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That's alright. Anyways, thank you for trying it out and thank you for the compliment  :) 

The art style and the overall aesthetic is cool and amazing :3

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I already tried all the choices in the walkthrough for the bad end but it still didn't lead me there. I wonder why xD

Yes, that would really be interesting xD

Yep, that's true. Looking forward to something story-based in the future though (since the title Robots vs Re(purposed)-bots seem interesting) :)

Yay~ That's good to hear, looking forward to the next installment :)

This is a nice pixel game and it reminds me of the Space Impact game you can play in an old Nokia phone model. Anyways, I love the overall atmosphere as well as the music, especially the music (since it makes one feel like somewhere somehow there's a story in this game). 

Oh my xD yeah, it's used a lot xD that must have been really fun (and it takes off the edge sometimes when you give a renameable character a silly name xD)

I love how it all turned out :3 Although, the music really would help support the atmosphere but overall, it's fine. I also agree with vimino that it feels like an actual representation :3 Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next game (sidenote: I don't know but I find it funny that I have the gut feeling that I know who dream worth of dreaming is even before the connections are made xD) :3

So, finally got around to playing the game~ (got the four endings, yay~). Let's start with some stuff I noticed... so at first I'm really expecting the voicing and I'm surprised that there's none. Although, I guess I should have asked as soon as that happened but yeah, I found a comment here with an answer to that problem (replayed the game to hear those amazing voices). Another thing, in Cyd's adventure, there was a time when he returned completely dressed, then at a change in the dialogue, his shirt came off. I didn't expect that, so, uhh, maybe it's a bug? There's also one voiced part that repeats twice before the actual text that's supposed to play played. 

Other stuff: I LOVE your choice of music, it just seemed befitting for every scene (although not all, but it helps for the atmosphere.) I also love Demi and her overall character and how she's better in parts where there's no romance involved. It's just I've been looking forward to a romance route with Cyd (I like Cyd so much, apparently.) but well, you know. I just feel like the chemistry between Aurick and Demi is not really that good? More like the romance isn't really there and I don't know why she's actually attracted to him, in the first place. And maybe I'm just a bit biased (since I like Cyd xD), but I don't really like Aurick, overall (Sidenote: I noticed that he kinds of look like Edward Cullen. There's nothing bad about that xD Did you design Aurick based on Edward?).  Also, I really love the voice acting, especially Cyd's, since his spoken lines sound more natural than the others. I also love the story even with as short as it is (and I feel that there's more to it than that because some parts seem to have more history). Your interface design is befitting with the overall character art and atmosphere too. And yeah, overall, it's a good game and thanks for making it :3

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Sorry for the late reply! Might be (but might not, since I always end up not saying too much haha xD). Anyways, I haven't gotten very far off yet since schoolwork finally arrived and all that. Also,thank you for the compliment  (deleted the previous post because I got confused but anyways, here it's back) :3 

Edit: Yeah, apparently, it's an actual shower xD

Hey there, thank you for the compliments ~ :3 (and sorry for the lateness of this reply.) 

Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for the compliments :3 I'm curious though if you actually tried giving the Princess the "Madhouse Steve" alias xD (if you did, show me a screenshot :3)

Aw shucks, thank you once again for the compliment :)

I see and I respect that :)  and thank you for the compliment.

Good luck :3 it looks amazing and I love the color palettes ~

Your art is so cute :3 I've opted to get all three endings but I can't seem to get the bad end. I tried all possible choices but it didn't work, so uh, help maybe?

Indeed. Thank you very much :3

You're welcome :3

You're welcome :) 

Your art style is cute :D

Oh uh, yeah. I do see why haha. There's really more to it than that (which might be answered in a future game or a remake, but no promises yet). But you can ask me stuff if you want to. I have a link to an ask.fm in my profile so ask away. I'd answer what I can answer at the moment :)

And yeah, thank you for loving the game :)

Hello there :) The premise is interesting (and it's fully voiced too!) I'm going to download this and shower you other comments once I'm done. But anyways, good going :)

OMG xD Thank you so much :) this is one of the greatest compliments I received this day and I really, really appreciate it. Again, thank you so much  :)

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Welcome back, Princesses!

It's your second year in St. Goals and you've all done a remarkable job last year. In fact, some of you managed more than ten Villaintines, a grand feat! I hope you all have the same performance this year too!

Now, before we start this year and I let you go to your assigned Villaintines, let's all state the Princess Code:

I, state your name, would uphold the school's mission to clear the world of evil. By giving love to those scorned and turning those monsters into angels. I will be a representative of Peace, Love, and Tranquility...

The Princess knew the code by heart. She is one of the many in St. Goals who wants to help turn a Villain's life around by showing them that someone out there can try to understand them. That there's someone who just wants to be their friend and show them love.

Also, she failed last year's assignment so this year might just be her chance to achieve something... in apparently, just five days. In which she finds out that everything is just based on stereotypes and her beliefs are not exactly as good as she thinks it is. 

  • Stereotypes: the Villains and Princesses' edition
  • One Ending but with two variations 
  • Choices that don't heavily influence the story, they are there for a variety of responses. it only matters if you want to be possible lovers in the future.
  • Story-oriented
  • Extras section!
  • Playable in Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Cute Character Sprites (?)
  • Sob stories (?)
  • Monochrome Backgrounds
  • A protagonist who tells bad jokes and pick-up lines
  • A tsundere side character
  • A dog who hates your very presence
  • A fanboy who asks for signatures in lanterns
  • And many more...

The Princess (alias-able: instead of a name, you give her an alias!)

'Don't worry, I'll make your life colorful if you let me.'

A cheerful girl who thinks a lot. After failing last year, and being nagged by her Father day in day out, she wanted to do her best this year.


  • can sometimes call herself 'The Princess of Bad Timings'
  • tells bad jokes and pick-up lines
  • cheerful but might lowkey self-depreciate

The Villain (his name can appear early in the game or at the end)

'It seems unable to take a hint.'


  • passive
  • refers to everything as 'It'
  • stuck in the emo phase
  • you can probably steal from his house


For credits, the full list is in the game's folder.

hello there :) for that, try 'Hansel' with the capital H in the Hansel. It should work from there if it doesn't well just tell me. Anyways, thank you and I'm glad that you're loving it so far :)

I don't know why I just found this now but I guess I really should look for more games often. Anyways, I love this game! The graphics, the animations, the characters (more specifically, Sasha and Jac). I really think they left a dent on me and I will always remember them. I will check out more of your games more often now :)

Replied to koob in Bean comments

You're welcome :D

Looking forward to a next game from you, keep it up !

Alright, lemme try Our Celestial Faerietale : )  and you're welcome : ) Hope to see more amazing games from you in the future ~

I loved the Endings 3 and 4, which are both more positive than the first two. Although, the third ending affected me more for some reason. 

Anyways, I really enjoyed this game and I'm glad that I finally got around to playing it. Thank you so much for making this : )

Posted in Bean comments

This is REALLY cute : D (Especially the Good End) 

I also love the visuals, they just looked so cool. I know this is just a test game but I think if you did add some sound effects then it will really add more to the atmosphere. Although, it can stand in its silence too.

So, anyways, nice cute game : D

You're welcome and glad to help :D anddd you're doing fine. I just sorta designed it that way so yep :D

I see then, you need to plant the petunias back and when you're asked whether you'd try or get help, get help and then head to the library for the Idiot's Guide to Gardening then head back to the Garden. Once you finished planting the petunias, the fourth note will be there :D

Hmm, did you manage getting all four notes? And trusting the ghost before heading to the garden?

This is for day one, right? If so, on the timed choice, don't choose anything, just let the timer go off :)

Hello CHz, thank you for playing the game and I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

Anyways, to answer your questions, the timed menus in days 2 and 3 being hidden are intentional. 

Annddd I worked on this before the jam, and it is rough and  I allowed it to stay at that. Then upon finding Games Made Quick(I'm really grateful to eevee  for this game jam), I decided, why not use it to smooth the edges? Add some more story and fix the system? Not all are fixed, but at least the parts I can smooth and add in a week managed to get through. I'm glad it turned out well and people find it nice. Once again, thank you for playing the game :)

Then, suddenly zombies. Gotta be a long day indeed :D

*melts in puddles in the corner*  Thank you so much ! *racking brain for something more to say*  thank you so much for playing the game and you're welcome :D

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A visual novel created for eevee's "GAMES MADE QUICK??? 1½" Game Jam .



Taken from file ## ???


Date: ??? - It had been going smoothly. The subject had been kept under close observation and the medicine is effective.

Date: ??? - She had a dream. A memory. The doctor doesn't seem too bothered about it. In fact, she seemed excited. Having a dream is bad enough since she had connections with a previous subject, she might end up rendering the medicine ineffective.

Date: ??? The subject is allowed to roam the manor even though the Doctor strongly had forbidden it before. She's even the one who asked the subject to do it. I wonder what the Doctor's objective is, still I'd support her as much as I can.

Main Characters

M-C : An innocent and obedient girl who had been living in the manor for almost a month. She is a test subject, who agreed on her own volition,  for the medicine.


C-T : A worrywart and a skeptic surgeon who acts like a nurse and the Doctor's assistant. He is pretty dependable, probably.

D-C : M-C's deceased friend who showed up to her one day and started something that can't be stopped unless she takes the medicine instead.


Doctor B-S : A scientist who is researching about the netherworld normal classified information.


  • Exploration and Inventory System
  • This visual novel can be played on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • 10 endings:  8 bad ends and  2 true ends. This game is not straightforward but hints and clues are given throughout the game
  • Choice-controlled and some timed menus.
  • Things to note:  violence (although there's no bloody CG or anything, just textual implications), suicide


- Please check the 'credits.txt' file upon unzipping. This contains all the game resources I used for the game and most of them are under Creative Commons License .

Heyya, witche. I fixed the files already, it's alright now(double-checked). Thank you :D