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Roberto Romao

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The Z attack was not working for me, as long as not counting my deaths
That said, I like the aesthetics and the game theme in general (: Good Job!

Is the resolution really 84x48 or 48 x 48?
This really sounds weird from what I remember (I had one of those phones) and looking into some videos on internet


Hi :) 

So I have a question, since the last jam, I'm working on a game based on the previous one I submit! 

I was thinking about using the template I have now but only writing a new story! Is this allowed? If not I totally understand!  

(: hey! I remember you from One week rpg jam!!

It would be great if you can play my entry!

(I have anotehr entry but is a little too buggy for a live stream ;(  )

Kill all enemies ... but I guess is another bug to fix!

Thx for your comment "

I had some ideas for the archers and mages but Iost a lot of time trying to programming the AI

Otherwise, thx for your comment!

Yeah... the AI sucks hahaha :(  

My game for GBJAM5 is here haha, :) i'm from Brazil if that what you mean

=( o boy... sorry about the bugs! I guess it was too much for one man job to do this game

Anyway thx a lot for playing it! 

I will work on a better BG map and some improvements after the vote period ends! Thx a lot for your comment/review :D

I will do a better job in the future to make a minimap or something like that, thx for your comment!

I'll definitely try it ;) thx for your post

I'm glad you like it ! :D

I wish I had a little more time to plan more scenarios haha, thx for your comment!

There aren't enemies because I prefer a more peaceful game haha  :D but i'm glad you like it!

Maybe I put some mini map after the jam vote period! :D thx!

The thing I can criticize is a lack of soundtrack! :/ some mysterious music would make a HUGE difference! Besides that the game is solid (: ! Good job!!

Can't open the game! The open gl stuff ins't working =( 

A little Too hardcore in the beginning, but is very well made!
Good job pal :D

I like it but the gameplay is  a little slow on my opinion. Other than that good job!

Hey put some link to the jam page =( I find our game here in itchio and want to vote for it!

I made a huge mistake not put a better explanation to the equipments!
By the way here a quicky explanation!
Axe dmg = Attack + Def
Staff -> your Faith will reduce the dmg the staff cause you

About the shield, I was thinking in something like you said or a little extra life bar, but i will change that after the voting period!

I create the code for the Mini RPG Jam =) , and I believe i could make a good use of it for this theme!

Well I assume I can use it! Thx for awser :D

About the shield

I decided to not change the game mechanics until the vote ends =) , instead I'm thinking on continue the game after!
(and the shield would be a good choice for noobs hahaha ;D)

I have a template that I want to use for this jam, can i use it? Since you can use assets I believe read to go code's are allowed right? (:

Yes is sudden, i had no time to make a proper ending haha D':

(: i did some bugs fixes, please take a try if you can!

Wow o.0 
Ok let check this!

): i guess I can't fix it now ( is not a crash bug) so i guess you find a new way to stealth hahaha

Oh.. D:

Well diagonal walk is not implemented, just 4  directions! :)

Thanks for let me know! I will fix it right now!

I just launch my simulation/survival game, please make sure to check it out!

After 1 hour i realize the game has ended hahaha

:D good job bro! i realy enjoy it!!

Awesome! :D

I just wish a tutorial or basic controls in game, but this is justa minor wish! Good job!

Simple, and fun! Good job! I wish it was longer

Nice graphics! But let me ask... what i should do? After some time trying to figure out what to do i start to push the npc's from the clift!


=( why there is no good end???
Otherwhise, nice game! =) i like the UI choices u make!
Very Good job bro!

Good art and soundtrack! I foudn the gameplay kinda lagg =( and it make me lose sometimes! Goodjob  overall!

I think some plataforms are hard to see =( but i enjoy my tiem playing!Good job!

I love tetris, so i love your game too! 5/5 :D

That was fun! I wish u could find some "food" on the garbage haha! =) good job!