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I enjoyed this game a lot since I ended up laughing way too much than I intended too. I specially love ???'s route too just cause... Anyways, thank you for making this game and keep up the good work xD

(minor pick xD altho maybe it's just me. I kind of got startled way too may times when the character's suddenly zooms in xD it's like they keep jumping up to me and all that but anyways, it's really really minor. Once again, thank you for this game :D )

Hello Nian! Thank you for playing and enjoying Belong~

Oh! Sorry about that, I'll take note for future games and see what I can do. The characters didn't mean to spook you~

Hello back, Click :D Yes, I don't think they mean to do that xD it was just really surprising (maybe it's just me though since I focus more on the text than the characters while I'm reading that it surprised me when they seemed to jump at me all of a sudden). Anyways, thank you :D