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A jam entry

Yin YangView game page »

Find your own balance.
Submitted by More_RetroGames with 4 days, 12 hours before the deadline
Rated by 4 people so far
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How long has this Project been going?
This game was made for #LOWREZJAM in August 2017. Now i'm working in android version to finish project.

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Plays nice, but took me a while to figure out the controls. I would also tweak the typography somewhat. I commend you for producing an APK with a reasonable size, in a time where 100MB is the new (and absurd) norm.

Cool game! It's a bit hard to control, but that's fine. The sound effects are absolutely deafening, though. WAY louder than the music. Great job though.


Tried it, the rotation via keys makes it a bit annoying to play, mouse aiming would have been better imo.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Ok. It needs to be calibrated. Thanks


I knew I'd seen that logo before (also participated on LOWREZJAM).
Anyway I installed it on my Android phone and it worked great, however I would suggest reducing the requirements to a minimum as it asked for about everything (contacts, vibration control, bluetooth, etc). Seemed to work just as good as the Windows version.


Ok. I'll check it. Thanks


I also participated in that jam, nice to see you again!