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Sure! How can I reach you?

:) I'm so glad you like it!
I'm doing my best to launch the next Chat Fonce this year, so stay tuned!

Did you build close to a road? I will double check the game this week for bugs, so thank you for letting me know :)

Wow o.0 that was really neat! The only complain I have, more a suggestion really, is that I would make a HUD for the Life Bar, it took me a while to figure it out where it was. Other than that I love it :D, first 5/5 entry I saw on the Jam so far! 

Bonus: I got a bug where when fighting the "Butcher" the character won't block after I attack.

When you are putting the buildings in game, it was confuse to me to understand what each one was and what they did besides move.

It was kind hard to control and I would include some command to dodge/cover (like in Blackthorne)
Other than that I like the graphics and the level design :D Good Job!

I took me a while to figure out the controllers but other than that it's a good idea!
The only thing is, and I don't know if it's intentional, I build a wall and the goblins were just there staring at it! you small detail is, I would change the goblins shade of green, sometimes it was hard to see than. Overall Good Job! :D

It was a little hard to understand the UI, so I had a hard time playing it, but the SFX it's neat and I loved the overall idea! Good Job :D

Putz hahaha  no jogo so tem as mecanicas por enquanto mas obrigado por me avisar D: 

Like the idea :) and was a good use of the jam limitations! I would maybe put more colours but it's more a sugestion than a critique. Overall Good JOB :D 

Smooth graphics and cool gameplay :)

The sound was as little loud here, but idk if it was just with me, but other than that good job! :D

This game is good D: I don't have any critiques! Good job :D

:(   like Ismael mention, I suck at games like this lol

But let me say it, you boys did a amazing work! The Graphics are amazing and the game didn't feel lowrez at all! The Gameplay is also very very good and the animations + graphics did work well with the controllers too. If I have anything to critique is the death cutscene, I think is a little too long.

Congratz to you boys! :D 5/5!

I knew you wouldn't disappoint :) 

Since you took this project so serious I will give my feedback:

1. I really like the darkness mechanic, it just took me a while to understand it.
2. The Icons and the general UI is doing the job and the game is very easy to control, no critiques here!
3. Maybe and indication on how long until the next day/turn would be great. On the second version of my city builder I used an Hourglass.
4. I left the game open for a while on late game to farm light and when I came back almost all map was covered by darkness again with no way to farm light properly :P so I was stuck without a Game Over or any indication of Defeat.

Critiques aside, I really like and I think this game is really special :) Congratulations!

Looks good :D 

I can't give my ideas since I don't use the engine, but how does it feels to you? Better with a mouse or keyboard?
Maybe more experimentation could bring an answer here :) 

As a early 00's internet user, on my firs try this game reminded me of those jump scare games D:
Jokes aside, what a gorgeous game! I loved the graphic! The only critique I have is the use of the mouse and not the arrows, but maybe is just me! Kudos to you my friend, very good job :D

The only issue I had during the gameplay was the collision on the first level! Also the font is a little hard to ready, I think a lot of the game is lost because of that. Other than that very good job :D !!! 

Like life, it takes time. :) 

Good graphics and overall use of the jam limitations!
One question! You can't enable using the mouse on PICO? I never used so this is a genuine question.
Other than that very good job! :D

Lovely colour pallet and graphics :D! You really made a good use of the Jam limitations! Good job :)

Very good graphics! I love the pallet and the when they change :)
Also, I think they way you used the screen works! Maybe we can see more games made on the GB studio on future LowRezJams :D. Overall very good job!

I like the ambience of this game. The way the Filters  + Graphics + Music are put together makes the mood on this game very unique! My only critique here is that the character moves very slowly and the enemy doesn't have an HP bar. That second part is a real problem since it kills part of the strategy of the combat side. Other than that Good job :D 

I got stuck on the mouse on my first try, :p don't know if it was a bug or just me.  On my second try things went smooth!

Some insights I would like to share:

1. Graphics are a little too much, maybe a little more contrast would help to make it feel less convoluted.
2. Maybe some visual indication on screen for the action key, it took me a while to figure that out.
3. Also, the lack of text on the main menu also was a problem for me.

I hope this could help you up! Other than that, Good Job for ur folks!!! :D

Nice use of the small screen! I like everything from the visuals to the animated logo to the BG. I believe the minimalism very well here and can't think in anything I would recommend to change.
:) very good job!!!!

Cool gameplay :) and I loved the graphics!

Hey :) ty for the feedback!
The screen size is the theme of the Jam, so after that I will implement a version with a bigger screen :)

I will try, I have an idea but while my code is working, is not much fun :p and well, that kind of kills the game by itself haha. I like to always be part of the jam to keep my design skills up to date.

:) hey there's my game haha
I'm glad to see your idea and I will try to follow up to see the result! Another advise I could give you is making at least 1 stage as a tutorial! That was my main flaw with this game! You can't really count on ppl to actually read guides unless they are really into the game.
Also, this is the "sequel", the first game has simpler graphics and therefore is easy to read and play. 

I hope this could help you on ur journey :)

You have to use the proper costume! Each house has a different decoration in front of it, matching one of the costumes you can find through the game :)

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Nice :D ty  for using my game! I'm glad you had fun :)

(edit: grammar

I was under tylenol effects lol)

I like the puzzles :) and the controls are very intuitive 
Great job!

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Most buildings need to be annex to a road :p and you need the required resources.

If you are willing to give it another try it would be great. Ty anyway

This is so cool,  :D couldn't find all endings but  just because I suck at this kind of game lol. Everything works as is suppose to and the visuals are top tear! congratz my dude doing a game with this quality in 24 hours shows how talented you are!

:) great job!

:P simple but fun! I liked the smooth gameplay and the cute graphics! 

Great job :D

Very good game. I had some minor problems controlling the character on my first try but after that it was smooth. I would suggest add  the left and right mouse buttons for Attack/Block :P

Other than that, Congratz :D

Everything in this game works :P so I'm obligated to do a little feedback
Very very minor stuff, but playing on Opera I had a little weird bug with the audio. It is working only on my left side D:. That said, 5/5 this game is so intuitive that I didn't need a tutorial or anything (I'm a long term TCG player). 

PLEASE keep developing the idea after the jam :D

:) I love it! My first time seeing a game with this kind of deep on this Jam 
Congratulations for all the Team!! :D

Good concept :P it took me a while to figure everything out haha

:) I loved the simple gameplay, it fits the jam theme :)

Great job :D

Adorable art and good mood :) 

I had a hard time making the teas but just because I don't drink tea :P 

Great work Team :D

I spend so much time doing the game and it was totally my bad for not making a proper tutorial ): 
(that's why I did the game guide)  :P

:) ty for ur kind words!

You have to build then on the forest/stone tiles :P