays on repeat when you playthrough the game multiple times). 

For the stuff that the Villain had done, it's not all about genealogy. Let's just say, he thought that since it doesn't matter whether he's good or evil, he would ultimately still be seen as evil. So, after the incident, he did the things he would never really do to fill in people's expectations of him being a villain. As for why he's in the list, it's because of the last thing he did (which warrants attention for him to be picked) before his parents sat him down and talked about this and that stuff. For the Princess' first Villain, I won't answer that atm since he will be one of the main characters on the next game and that issue shall be addressed there. As for Nina, well, no comment xD (she's a tsundere so yeahhh). As for the people in town, it's more really of a good+evil with the concept of the different levels of evil that Nina talked about (there's more to this on the next game so yeah, that's all for that). 

As for the cat, you mean Cate? Well, uhhh, no. She's not evil. As for the ends, I think most would really get the friendship route first (unless, I'm wrong) since the Possible Romance Route restricts you in a way and I really want to make it something optional, so yep (and for the Possible Romance, he didn't hold her hand but he did stuff better than that (here be the walkthrough, to guide you on getting that) xD, ahem. Also, there's a small change in the Possible Romance Route and the Friendship Route in the Villain's letters that hints something about what he plans to do in the future so yeah. ).  Also, they're just together for five days so I think jumping towards romance seem a little hasty xD so yeah, confessions in the rain is not possible. (And yea, there's more to the Villaintine world that will happen in the next game but I'm gonna keep my mouth zipped for that). And as for that playthrough, thank you so much  :3 I did check it out now. Also, I added it to the game page as a vid so yep and your voice is so cute and uhh, about the grammatical mistakes, I already went through the whole game again and fixed that (sidenote: I think you downloaded an early version so that's still there so yeah... xD). You're also welcome and thanks a lot for your compliments too!     

Hello~ To start, I really want to thank you for Valentines Otome. I had been waiting for this ever since it was released as a demo and I really appreciate all the hard work you've done for VO. I loved its overall concept and all the bachelors (with more points to Daire but oh well, the adorbs penguin). Also, I enjoyed actually exhausting all the options I can do within the game as well as get all the achievements, extra scenes, traits, and even all the endings (nevermind, how I spent sleepless nights just to get through the whole of VO). It made me love Mira more and treasure her (the precious baby). I also appreciate the fact that we get to see the guy's point of view at every route. It lets one really see into them and see how they view Mira. 

I can also say that VO is really a huge step from HO and will be my most favorite otome game out of all the others I've played so far. It was a huge roller coaster of emotions, fun, and all the sides a character can offer. For that, I don't regret ever picking this up and playing through everything. (Sidenote: Can't shake the feeling that this also contains quite the prelude to an Osiria story, which might be the next one? I might be wrong but it's a fun theory.)

Anyways, lastly, thank you so much for making VO and I really really appreciate all the efforts and love poured into it. Please keep up the amazing work and thank you for the wonderful experience :D

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Hello, thank you, and you're welcome :3 I'll go try the game again.

Hello there and thank you for the compliments :) It's cool that I get to meet someone who's the same as the MC (really cool xD). Also, the Villain prefers to be mysterious that's why you can't get much of what he's really thinking (that and the fact that you can't see his eyes). Anyways, I can tell you that he really is sincere. Welps, you'll get more on their universe on the sequel (something I might do if I ever got around it. If you stalked my Twitter, you'd see an early character concept :3).  Sidenote: As for the history, I'm glad that you think it's nice and original :) So, yeah, thank you so much, lifians :D

Yep, a miniversion would be nice :3 Although, it's fine too if that doesn't happen seeing you're actual intention of just hinting the romance on their route. And maybe, it's just the bias again haha. But I think, you do make a point about how they need to be friends first. They did end up meeting after so long so yep, that's pretty solid. As for the line, it's somewhere along the lines 'No, I...' and something related to when Demi is discussing about her friend who committed suicide before the events of the story took place. And yesss, Cyd's voice actor did a good job on that one. Now that you point it out, (I looked up Klaus Mikaelson just because...), I do see the similarities in how they looked like. As for the Demi-Aurick relationship, I guess it's because there's not much of the backstory support about their actual relationship before Aurick entered the scene so the romance felt weak. But either way, your explanation did justify it for me.  Anyways, you're welcome and thank you for checking out The Villaintine  :)

That's alright. Anyways, thank you for trying it out and thank you for the compliment  :) 

The art style and the overall aesthetic is cool and amazing :3

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I already tried all the choices in the walkthrough for the bad end but it still didn't lead me there. I wonder why xD

Yes, that would really be interesting xD

Yep, that's true. Looking forward to something story-based in the future though (since the title Robots vs Re(purposed)-bots seem interesting) :)

Yay~ That's good to hear, looking forward to the next installment :)