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I love making Rex expressions! :D I actually had to work harder on making them since I never really bothered to draw dogs very much! I was more into drawing people so having him match up with the real Rex who was expressive was such a challenge. The real Rex was extremely expressive in that if he was HAPPY, his WHOLE body shows it. He'll hop, wiggle,dance, tail becomes a helicopter! In contrast, the real Sparky was really mellow and even when he's happy you can only tell by his tail. He'll lick the human hello then goes back to his spot, just being content. 

I'm pretty surprised about Sean popping in all the time! Wow, I'll have to look into that because that was the reason why I left out Princess (Friendly lol.)dog's  in the "What should I do?" because she started to pop up between dialogue as well! Hopefully it's not something weird with my machine, I'm still new at renpy!

Thank you for taking the time to read my vn, seriously you had made my freaking day, you don't even know! I'm so happy that someone that I kinda look up to actually liked something I made!  THANK You!

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Ohh backstory from the real dogs (I want to see a dog who can fully express himself that way xD although our dog here may actually seem to be cheery too, his tail becomes a helicopter too when he approaches us so xD so let me rephrase that, I'd like to see a really huge dog be goofily happy although I'd probably lose energy first before his own dies. And I'd like to meet a Sparky too xD I'd probably be more comfortable with him since he'll probably be just lying beside me and waiting for pats if I feel like giving one.)

Although, I'm not new to renpy, I still feel new since I haven't really used it much to its potential (I just use the minimal and the stuff that I can understand without having to post a topic in lemmasoft, unless I really need to xD I'm amazed by your GUI though, are you using the legacy interface or is this the new one?). I wish I can help you with the random appearance of certain characters but I don't know any complex renpy or where the problem might come from so... but I'll be cheering you on and hope it gets fixed.

And YOU'RE WELCOME (x2)! I'm actually happy as well when I saw your comment on my VN and your VN intrigued me so I can't possibly not check it out ^^ (more points to Rex being a really happy dog).