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You have to use the proper costume! Each house has a different decoration in front of it, matching one of the costumes you can find through the game :)

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Nice :D ty  for using my game! I'm glad you had fun :)

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I was under tylenol effects lol)

I like the puzzles :) and the controls are very intuitive 
Great job!

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Most buildings need to be annex to a road :p and you need the required resources.

If you are willing to give it another try it would be great. Ty anyway

This is so cool,  :D couldn't find all endings but  just because I suck at this kind of game lol. Everything works as is suppose to and the visuals are top tear! congratz my dude doing a game with this quality in 24 hours shows how talented you are!

:) great job!

:P simple but fun! I liked the smooth gameplay and the cute graphics! 

Great job :D

Very good game. I had some minor problems controlling the character on my first try but after that it was smooth. I would suggest add  the left and right mouse buttons for Attack/Block :P

Other than that, Congratz :D

Everything in this game works :P so I'm obligated to do a little feedback
Very very minor stuff, but playing on Opera I had a little weird bug with the audio. It is working only on my left side D:. That said, 5/5 this game is so intuitive that I didn't need a tutorial or anything (I'm a long term TCG player). 

PLEASE keep developing the idea after the jam :D

:) I love it! My first time seeing a game with this kind of deep on this Jam 
Congratulations for all the Team!! :D

Good concept :P it took me a while to figure everything out haha

:) I loved the simple gameplay, it fits the jam theme :)

Great job :D

Adorable art and good mood :) 

I had a hard time making the teas but just because I don't drink tea :P 

Great work Team :D

I spend so much time doing the game and it was totally my bad for not making a proper tutorial ): 
(that's why I did the game guide)  :P

:) ty for ur kind words!

You have to build then on the forest/stone tiles :P

I uploaded a Web version, I hope you could give it another shoot :)

anyway ty!

I like how you manage to made things so clear to see! I definitely didn't get lost or confuse :D so Kudos to you! Great job!

Congratulations on smashing so much info into a small resolution D: this part is top notch!!

As for the rest I wish I could skip the tutorial and learn by myself if possible :P other than that Good job /o/

:) this was so peaceful and fun! I liked the controls and the overall flow of the game!

Just one thing, but is more for me, but although is fun to sailing around, the lack of an objective kind killed the mood after a while.

Overall good job :D

I agree with Pixel_Trash, so music would made this a 5/5. I only managed to cut 95% but I tried more times than I'm proud to admit it :)

Great job! :D

I notice something weird after my first and now reading your answers I realize what the problem was! I'm using Opera and I guess the filter didn't work, so just letting you know!

So, I really like the game :) I just wish I could see the map a little bit more before doing my jumps. Other than that great job :D!!!

Beautiful work :) 

I had a hard time figuring out how to use the gun but after that it was smooth for me . The level design is top notch with the art and music! :) amazing job!

Great great and again GREAT job :) 
I personally know how HARD is to do a RTS AI so this game is top notch for me! I love everything. If I had any critique is that it was hard to identify what each unit was before combat! Other than that 5/5 for me. 
GREAT job :D and do more in the future!

I will talk to them and see what can be done. Ty for the feedback.

:O omg ty so much!! 
:) I'm looking forward ur next projects /o/ your fox will be well used :D

I'm glad to hear that :D 

I'm currently using our Foxy friend on a project and is looking so smooth :) you did an amazing job!

Hi :)

I loved the character and just purchase it! Is there any way u could do a jump animation? 

From one cat game maker to another, very good my man!

I would suggest to let to movement flow a little better, it was really hard to control the cat on tight places and on more precise jumps!


On the download part there is a Manual :) I suggest you read it! For jam reasons I couldn't put instructions in game

Haha Thank you!! (:

Sorry for taking this long to answer ! And sorry again for this bug, I hope it didn't ruin your overall experience!

Maybe this is a bug, I test it on mobile some times =/  
That said, the Coolmath version is fully tested and works fine on mobile, so I would recommend you try it :)

I forgot to add to the instructions, M for Mute/Unmute ;)

Thx for the feedback xD

Agora ficou bonito hein haha, :) e agora consigo usar o hook <3

Vamos esperar a votacao pra ver, mas creio que agora esta um jogo bem bom!! Parabens d+

Very solid entry! I coud't figure out how to use the knife but other than that the game works perfectly!! Very good job :D

Love the graphics but the puzzles are a little too hardcore haha =) 

Kinda confusing for me at the beggining but after that it was really fun!! Love the graphics and the main character ;)

The AI is trick haha very good entry :D ( I wish I had a game boy to test this game =(  )

I really enjoy the level design and graphics!! :) Good job!

Essa ta caprichado hein <3 parabens pelo jogo :D

Amazing job! Loved the graphics and intuitive gameplay :D !!
Very good entry!

omg this is so good !!  Congratz for the entry!!
The dice roll mechanics + the level design is so neat and the gameplay is so good!!
I had a lot of fun with this project :) good job!

Como outros disseram a jogabilidade esta bem dificil (talvez um tutorial tivesse ajudado.)
Esses graficos estao bonitos d+++ parabens nesse projeto ! XD