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hi and sorry for the late reply, i currently have this game on hiatus :> i don't have any clear plans for when it's going to come back yet but thanks for playing and I'm glad that you loved it ! :>

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed it! sorry for the late reply :>

xD i think, i kind of forgot too

hello, i'm sorry for the late reply, were you able to solve it? The first one is Hansel and the second one is arm

you're welcomeeee owo

i really enjoyed this game and I'm so glad to see a new game from baten :> missed the art style and i welcome the collab :>

congrats on the release and hope that you keep going!

Hiii :> and I'm sorry for the late reply, I haven't been active here for so long :> and thanks for the comments! As for the Endings, you found them all, no worries! Again, thanks for playing the game :> I appreciate it a lot ^^

Ohhh I see I see :D I saw you on twitter. Thanks for the follow.

I don't know what will happen with the story yet. I'll see what I can do though and I'll keep you guys updated if ever I do come back. Thanks for the continued support ^^

i see i see xD thanks for sharing! (I'll try doing that next time. And yes, the point and click really supports her powers :) so I'm glad you incorporated that. As for the mouse issue, I don't know how to resolve that as well since I haven't tried incorporating that yet but it's still a nice touch on your end. 

And you're very much welcome :D

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oh my xD so excited for this one! I shall download it immediately.


I finally finished the demo, ehehe. I had been way too excited to not even realize that it was actually a demo since I just downloaded it right away without even reading the plotline until after I finished the game and saw your post on Tumblr. I love this VN and I'm expecting the future update xD

As for thoughts, as always I'm amazed by your backgrounds (can you tell me your trade secret, please?) ! I'm amazed by the point and click part too xD and the cursor is cute (although sometimes its hard to click on anything without hovering on a certain edge of the cursor but it's cool anyway). I'm also looking forward to their new outfits since the MC's outfit look cute.

That's about it. Stay awesome, December~

I see xD Thank you so much for replying. Will try out the items with Liam now xD

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Thanks for replying! I did get around it too :D and he's so adorable :D Does buying some items affect the other guys too? Or just Mick?

This is so nice ! I love Maia already, she's a really cool protagonist and I like how level-headed she is. I love all of the guys too (especially Garret). And I'm definitely looking forward for the full game after reading up on each guy's storyline. I'm seeing some possible hints of who's going to be paired with Osiria too, which is nice (and Varan finally has his own sprite. Will Cody have one too?)

As for some things... it seems like the Cosgroves can get caught in the middle of trouble because of the guys they end up dating. However, I hope nothing too bad happens. Anyways, I have a question, is it possible for Mick to visit the hospital as well? (or did I just not manage to experiment well enough to get him to go?) Ah, well, that's all for now.

Looking forward to the full game and thank you so much for Christmas Otome!

Hey~ Thanks for your kind and encouraging comment. Yes, November haven't been nice but December's starting and more hopes for this month. Anyways, yes, Regular Show is the best! I only started watching the show on November and can't get enough of it that I practically finished everything plus the movie this month. It's just arghh xD the best!

And thanks for still patiently waiting for the game :D I'd have some more snippets next time~ and Have a good day :D

I see, I see. And the gruff guy and loveable sidekick is a common trope (and balances the whole picture) so I wouldn't have any trouble following at any rate. 

Hey now, this is actually a pretty interesting idea xD (and a good spin-off at that). If you ever release this, then I'll try it out (I'm not too familiar with the Film Noir genre, only seeing a few examples and I haven't played any Professor Layton games so... still I find this idea interesting) xD

Thank you ^^ (I 'm glad you like the other characters as well xD I ended up having kind of some side characters instead of having only a few xD). I like the GUI too xD it's one of the things that I can't really sit still about until it feels satisfying~ Anyways, thank you for the hype and for looking forward to the finished game!

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Ohh backstory from the real dogs (I want to see a dog who can fully express himself that way xD although our dog here may actually seem to be cheery too, his tail becomes a helicopter too when he approaches us so xD so let me rephrase that, I'd like to see a really huge dog be goofily happy although I'd probably lose energy first before his own dies. And I'd like to meet a Sparky too xD I'd probably be more comfortable with him since he'll probably be just lying beside me and waiting for pats if I feel like giving one.)

Although, I'm not new to renpy, I still feel new since I haven't really used it much to its potential (I just use the minimal and the stuff that I can understand without having to post a topic in lemmasoft, unless I really need to xD I'm amazed by your GUI though, are you using the legacy interface or is this the new one?). I wish I can help you with the random appearance of certain characters but I don't know any complex renpy or where the problem might come from so... but I'll be cheering you on and hope it gets fixed.

And YOU'RE WELCOME (x2)! I'm actually happy as well when I saw your comment on my VN and your VN intrigued me so I can't possibly not check it out ^^ (more points to Rex being a really happy dog). 

Yep, I replied xD (I do reply, don't worry. Even if I find it hard to reply sometimes). And you're welcome and thank you as well for liking both VNs (I'm actually nervous that people might not like the sequel considering how different the tone will be from the first VN to the second one, but I'm glad someone is fine with it and I want to thank you more for sharing your thoughts!)

I haven't thought of Lindy fitting in on an Ace Attorney Game (i'd definitely draw this, like some mock screenshot with Os in the Witness Stand and Lindy being a Prosecutor xD). 

As for the color, welps, I love color too and it's more comfortable for me to try more colors digitally rather than traditionally. I limited the color choices for the first VN because I'm doing them traditionally (using watercolors) and I can't color them consistently if I draw them again (the struggles).

And for the bugs, that's fine xD there's nothing heavily programmed/implemented in the VN yet so yep, the only thing you'll see at the moment is the textboxes (which is actually a common bug from older versions of Renpy. Although, it should have been removed since Renpy version 6.9 but it persisted during 7.0 and although I know how to fix this, I might have missed something that you end up seeing it again, I'll try to hunt for that for the future version but you can inform me if you remember which scene it is from).

Hey xD after you checked my VN, I visited your profile to see what you're working on and boy, am I glad to see what it is! From the get go, I already loved this VN xD From the main menu music to the lovely dogs as well as the cutscenes (the cutscenes are perfect xD I love the comics effect that you put in). I also like how expressive Rex is (Ninja Doggo!?) and I love that 'Call in the Hounds' animation (and all the other animations as well). My favorite character is obviously Rex (and Sparky as well). I like how honest and cheery he is, as well as his energy (definitely his energy). As for Uncle Sparky, I just like how he seemed so tired of everything and he just wants to rest and all haha xD

Overall, I love your characters, the art, the music, the animations, and the overall theme and why you started this VN in the first place (like I read through your devlogs and I really appreciate what you're trying to do!)

and on a smaller sidenote, here's some bugs I found so far:

- After Sean's case was finished, he kind off stayed even if it's no longer his dialogue? Like he appeared if there are pauses or if there's a transition between the convo with Rex and another dog.

- On Perdita's case, the Hounds dialogue appeared twice.

- On the next day, for Princess's case, her sprite disappeared on the What should I do? menu option (I just noticed that whenever there's a menu for each dog case, there sprite should be the one appearing on the menu choices and not Rex)

That's great xD Thank you so much (for loving this demo and leaving encouraging words) ~ and I'm glad that you're hyped for the full game :D

xD oh em gee, thank you for playing The Villaintine and for your lovely comments :D (I apparently lack the penchant of saying more/rambling when I'm on the receiving end). But anyways, thanks for dropping by and playing this VN! I'm glad to see that I'm able to achieve the effect that I wanted (even though it was strictly time-limited and the hardships I conquered to finish it, anyways!). You're welcome :D 

I relate so much to the part where you move on if you can't understand things (especially if you focus more in the story and the art or if you're joining a jam and you want to just finish the whole thing before the deadline ends-- and just simply trying to wrap your head around a complex tutorial feels like wasting too much time sometimes). 

I see, I see xD that's great! (invisibility won't be possible but okay xD). And I think it's good that players can imagine more complex powers if they want to (that's cool -- like super strength? or maybe that's pulling it way too much). 

And aw, thank you for being happy to see my messages and I'm really happy to see your VNs too, you're one of my favorite VN creators so stay awesome!

Hi again~ So, my thoughts, the name option of Reiven and Angel is good too (like you can probably make the player choose the hair color first before the name option and make Reiven and Angel the default names (because I think Reiven suits the dark haired option too and that's such a cute name))!

As for the gui, psh, don't worry! I actually struggled on that too. It's more like I can't wrap my head about certain things and it just completely evades me sometimes (although, in my current VN, I managed to finally change the main menu but I'm still far a way from making a full-fledged GUI). So, if you want some tutorials, I'll share some and I hope you find them useful. For imagebuttons, this post helped me create my main menu for my recent VN. And another post right here (I just found this and I already tried it once but I found some sneaky problem that makes the quick menu UI um... idk i just don't like how it works but it's pretty easy to follow in the post). And another post if you want the full-blown UI with unlockable extras (for this one, just download the files and look the the scripts to see how they used it, playing the game also gives a slight overview of how it works. I'm currently sort off using this last post as basis for some GUI elements and it helps). These imagebuttons tutorial helped me understand things and it helped so yeah. However, if you want imagemaps, check this one and this one (both of these tutorials use the old/legacy framework but it should still work on the new one, although I'm not really sure since I haven't tried it yet (because imagebuttons xD). But the second tutorial at least covers until the part where you can create gallery, music room, and etc.).  But then again, for me, it's fine if you don't add these things because your story and characters are still precious <3 although, I really think it will add to the vibe (but don't feel pressured to do this, really, you don't have to~ your VNs are really great for me even without the GUI shenanigans but if you pushed through it then I fully support you xD)

If MC's powers are up to the player, does that mean she had some other power aside from telekinesis (oh em, wait I get it - she had either telekinesis or telepathy, right? right?) And I'm really excited on how they'll react once they find out about her powers (I think Elijah will think its cool and as for Noah, hmm, maybe he'll be stunned and not speak for an hour? hahaha xD).

I'm really glad I enjoyed playing too! Although, following the theme of your first two VNs, I'm expecting a certain vibe and it's thankfully there. I love how your VNs are always short, sweet, and thoughtful (and it makes me happy and inspired art-wise so it really helps!) And thank you for looking forward to my future projects (although they shift from light-hearted to serious, I actually have a trend which makes it rather funny because it's unintentional. Like Keynote is lighthearted, Die.Alone is serious, The Villaintine is lighthearted, and The Villaintine: Sepia is serious (although it does have its lighthearted elements). and you don't have to play them, really, but I'm glad still that you want to try them out :D and thank you very much for considering on playing them! sorry I'm rambling too much and have a great day~ this is probably one of the longest posts I've made in and I can't even xD)

Hello once again xD I'm back from playing this VN! You create short and sweet VNs that my heart cannot take it (expect a fanart anytime soon, i just love your VNs so much). I like the fact that you concentrate more on telling your story and creating your characters (you inspire me so much that I want to create a lighthearted VN the same way as your style but i'm currently working on something else so...). Anyways, despite the fact that you don't have a flashy main menu or a customized GUI, your VN still stood out for me and is just plain beautiful! I love everyone in this VN, from Noah to Elijah to the MC and I hope to see more of them soon, you mentioned a possible sequel so I'm happy~ Also, I have a few questions, will Elijah and Noah ever know about her telepathy powers? Where did these powers come from? (i'm just so curious ~). So, once again, thank you very much for this game, I'm definitely looking forward for the next one!

[little sidenote: I noticed something that might have been wrong with the jumps on your code? There's a part there where I thought a weird time skip happened, since after either Elijah's or Noah's sorta date route, there is an extra scene where the MC failed to answer the call before it jumps to the last scene (it's weird so I was kind off confused after playing through the end of one of the boy's route). and a little suggestion (you can definitely ignore this if you want to): maybe place her name as default (like it's already under user input and people can just change it) so people will know? (i mean it just suits her so much and all so...)]  

Hello, lifians~ thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the demo :)

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[ NOTE: The Villaintine: Sepia is a sequel to the Visual Novel titled, The Villaintine. Please check it out first before downloading this VN. ]


After agreeing on limiting herself to three days instead of her usual two-weeks stay on her assigned Villaintine's place, the Princess reveals her true intentions to the Villain as early as possible (saves the time in explaining things and acting nice). He did accept the deal but still persistently tries to communicate with her. And it's supposed to be all good and all, three days now looks good enough as a goal. 

Apparently, three days are not enough. Especially, when she sees dead flowers coming back to life and it triggers a memory of trying to pick some but watch as it wilts in her hands. She can't possibly let this slide and not ask. But who knows asking for something as simple as 'Why are these flowers blooming?' can lead to being The Villain's wingman. While that might sound simple, it's only simple if she doesn't get too attached. link 

You're welcome :D I'm sure I'll really enjoy playing :D

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Oh gosh, I'm so hyped to see you release one VN again! (currently downloading). I shall leave comments once I'm done playing :D (I apparently love your VNs so much that I commented even though I haven't played it yet, hehe)

I downloaded this game as soon as I saw it out and I'm really amazed by how it turned out. It was cute and simple and is pretty much alive even if it's short. Thank you for making this game and keep it up :D

Aw, you're welcome :3 keep up the good work :D

I like how atmospheric this story is and I really think it will be better if there are sound effects (it will really help more with the atmosphere and the tone. Although, being silent as it is also makes it eerie on its own.)~ I enjoyed it a lot, keep it up and congratulations on finishing this one :)

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I finally got around doing the fanart for this lovely game ~ I hope you like it :D

Hello back, Click :D Yes, I don't think they mean to do that xD it was just really surprising (maybe it's just me though since I focus more on the text than the characters while I'm reading that it surprised me when they seemed to jump at me all of a sudden). Anyways, thank you :D

You're welcome :)

I wondered if I should say something until you finished the game but since you took the time to review while you're still midway then I should say something at least. So, first of all, thank you for the compliments :D and I'm glad I was able to really uphold the lightheartedness (*sweats* that had been a journey). I won't answer the stuff about the girl villains since you'll find out more soon once you're done with the game. And yep, in their universe, only princesses can turn villains into good people, which is solely based on the beliefs grounded under the 'Princess Story',  while the princes are tasked to do something else (which I hope I will be able to show in the sequel). That's about it, thank you for giving this VN a try, I really appreciate it :)  

I enjoyed this game a lot since I ended up laughing way too much than I intended too. I specially love ???'s route too just cause... Anyways, thank you for making this game and keep up the good work xD

(minor pick xD altho maybe it's just me. I kind of got startled way too may times when the character's suddenly zooms in xD it's like they keep jumping up to me and all that but anyways, it's really really minor. Once again, thank you for this game :D )

hello! So just found your game in one of the recommended titles in's page. I find it intriguing! and I think the art style matched the vibe that you were going with! Anyways, I also will keep an eye on the future developments of the VN and would like to know more~ (since I only have a grasp of Iris's life but I can tell that there's more to it than that). 

I apparently suck at this game xD but it's cute still

No problem :D