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Sorry for taking this long to answer ! And sorry again for this bug, I hope it didn't ruin your overall experience!

Maybe this is a bug, I test it on mobile some times =/  
That said, the Coolmath version is fully tested and works fine on mobile, so I would recommend you try it :)

I forgot to add to the instructions, M for Mute/Unmute ;)

Thx for the feedback xD

Agora ficou bonito hein haha, :) e agora consigo usar o hook <3

Vamos esperar a votacao pra ver, mas creio que agora esta um jogo bem bom!! Parabens d+

Very solid entry! I coud't figure out how to use the knife but other than that the game works perfectly!! Very good job :D

Love the graphics but the puzzles are a little too hardcore haha =) 

Kinda confusing for me at the beggining but after that it was really fun!! Love the graphics and the main character ;)

The AI is trick haha very good entry :D ( I wish I had a game boy to test this game =(  )

I really enjoy the level design and graphics!! :) Good job!

Essa ta caprichado hein <3 parabens pelo jogo :D

Amazing job! Loved the graphics and intuitive gameplay :D !!
Very good entry!

omg this is so good !!  Congratz for the entry!!
The dice roll mechanics + the level design is so neat and the gameplay is so good!!
I had a lot of fun with this project :) good job!

Como outros disseram a jogabilidade esta bem dificil (talvez um tutorial tivesse ajudado.)
Esses graficos estao bonitos d+++ parabens nesse projeto ! XD

What a beautiful piece of art :') this graphics/musics combination is really neat !! 

Very good job!

Vou dar meu feedback em pt-br (xD creio que vcs nao liguem haha)

Primeiro, belo grafico, parabens pros dois ( pelo que entendi) que fizeram tudo, esta MUITO lindo.
Minha primeira critica eh a questao das 4 cores, creio que tem que se manter em 4 cores pelo jogo todo, a decisao artistica de mudar a palleta por fase eh bonita mas tira um pouco da sensacao de Game Boy.

A segunda critica eh quanto ao lobo, esta um pouco dificil de ver ele, principalmente em partes do underground, talvez um contorno tivesse resolvido isso xD. As partes do underground estavam dificeis de ver mas quando vc se acostuma vai.

A ultima critica eh quanto a camera, em alguns momentos,  principalmente quando vc erra um pulo, ela meio que demora muito pra focar no personagem. =P

So estou criticando pq eu joguei ate o fim e gostei <3 parabens pra equipe toda! \o/
(e desculpa a falta de acentos, estou digitando de um teclado nao pt-br xD)

After some time I reach the game page to see what I was doing wrong, and read ur warning ahaha

I like your assets, but here's a tip for the future, make it simple. Your menu is great an I can see you put a lot of work on it, but maybe this time would be better to make a simple battle system and maybe in the future enhance the project or even full develop it (: (this is positive critique, since I had the same problem some years ago).

Very good entry :D

This game reminds me of Donkey Kong for game boy,  :') finally somebody with good taste!!!

I like the game and the clever level design! VERY VERY good entry!

The graphics/shader is good  but the gameplay is not fun, and the those UI elements are taking out the gameboy feeling of the stages. Cool entry!

You really nail the graphic! Very good entry! :D

The overall game is good, very very good, I just wish a explanation before learning how to play.
Also, at some moments the Arrows dont't work so using WASD + XC feels really bad (I have big hands)

That shader is so good XD I tried to apply one of those to my game but didn't work very well

VERY good job !!

The music is not gameboy-ish but helps the mood. Really liked the gameplay and level design. 
I would suggest at least 3 lifes for the player, ;( is annoying to start all over again after being spoted.

Good entry ;) 

Good job, loved the second stage in special haha ;)

Good graphics but I think the lava could be a little slower, at least at the beggining!
Nice entry ;)

This is so cool! :D I loved the graphic and the color pallets!! Good Job!

I like the graphics and the color pallet swap =) this is a very good job! Congratz!

It's ok =) I prefer to admit my mistakes and learn from then!

You are right, it was a huge mistake not making any kind of tutorial!

Your entry is a far far more sharp and neat than mine haaha. Thx for playing (:

(: I'm proud of it, I managed my time very well this jam.

(: I'm glad you like it!

As I answer up, I tried something new, but didn't work  

My original idea for the movement style was going tile by tile (like some games in this jam) but since my maps were a little big  walking was a little annoying after a while. I tried something different but I guess it didn't work that well =( , but that's life I guess haha

The units graphic is so good and on point! The controls are good but I was a little lost on the beggining.

Very good job :D!

My name is Robert so this was a mix between awkward and sweet at the same time. 
Good game and I loved the graphics !! (:

The graphics and audio are so smooth, now I want a tea =( haha
Very good job o/

=(  I want more,...  

PS: 5/5

Took me 2 try's to make the imputs work.
That said, gorgeus! You really nail the small resolution :D !!! 

Such a great job!!!

PS:  =( I want more!!

Pico is such a good engine! Very cool concept!

Good mood =) !! love the art and the music! Very good job!

didn't have the proper time to fix this little minor bug =P haha ty for playing :)