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I love the gui and the Art! Notes that I took on the game:

I liked how the etiquette was explained when Eugenie was speaking. “An unmarried woman have to display their credentials. ” It was so interesting.

Vassan: I’m about to die and all I regret is not finishing my writing. Priorities! :D though honestly in circumstances I wouldn’t blame him. Memmon turned out to not be the person he knew.

Eugenie “Swig per day.” Dialogue was GOLD. I do feel sorry for her wearing that dress all the time, that’s not comfortable.

Memmon: I need to save my comrades….Nvm screw ths!

I liked how the admiral was felt so awkward when Memmon confessed to his crimes. Lol.

Vassan……☹ All in all, the novel is amazing! I love the characters as "selfish" as they are, they were very realistic!

Our writer says THANK YOU and he hopes the game was a good experience to you :) Thank you from mee too :)