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Hey now, this is actually a pretty interesting idea xD (and a good spin-off at that). If you ever release this, then I'll try it out (I'm not too familiar with the Film Noir genre, only seeing a few examples and I haven't played any Professor Layton games so... still I find this idea interesting) xD


Haha, I just like that genre because in my childhood, there was a lot of cartoon parody of it. (Most specifically Loony tune parody of that. (It did help that they spoke the same way) . 

Ah, don't worry, the comparison is not really as apt as I would like. I would say that the relationship is more about a tough gruff guy and his goofy,lovable side-work. 

I see, I see. And the gruff guy and loveable sidekick is a common trope (and balances the whole picture) so I wouldn't have any trouble following at any rate.