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It's Rani's old parade uniform. She lost all of her own clothes after the events of the demo, so Rani had to loan her some of her own.

This was amazing! I wanna play more of this! :D The humor was spot on! I'm so sad it's over

So this is r/mildlyinfuriating - the game. I think it was really clever take but will sadly maybe age badly in a few years :^) Especially the steam greenlight joke

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In the end I locked myself from progressing because I didnt take the note in the archive and when I try to go back a hostile robot kills me. Too frustrated to continue now but maybe I'll give it a shot later. ;___;

Hi! I really love this game so far! This is exactly something i've been wishing existed and I will be playing this to the end :) The only thing is I had to reset and lose some progress because I got stuck on the following scenario:

I have examined the body and am about to leave the doctor's quarters. On my way down cleaning robots come to block my way and instead of going to the left to let them pass me I go back to the doctor. Now I'm stuck because every time I try to exit the robots block my path.

That said very interesting game with super interesting story and mechanics! Good work and I will be following you in the future too <3

This is really cool! I really like this kind of "double dimension" mechanic! The shadow music is also cool! The blue color made me think more of water than shadow though :D How long did this take to make?

Thank you! Comments like these make our day <3

I love this! I'm gonna back this when my paycheck comes in a week!

Hi! I found this because of your Youtube-channel (which I found from reddit) and I like all kinds of devlog stuff so I decided to follow you :)

I like these kind of games a lot! (I love this one on steam) I wish there were more of them. It's a joy to mix different things and discover funny and weird combos. I don't think the flowers in this concept were all that interesting, but I get that this is just a quick and dirty proof of concept and all. Looking forward to your next stuff! :)

Is that so? Thank you for telling me. I guess I shouldn't trust that renpy works on the platforms it says it works. I was sadly unable to test with linux anf mac, but I will find someone with those systems to try the full release when it comes out. I hope you enjoyed the game and thank you for the comment! :)

I backed this on Kickstarter. For many years I was sure You weren't gonna make it. Good job finishing Exogenesis after everything life threw at you!

Wonderful! Thank you for playing :)

Very high praise! Thank you very much <3

Thank you very much! I'm so happy you like it!

We have released the demo of our newest visual novel, Vengeful Heart!

The story is about a woman who wants to tear down a big corporation for destroying her life. She’s injured badly and loses her heart and is saddled with mountains of medical debt. Together with other unfortunate souls they make a plan to erase everyone’s debt and take down Nepthys, an entity that controls their lives.

The art style is inspired by older japanese PC-98 VNs. Most of the art was made by me, but many of the backgrounds were drawn by the awesome Dmitry Petyakin

The music was composed by D. Ray. (Yayy no more stock music)

Find the demo here!

We hope you all like it!

This looks so cool! You got yourself a follower!

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I started making my not-game before the jam started. Am I allowed to submit it, since late entries are accepted?

Love the aesthetic so much!

This is adorable :3

Love the look of it! And the music too!

We have no plans to translate the game at this time. Frankly we are already moving on with our next work. Thank you for the offer though :)

Our writer says THANK YOU and he hopes the game was a good experience to you :) Thank you from mee too :)

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There is no popup asking for a donation in the steam version. Other than that, no difference. The steam edition costs money, because there is no way of making the payment optional in steam. We couldn't release it absolutely free either, because the steam fee is a large amount of money for a full time student + the publisher wants her dues as you need a company to upload to steam and we don't have one. If you don't want to pay, the game will always be free in itch though.

EDIT: ALSO! There is no Linux version on steam, because steamOS is mysterious and we couldn't get it to work on it

I appreciate you went into such depth in your comment :) I hope you enjoyed our work