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It's actually the main mechanic.  Because the game is now being posted on the main page of Itch I might make that really clear in the description.

If it's a pixel-art "fatal error" message it's actually intentional. The theme of the jam was "Every 10 seconds" so I made it "crash" every 10 seconds. I do need to figure out how to fix the desktop version

it’s for the game jam theme

What happened? Did you get a fatal error? (That's actually supposed to happen. The game crashes once every 10 seconds. It's the main mechanic.)

It's not a bug it's a feature ;)

It'll crash every 10 seconds

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You only have a few minutes to live. You are slowly bleeding to death as you walk into the castle, and your only hope is to find the immortal king who lives within and kill him.

Injured Knight is a difficult perma-death platformer with a branching world and a variety of upgrades to help you survive scattered and hidden throughout.


  • Hardcore one-life gameplay
  • Constantly draining health
  • Branching world to explore
  • Various upgrades to find and use
  • Hand-crafted pixel art

Injured Knight launches on Kickstarter today, and now you can download the demo over here!

That it is. I think I should have communicated it better, but LD is now over. I'm glad you like it though!

My LDJAM game is out now, and you can give it a go over here!

Your bullets are also your health!

I get that. I added the boss last, with about an hour left in the 72 hour jam, and thus it was kinda rushed and unpolished. Otherwise, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I'm fully aware the boss is underpowered. I was trying to go for something that was decently hard that I could code easily,in addition to that or was the last.thing I did before the deadline. 👍

Thanks leafo!

Reasonable Claustrophobia, my LD 42 entry, is now out! Feel free to swing by and give it a play Here!

At the moment it's infinity, what with time constraints for the jam. However, that's REALLY impressive that you made it that far!

Hey, thanks for playing (and also recording)! I'm currently thinking about whether or not to flesh out the concept more, and if so, what exactly to add/tweak. Multiplayer is definitely something that I think could really make the game, so thanks for the suggestion!

They are!

Apparently that's something that has to do with keyboards. You can't use up+left+space. However, it does work with WASD.

Goal and Crossbones is a game about playing soccer with your own head!

You can check it out over here:

It's also a Ludum Dare entry:$73268

Fixed. Try again.

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Yeah, no problem. Just DM me through twitter. I'd love to help if I could.

Not as much as I should. I've advertised it on my twitter a few times, and I like to think the 500 or so followers helps.

And as for charging for your submission, I dunno that that's the best idea for a jam game (says the guy who just did it). I charged because it's a project that I'd already been working on, and I just used the jam as a deadline to help push myself through.

This being said, I'm sure it would be fantastic if you gave a commercial release a go for whatever it is you push out next: it's great for seeing the other side of game development.

Dude, thanks! I'm glad you like how it looks! As for how it's selling, it's doing decently, considering it's my first project to have a commercial release. :D

I saw! That's awesome! Thanks to either you or whoever curates the page! :D

That would be Unity.

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Gravity Bandits is a game about flipping gravity and stealing from a haunted castle!


-Simple and intuitive controls

-Six levels hand-designed for maximum replayability

-Classic arcade platforming

-Original 8-bit-esque music


Have you ever felt the need to fend off waves of cats with nothing but a gun that fires catnip?

Well, be afraid, because now you have no choice but to trust your fate to your ironic, and ineffective, weapon.

I assure you, the more you shoot them, the worse it is.

However, it does make your demise all the more hilarious.

This game was made for LDJAM 40: The more you have, the worse it is. Go check it out HERE!