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oh my xD so excited for this one! I shall download it immediately.


I finally finished the demo, ehehe. I had been way too excited to not even realize that it was actually a demo since I just downloaded it right away without even reading the plotline until after I finished the game and saw your post on Tumblr. I love this VN and I'm expecting the future update xD

As for thoughts, as always I'm amazed by your backgrounds (can you tell me your trade secret, please?) ! I'm amazed by the point and click part too xD and the cursor is cute (although sometimes its hard to click on anything without hovering on a certain edge of the cursor but it's cool anyway). I'm also looking forward to their new outfits since the MC's outfit look cute.

That's about it. Stay awesome, December~


There’s no secret! For backgrounds, I usually take pictures from real life or make a 3D model using RoomSketcher, trace over with lineart and go from there. 

I’m glad you liked the point and click! I’m trying to incorporate MC’s powers into the story more, and I apologize for the mouse! I experienced that too but I’m not sure on how to fix it.

Thank you for playing and for your kind feedback!!


i see i see xD thanks for sharing! (I'll try doing that next time. And yes, the point and click really supports her powers :) so I'm glad you incorporated that. As for the mouse issue, I don't know how to resolve that as well since I haven't tried incorporating that yet but it's still a nice touch on your end. 

And you're very much welcome :D