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The Villaintine: Sepia [Demo]

A topic by niannn created Sep 01, 2018 Views: 120
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[ NOTE: The Villaintine: Sepia is a sequel to the Visual Novel titled, The Villaintine. Please check it out first before downloading this VN. ]


After agreeing on limiting herself to three days instead of her usual two-weeks stay on her assigned Villaintine's place, the Princess reveals her true intentions to the Villain as early as possible (saves the time in explaining things and acting nice). He did accept the deal but still persistently tries to communicate with her. And it's supposed to be all good and all, three days now looks good enough as a goal. 

Apparently, three days are not enough. Especially, when she sees dead flowers coming back to life and it triggers a memory of trying to pick some but watch as it wilts in her hands. She can't possibly let this slide and not ask. But who knows asking for something as simple as 'Why are these flowers blooming?' can lead to being The Villain's wingman. While that might sound simple, it's only simple if she doesn't get too attached. link 

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