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Are you doing any marketing? 
Do you think I could have charged something for my submission?

Not as much as I should. I've advertised it on my twitter a few times, and I like to think the 500 or so followers helps.

And as for charging for your submission, I dunno that that's the best idea for a jam game (says the guy who just did it). I charged because it's a project that I'd already been working on, and I just used the jam as a deadline to help push myself through.

This being said, I'm sure it would be fantastic if you gave a commercial release a go for whatever it is you push out next: it's great for seeing the other side of game development.

Thanks! It may need a bit more work but I was thinking that a mobile release could be possible, and maybe even on steam, what do you think?

In my experience you will sell more on mobile than you would on itch. However the only thing that you are sure to get with anything commercial is pocket money, more so if you don't have marketing muscle. Hope you don't mind getting my opinion on this : )

There's a logic at work here. If you get free downloads in the 10s or 100s don't expect too many paying customers. Looking forward to playing your game as well.