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You can submit as many games as you'd like. I see this jam as an experiment to see what would happen with a long-term jam.

I don't think there's going to be a theme. Given the nature of the jam, a theme would be counterproductive

They've spent a lot of hard work and money making it, they are completely within their right to charge money for it. The version that is on is an early prototype to test player reactions to the game. You did not 'pay' for it. You voluntarily donated money to the creators. £20 is not an insane amount of money. Just because they're not handing you something (that cost money for them to make) for free does not mean they are treating you 'like shit'. 

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That's awesome to hear!

It's actually a recreation of a game called 'Ballz' from Ketchapp (who I'm sure got the idea from someone else) that was super popular around April 2017. I recreated it to better my game development skills.

It’s.... not supposed to make sense. It’s supposed to be surreal, disjointed, and disturbing, much like a disturbed child’s nightmares. 

This game is cool!

I like all the little details that make it up :)

I like this cute little game :)

This game is rad.

I love when games have a surreal vibe, and I love all of the effort and details you've put into this game. Rather than have a boring health bar, you have the screen tilt, the light shrink, and the music play slower. There's so many little details and cool stuff in this and I can tell you're very talented and that you put work into this. I strive to be as good of a game developer as you one day. 

I love this! Such a cute little game.

This is a very neat game!

I played it! I take it the animals are much more likely to defect? Very hard! I love it

I’ll play it later today

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Oh no! I’ll make sure to fix it today when I have access to my computer. I’ll notify you when I fix it. Really sorry about that. 

edit: I know I haven't updated it yet, the game is in development hell right now. I'm not sure what to do.

Oh my gosh! I remember a Dino Run flash game ages ago with my brother! I cannot wait to play this game!

Oh, nice man, I just used batch (windows command file).

By the way, you can use resource hacker to change the icon of the program, so that it's not the default love one. (You won't have to do it from the code, either). It also has a command utility that can be automated. I use a custom-made batch script that builds the game, and uses resource hacker to change the icon and add version info.

This is an amazing game. It drew me in, and I spent a (relatively) long time on it, completing every puzzle. Very nice job.

Haha yep! I tried it with Microsoft Edge, and it worked. I think there's something wrong with my Chrome. Very relaxing game.

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Yeah, after this I tried to play another browser game, and I was getting visual errors as well. My browser might just be screwed up. I'll try it with something else in a minute.

Thank you for playing our game, and for the kind words!

This story is cool! Like some other people said, the text appears too slowly. I'm a fast reader, and I basically had to read the line, wait, read the line, etc. I understand the dramatic timing, though, so maybe it could be an option? Other than that, very nice job.

First, I had to get 15, but then when I tried again, I had to get 42 people within 60 seconds; that's one every 1 and a half seconds.... Very difficult, but still very fun. Nice job!

This is a very good game! The only thing that weirded me out was having to click to get to the main menu. It seems unnecessary. Other than that, very good job.

Very good job on this game :)

As far as my side of things, my game is a prototype really, but I am definitely not walking away from it. I'm trying to actively work on it, and plan on adding a lot more as time goes on. I just didn't have enough time to finish it in one month.

This game is awesome! I love the visuals, especially the lighting and shadows, and those particles falling down. The music fits very nicely and is very relaxing and pleasing to listen to. I had a bit of trouble with the movement at first, but I ended up getting the hang of it. Nice job!

Clever game ;)

Oh my. This is most definitely one of the best games in the jam. I spent an insane amount time on this. I kept completing a level and then thinking "Ok, time to stop, I have to go to sleep" and then playing another level. Amazingly addicting and the menus, art, sound, music, and just absolutely everything here is perfect.

This is a very unique and awesome game! I was able to pick it up immediately without hesitation, and it was very fun. It has a couple issues, however. The truck turns very slowly for one. It makes the game feel difficult to control. Also, it will get stuck on the cars it is harpooning sometimes. Also, the harpoon does not move with the truck. What I mean by this is that if I am moving forward and fire the harpoon, the harpoon will actually be going slower than I am, and be behind me. Other than these tiny issues, this game is very cool. Keep it up!

Looking forward to it :)

Woah, sounds menacing... Can't wait! 

This game is super trippy! Nice job, man. I was a bit confused about the mechanics, but still, nice job.

Cool game! It's a bit hard to control, but that's fine. The sound effects are absolutely deafening, though. WAY louder than the music. Great job though.

I don't imagine it's supposed to look like this...?

I have no clue what I'm supposed to do... :\ 

This game is pretty cool. However, the movement is honestly not that great. There is a huge delay from when I press an arrow key and when I start moving, and it's a bit slow. I ended up just spamming the arrow keys, because that was much faster. Also, accidentally hitting a trapdoor right away in teh second level just felt punishing. Good game though. Keep up the good work.

This game is awesome! I spent a very long time on it.

Thank you!

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This game seems like it has a good story, but the level design does not allow me to easily follow that story. I was lost in a massive plane of snow and trees. It seems like there should be some sort of visual path to follow. Also, is an installer really necessary? Wouldn't a simple .zip file suffice? I really want to enjoy all this game has to offer, but it seems difficult now. I don't say this to be rude, just as constructive criticism.

The graphics are very nice and minimalist! The gameplay is fun, but it seems to be freezing up on me every now and then. Like everything will freeze, but when I click I can still see the green line, but nothing happens and I have to refresh. Nice game, though!