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This is so nice ! I love Maia already, she's a really cool protagonist and I like how level-headed she is. I love all of the guys too (especially Garret). And I'm definitely looking forward for the full game after reading up on each guy's storyline. I'm seeing some possible hints of who's going to be paired with Osiria too, which is nice (and Varan finally has his own sprite. Will Cody have one too?)

As for some things... it seems like the Cosgroves can get caught in the middle of trouble because of the guys they end up dating. However, I hope nothing too bad happens. Anyways, I have a question, is it possible for Mick to visit the hospital as well? (or did I just not manage to experiment well enough to get him to go?) Ah, well, that's all for now.

Looking forward to the full game and thank you so much for Christmas Otome!


Mick can visit the hospital as well - if he's been defrosted enough.

Try making other choices and buying some items from the shop because some can unlock additional scenes.

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Thanks for replying! I did get around it too :D and he's so adorable :D Does buying some items affect the other guys too? Or just Mick?


Garret and Liam have scenes unlocked by items too but none of the items tied to Garret's are available to buy in the demo. As for Liam, the available snacks unlock scenes for him but thanks to his job they can only be seen on weekends.

All 3 guy's have additional scenes tied to items that are not available in the demo.

I see xD Thank you so much for replying. Will try out the items with Liam now xD