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Art wise, you did fantastic and the game was pretty enjoyable once I got past the first puzzle! I can't wait to see more of your games! 

I liked this game, though It took me a while for me to understand this game because I got stuck at the first puzzle. I think it would have helped if there was maybe some dialog of what I had to do first. (I guess, I'm too westernized but I thought I had to imput the numbers first then pump.) So I had quit the game a couple of times.

I did love the puzzle sovling the puzzles are not too hard but not too easy either!

My favorite part is the poor delivery guy at the end. That cracked me up!

I love the gui and the Art! Notes that I took on the game:

I liked how the etiquette was explained when Eugenie was speaking. “An unmarried woman have to display their credentials. ” It was so interesting.

Vassan: I’m about to die and all I regret is not finishing my writing. Priorities! :D though honestly in circumstances I wouldn’t blame him. Memmon turned out to not be the person he knew.

Eugenie “Swig per day.” Dialogue was GOLD. I do feel sorry for her wearing that dress all the time, that’s not comfortable.

Memmon: I need to save my comrades….Nvm screw ths!

I liked how the admiral was felt so awkward when Memmon confessed to his crimes. Lol.

Vassan……☹ All in all, the novel is amazing! I love the characters as "selfish" as they are, they were very realistic!

This game is amazing! I could see the Phoenix Wright like humor and I LOVE IT! The graphics are well done and the sounds is so well fitting!

Haha, I just like that genre because in my childhood, there was a lot of cartoon parody of it. (Most specifically Loony tune parody of that. (It did help that they spoke the same way) . 

Ah, don't worry, the comparison is not really as apt as I would like. I would say that the relationship is more about a tough gruff guy and his goofy,lovable side-work. 

Oh hey! I remember you! I have to thank you for your first comment!!! It was so sweet and definitely helped me to keep going for the game! 

I'm currently developing day 3 and I hoping that I can finish the game for good this time. How did you like the second day? Hopefully, it was just as good as the first day! Day 3 will involve more of the main cast! 

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I love making Rex expressions! :D I actually had to work harder on making them since I never really bothered to draw dogs very much! I was more into drawing people so having him match up with the real Rex who was expressive was such a challenge. The real Rex was extremely expressive in that if he was HAPPY, his WHOLE body shows it. He'll hop, wiggle,dance, tail becomes a helicopter! In contrast, the real Sparky was really mellow and even when he's happy you can only tell by his tail. He'll lick the human hello then goes back to his spot, just being content. 

I'm pretty surprised about Sean popping in all the time! Wow, I'll have to look into that because that was the reason why I left out Princess (Friendly lol.)dog's  in the "What should I do?" because she started to pop up between dialogue as well! Hopefully it's not something weird with my machine, I'm still new at renpy!

Thank you for taking the time to read my vn, seriously you had made my freaking day, you don't even know! I'm so happy that someone that I kinda look up to actually liked something I made!  THANK You!

OMG! YOU REPLIED. And not only that you left such amazing feedback on my game, (Like really detailed.) you cannot believe how much I'm fangirling right now! Akk!  Thank you, thank you so much! I was a big fan of the first Villaintine vn  so this is making me so happy that you even replied! 

I saw the extras in the demo, and I definitely will be waiting patiently for this game! I also really really liked seeing the sketches of Lindy, She is turning out to be my favorite character! Okay, please guy leave me alone and her perceptiveness/no nonsense to figure things out. Like her commentary with Os's story was so funny.  It's weird but I felt like she could totally fit in an ace attorney game. She's such a hilarious character.  (I also liked that the characters are given more color but that's just me because I adore color.)

I wished I could give you just as detailed feedback on the bugs but I didn't find any. (except maybe the text-box appearing and disappearing in the beginning but that might be because the transitions of scenes so not a bug.)

I love this demo! I can't wait for the full game! This demo is so good and it got me hyped up for the full game!

Why didn't I ever see this? Even if you're the only one that plays my game, that's good enough for me! :D Thank you so much for your message, I was actually having a bad day and didn't want to work on this game, (I'm making progress but it's so slow because time but your comment made me feel a lot better!

(Edit, I wrote We, but I meant I) This game is a solo project so I am doing the programming and the art. Which probably why it's takes me longer to finish. haha

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! I'm finally getting off my butt and working on this project asap and so far I've been making some good progress! I didn't get to see your comment when it posted but when I did get to see your comment, it was one of the reasons, I went back to making it!