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Hey there! Sorry to hear that, I'm unable to check as I don't have a mac but does this solution work for you?

Hilarious game! I got all the endings in one sitting, smiling throughout. Even the dev notes section made me chuckle. Not sure if MC's hunger pangs or Bo's real name is the true tragedy. I do love the food art and the UI so much!

Also yes, everyone hates Cale.

Can't wait to play more of your games!

Amazing game and definitely well deserved 1st place for the spooky jam. Everything is immersive, be it the distinct artstyle, the lovely music or the interesting story. I loved Hugo, Noah and the adorable dog. 

Such a polished game, I'm so happy that I get to play this and look forward to playing more of your games.

Hello Levyredfox, I remember you! Can't believe it's been two years since you first commented, hahaha. Right now, I may not be very active, but rest assured, I'm still alive and writing at my own pace :) Thank you for your comment!


Hello! Thank you for your sweet comment, glad you enjoyed Belong :)

Thanks for your kind comment and the heads up!

Happy to hear that, thank you for your kind comment!

I'm happy to hear you gave Belong another chance and that you enjoyed it in the end! Thank you for your kind comment, Ray!

Hey there! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying yourself, thanks for your kind comment!

And thank YOU for the kind comment! William agrees

Hello there, thank you for your kind words! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed playing Belong. 

Thank you for your sweet comment~ he loves you too!

Hello, thank you for making my day with your kind comment hehe C|:3c

Hello, thank you so much for your kind words ^^

C|:3c Thanks for playing Belong and I hope you enjoy your 2nd playthrough!

Hello! Sorry for the late reply as I just saw this. I appreciate the interest in playing my Visual Novel, Belong! However, Belong is a dating sim VN and unfortunately there are no platonic routes, only 3 romantic routes (which progress from friendship to romance), so it may not be your cup of tea and that's alright :) I do plan to explore platonic relationships in the future games though! Thank you again for asking.

Hi there, I'm glad you enjoyed playing Belong (all the routes too!) and thank you for the support <3

You got it! I basically just thought of ways for the letters to represent the characters ('bel' representing Carpiana's smiley face, 'on' representing Dylan's butterfly transformation and 'g' as tape measurement for Flint's handy works/nature) rather than linking the letters with significant meanings behind them. Hope it clarifies~

Awesome!!! You got all the stickers levyredfox ahhh congrats~ 

No further news on it for now 😉

Hey Venus! Thank you so much for making my morning. Great to hear you enjoyed Belong! Flint is bae indeed~

I'm happy to hear you gave Pria a try and enjoyed her route too uwuchan~ 😊💕

Dylan and his trusty roomba Bob love you too :')

Thank you so much for your kind words! Do give his route another try for his POVs btw~

Hello there, thank you for your sweet comment! You can refer to the game credits or this compiled credits list for your easy reference ^^ 

Happy to hear that you're enjoying Belong, I'm excited for you too!!!

Hanna looks so sweet, I can't wait to meet her 🧡

Aw man I enjoyed this game so much! The cast, story, graphics and unique gameplay kept me going. Almost played this in one sitting if I didn't stop for dinner haha. Absolutely looking forward to chapter 4~

Most importantly, thank you so much for making this game!

Hi Nico, that's not a silly comment! Of course you can, thank you for asking~ I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game and characters, really makes my day <3

Happy to help, hope you enjoy playing Belong!

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Hello there, thank you for wanting to play Belong~ Rest assured that the game is safe to play, and I suggest this guide on how to bypass it ^^ hope it helps!

Edit: checked with a macbook friend and it may be Mac just being really cautious because of an unknown developer. Ctrl+right click the app can bypass it too. Updated the guide link above!

Thank you and I'm sure Dylan is happy to hear that too 💕

Thanks for this! The game is free but there's a behind-the-game concept book that I don't mind giving access to those who bought the bundle.

Take your time and can I have the link to tour patreon? ^^

An adorable short game! Did both guys route and I love them both~

Overall, I love your descriptions of the atmosphere. It sucks me in. It helps that the background is aesthetic and fitting. Did you draw them too? 

Elijah is such a gentleman and a mum friend heh. His running away scene is 💘. His kindness and smoothness makes me smile. His 'I might call you many times' def. makes MC and us players all aflutter hohoho. Love his icy smile at the annoying fangirls at the end too. Don't mess with angry mum friend.

Noah. His brashness is a great contrast to Elijah. He may be disinterest at first but he's just having a hard time to show that he cares. Him flicking her forehead gets me grinning. A pro at applying bandages not only for himself but for others too. I wonder why he gets into fights often. Very curious about him. When MC digs her face in his back I just go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. MUST PROTECT.

Best character is best girl (Named her Tomabana hehe) 💕. I can't help but want to squeeze her hands. I want to be her friend so much and punch the bullies of her past. Def. looking forward to learning more about her and her powers in future games, December.

This is a cute game! Got all the endings but was stumped on the nurse's, needed to check the readme guide for that. And oof his ending hurts the most. Meanwhile Taylor's lines are gold. Thank you for this short game!

The art and music is cute~

Thank you so much for your kind review! It made my day reading this and I finally have time to get back to you.

1. I do have something separate in mind for him and you can catch a sneak peek on what it is if you collected all the stickers in the latest build~

2. IIRC it took about 8 months for the first build and a few more months after the game's release for the love interests' POVS! You can find out more about the game development from the concept ebook!

3. Thanks Valencia for answering this! Twt @aflutterstudios

4. 💕 thank you I poured my heart and soul into this first game I made!


Hello Yomeiki!

Thank you for much for your inquiry, I would love to see your previous translations works first if you don't mind.

Also, thank you for playing Belong! I'm elated to see that you enjoyed the game so much that you wanted to make a translation patch for it. ♡

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoy our sunshine's route~

Do give her route another try to see her POVs BTW!

Oops! Thanks for the heads up~

Awesome to hear you're enjoying yourself notweit!

To view the POVs, simply replay the respective route that you have cleared the ending (seen the credits)! The stickers will appear along with the POVs.


I too just need to find a shell to become a tortle. 

The game's super cute! I laughed at the rainbow text and that frog accusing me of being a non-tortle. 

Thank you for making this adorable game 🐢

Haha, thank you for playing Belong. Glad that you enjoyed it!

Thanks for asking permission to cosplay too, go ahead. Can't wait to see them~